Tuesday 28 April 2020

CoV-19... global pandemic or global government? -P2

I was in Martin Place (Sydney CBD) today outside the Channel 7 TV studio and they have one of those light displays in which a continuous list of headlines is displayed. Among todays' listing was "CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IMPACTS MENTAL HEALTH", so we have what is supposed to be a physical illness now drawing in mental health. This would suggest that any "cure" would have to compose of physical and mental elements, but there is one component that would make it 'complete' - the spiritual.

I suppose you could say there is a spiritual component or more correctly an anti-spiritual component, it is called atheism which has been indoctrinated into children via the education system along with the likes of transgenderism and other forms of political correctness. This has been the case for the past 15 years in New South Wales schools, and this has been done by Marxist teachers who have planted themselves in the schools. This is part of a tactic known as "Storming the institutions", and atheism is taught in opposition to religious classes under the title "Ethics" which is the indoctrination of moral relativism.

So lets examine what we have...
Religion effectively being abolished
A sense of paranoia that needs 'mental health professionals'
Medical dishonesty and corruption
An entrenched and protected bureaucracy
Select protected businesses at the expense of others
Removal of established rights
Destruction of independent free enterprise
Government delegating responsibilities to select private/corporate enterprise
An education system which indoctrinates atheism to children

Essentially this is a cocktail of Marxism and Fascism which is served up by Fabianism. But has it been seen before? Yes it has but it didn't fully succeed, it like the coronavirus piggybacked on civil disturbance. It was known as the Bolshevik revolution and the original aim of that revolution was to take the entire world. It was firstly to take Europe and by default its colonies, trust territories, protectorates and so on. After that the abolition of religion but especially Christianity, as history shows Russia and its territories became the Soviet Union and religion was abolished. But it didn't just end at Russia, Hungary briefly became a soviet republic under Bela Kun as did the German kingdom state of Bavaria.

Some people will look at what I just mentioned and say it doesn't matter because it was 100 years ago, but lets look at other things that occurred between 1917 and 1932 such as mainstreaming of psychiatry and its associated pharmaceuticals. We should also thrown in the Wall Street crash which can be clearly explained in the book - The Creature of Jekyll island.

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