Sunday 5 April 2020

The Second Bolshevik Revolution

The Second Bolshevik Revolution

Here in Sydney, Australia we have an unofficial martial law. This is supposed to combat a supposed disease that was originally called "Corona Virus" but is now commonly referred to as CoV-19. The measures we have today do not really bear any resemblance to measures used in the days of polio. There were no such "self-containment" measures we see today unless one was quite obviously infected and ill, today we have people hiding under beds in a foetal position sucking their thumbs waiting for the big bad virus to come and get'em. So not only do we have the government imposing martial law via the police outside the home, we have people imposing it on themselves with the virus as the enforcer. Now we have self appointed vigilante enforcers, the sort of people who use their Iphones to take a pic or make a video of those who they think 'violate the rules'. We are now in a situation where the bad old days of the ComBloc societies of Eastern Europe are resurrecting themselves in the West and the entire world.

What people should understand is that the Russian Revolution in 1917 to overthrow the Czar was not just one revolution but in fact two. The first one overthrew the Czar and established a provisional government, but the second one (the Bolshevik Revolution) overthrew the provisional government and brought in a purely Marxist system of government. But the Bolshevik Revolution was not just meant to take the Russian Empire, it was actually meant to take all of Europe and by default the colonies and territories those states ruled or administered. There were temporary 'revolutionary states' set up in Hungary and Bavaria but these were overthrown rather quickly, the now Soviet Union then invaded Poland (engineered by Trotsky) but was defeated. All these attempts to engineer a world government under Trotskyite ideology occurred 100 years ago, and it seems like we are getting a second attempt under the United Nations.

So in Australia under the CoV-19 containment rules be have seen religious services basically outlawed, private enterprise shutdown, freedom of association demolished. We have rules/laws that dictate you cannot be within 1.5 metres of another person, if you violate this you will be either fined $1000 or imprisoned for 6 months. Looking at this situation you would be breaking the law if you slept with your spouse, and that will be the next target; there will be no concept of privacy in a global Bolshevik state. Trotsky and Pol Pot may be dead but there plenty of others who think they are entitled to demand to take their place. The measures and unofficial curfews we have in place at the moment are meant to last 6 months, but the general inference says this will go beyond that. This is not about fighting a disease that cannot be defined, but is about containment of a population in order to establish indoctrination and an authoritarian state. Really the authoritarian state is not a sovereign state per se, but really just an administrated section of a greater world government just like the state or province of a nation.

People have always expected that if a global government were to occur that it would be done under a blatantly Marxist or otherwise leftist agenda. But it has mostly been done under conservative or right wing agendas. Either way the globalist agenda would be completed, under a leftist agenda the United Nations would implement a world government (which it was designed to do under the League of Nations) and this would be done by social government. Under a right wing agenda it would be done by economic governance. Either way these measures are just of personal preference to those implementing it, and really looking between the left and right wings of politics they both have similar aims just a different order of preference. If we were to use the example of a bird as a model we would see the left and right wings, but in order for a body to function it needs a head and a brain that is separate to the wings but yet overrides them. This is where the strategies of both the left and right wings fail. I will give this example in regards to "womens rights", the leftists said that womens rights were about human equality and the right for equal pay. The right wing said it was about economic growth and expenditure - both are valid aims without any other factors involved. However the aim of this was to take women out of the house, and this resulted in women not raising their children but delegating that to others such as maids and servants and the state. The very things that 'financial liberation' was supposed to eliminate from the lives of women. Now by default the state is the family, and factors such as raising children with certain mindsets while preserving their individuality has been left to the state which has delegated these to their employees and their personal tastes and perversions.

Hence this is the reason why atheism, earth worship (the global warming thing wasn't achieving the grand aim hence the "submit to us or the virus gonna kill ya!!!" mental indoctrination pandemic occurring), various sexual dysmorphia fads, compulsory homosexuality and other life altering trends which may have permanent or fatal consequences. Some will excuse these things as the "evolutionary progress of humanity" and that it is a natural occurrence. But the natural occurrence of these things in human beings is very, very small. It does not need to be indoctrinated into people and indeed children, there is no benefit in doing this unless you intend to use these dysfunctional behaviours against them and indeed others. These are the sort of measures you would use in an insurgency or revolution, and much like the provisional revolutionies that other threw the Czar these revolutionaries will find out they are disposable. It isn't a matter of them finding themselves suddenly disposable, they were always disposable because that it how it was planned. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was basically a Jewish revolution with globalist allies and agendas. The Bolshevik Revolution II of 2020 is to complete the work that was not done in 1917, the first Bolshevik Revolution was meant to take all of Europe and hence their colonies and administered territories and thus the world. The word "Bolshevik" means 'majority', this was not had in 1917 but with everybody convincing themselves that the Corona Virus or CoVid-19 or whatever they wish to call this imaginary boogeyman is out to get them... Well they might have that majority now.

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