Wednesday 15 April 2020

The Second Bolshevik Revolution - part 3

The Second Bolshevik Revolution - part 3

You know the old 'frog in the pot' routine? Take a frog and put it in a pot of cold water, then put it on a stove and slowly heat it up. The frog will boil to death without realising it. This routine is quite evident in Sydney Australia and is a direct rip off the former Soviet economies. We have people employed in stupid, useless and pointless jobs, we have people continually sweeping streets (both with brooms and mechanical street sweepers), people employed doing roadworks which seem to have no beginning, no end, and no purpose, constant patrolling of streets by police officers, council rangers, military personal and an explosion in the employment of private security guards. We have council employees who are assigned to mow the same patch of grass for 8 hours a day. This is simply soul deading employment in order to maintain appearances, we can also throw in public transportation where there are constant streams of trains and buses without passengers. All just to keep up appearances.

Yes this is the sort of employment that was used by communist regimes to 'keep up appearances' but a major difference is that this form of employment is being given to private contractors, so essentially we have a public and private partnership in maintaining this farce. Although I have never agreed with Antifa on most points I have to on this. Australia has essentially become an authoritarian state, indeed a fascist state if we are to judge on an economy scale alone. I am yet to figure out how constant patrolling by security agencies and government employees fights disease. The only thing that it seems to fight is freedom of association, and I am still waiting for actual physical evidence that this CoVID-19 virus exists (what happened to the previous term "Corona"?). We are told that there are 30 strains of this virus at large along with being told that it is "evolving" and constantly changing to resist various antibiotics and vaccines which are yet to be invented. These are obvious lies and yet people continually force feed themselves this utterly corrupt pap.

Donald Trump is absolutely right in pointing the finger at the World Health Organisation and its duplicity. Remember the W.H.O. is simply an appendage of the United Nations, and as the U.N. is all for a world government then by default so is the W.H.O. Without a doubt this is the Second Bolshevik Revolution, the first world countries will fall and the third world countries which they prop up will be compelled to follow. Its as simple as that.

If you want to research more on this situation I suggest you look up the subject of "Wetiko", this will certainly open your mind and your eyes up. Are we dealing with a psychological germ that causes a psychological illness and is spread by psychological means?

Now we are having "relaxation" of various conditions of lockdown, yes tomorrow we have granted the ability to have a visitor to our home. Oh how generous! However it is subject to the condition that we only have one visitor at any given time, so this isn't a guaranteed right and is subject to cancellation at any given time. This is dictatorship by whim, must like you have in 3rd world banana republics or in the likes of ancient Rome. However as Australia is composed of states the implementation can vary, from the more lenient to absolute intolerance.

Speaking of ancient Rome we are being led to believe that sporting competitions can resume, yes it's time for the 'beer and circuses'. The emphasis is on rugby league and New Zealand is part of the main competition. As there are still border closures between states and nations then New Zealand cannot participate in the competition. The solution? Abolish borders between Australia and New Zealand... I shit you not. And people will go along with it because sport is more important than national sovereignty. People here will sell their nation, their society, indeed everything for temporary and pointless entertainment.

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