Monday 6 April 2020

The Second Bolshevik Revolution - Part 2

 The Second Bolshevik Revolution - Part 2

I have been a theistic Satanist on two occasions now but I am happy being put into the Christianity camp. The question that should be asked (and what you might wish to ask me) is 'is this the end times?' I cannot and will not give you some simplistic yes/no answer, for me to answer this I will have to give you some background of the mechanics involved. It is not a simple matter of God versus Satan because you first must understand that "God" and "Satan" are titles not names. All titles are subject to challenge and turnover as history does show; if we take for example the Queen of England, she will inevitably die and a new person will take her place. Anyone can claim to be God and again history shows that there are people who have taken it upon themselves to do so. But what about the title of Satan? In regarding this we have to delve into the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life and the sephiroth. The Tree of Life includes sections (sephiroth) which are ruled by different personas of God that we can relate to, the unity of God is one but the personas were made for us because to comprehend God as a singular entity would simply be too great for us to understand.

But there is a counterfeit in this, it is called the Tree of Death. It is not governed by a singular entity but a series of them in the sephiroth. The highest sephira or section is called Thaumiel and it is jointly ruled by Lucifer and Moloch, there is a 'sort of' rivalry between them as the 'better man' can call themself the Satan and hold that title. So in an endtime scenario so far we have God VS the Satan vs the other, or God vs Moloch and Lucifer. But we also have another challenger in this mix - atheism. Although atheism wishes to portray itself as some sort of 'humanistic evolutionary progress' for all human kind, the fact is that they are just disposable stooges much like suicide bombers. Whether atheists want to hear it or not or accept it or not, I can and will tell you that Karl Marx was a Satanist and the compulsory enforced atheism that you are pushing is nothing to do with 'liberating humanity'. It is just a part of the war against God, and just because you are against God that doesn't mean that you gain any favour with Satanists or Satanism. The saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is no longer true, because now "The enemy of my enemy is just another enemy" applies. So this idea that these "progressives" seem to hold of 'everything against God' will lead to utopia has to be one of the most imbecilic infantile beliefs I have ever encountered. And I can tell you this from firsthand experience that theistic Satanists absolutely loathe atheists and put them on the same level as devout Christians, Muslims and indeed other God believing religions to be exterminated. You are either with the Satan or you are dead, it is as simple as that.

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