Tuesday 28 April 2020

CoV-19... global pandemic or global government? -P1

I am in Sydney, Australia and I am seeing basically the Book of Revelation occuring here. Despite this situation supposedly being a "medical" condition it has been largely replied to in a martial way. Sydney is now overrun with state police, federal police, state sheriffs (from the court system), council rangers and there has been an increase in private security guards.

As for doctors, nurses and other health workers being on the street? There has been extremely few to none. But what I have noticed is that the state and federal governments give out proclamations which counter (if not diametrically oppose) each other. It seems we are being ruled by a moral relativist ideology, "what true for you is true for you and whats true to me is true to me." Maybe this old saying by Hasan of Alamut (founder of the Assassins movement) is more relevant - "Nothing is true; all is permitted". And this is what we have today.

Indeed on Australian TV we were told that there were 8 varieties of the CoVID-19 virus, now we are told there are 30 varieties. We are told it is also 'evolving' to somehow make itself resistant to vaccines and other medicines.

We were told if you got it you died, it reminds me of the HIV/AIDS hysteria of the 1980s. The paranoia among the population has become so ingrained even the public toilets in the Sydney CBD have been shutdown. Why? Because the virus is waiting for you to go into the toilet (these are unisex single cubicles) so it can infect you! The Sydney CBD also has an army of people continually washing and sweeping the streets because "virus gonna get ya!", despite the fact that CoVID-19 is an aerial virus. But what sort of virus is it? More people will die from common colds and flu than from this 'designer' disease.

In Australia church services have been abolished which also abolished Easter and the April 25 Anzac Day (veteran remembrance day) what effectively abolished and what took its place was a parody. As far as both state and federal governments were concerned it was to be commemorated by standing in your driveway at dawn, much in the same way you wait for a taxi or a pizza. Church services and Easter weren't worthy of a mention. There is no guaranteed date to when this will end and what people have to consider is that there is no guarantee that the rights and freedoms that have been taken away will ever return.

So Australia is being put on a war footing because of a disease that actually cannot be defined, and as it cannot be defined it cannot be cured. You should also note that when CoVID-19 became known among the general population one of the first things done by the government (as a whole) was to recruit and send out hundreds of thousands of "mental care professionals". When was the last time you called a psychiatrist or psychologist or social worker the last time you coughed?

In fact CoVID-19 has no special symptoms that differentiate it from a cold or flu, in fact in most cases it has no symptoms. I remember a TV segment in which a girl claimed to have CoVID-19 despite having no symptoms but she "knew" she had it and it was accepted by everyone.

So is it a genuine virus? Or is it a variant of another virus which allows more lethal viruses to piggyback upon it which actually cause fatalities? Myself I think it is actually pneumonia that is killing people, infants and the elderly are the most prone to this and make most of the fatalities. You might ask why the medical fraternity is not explaining all that is happening in simple logical terms, I will answer that by saying that you are not dealing with an independent grouping of doctors. No you are dealing with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) which is an agency of the United Nations (U.N.) and is largely made up of bureaucrats, one worlders, and other hangers on. For people like these as well as celebrity types among others, the CoV-19 is a never ending, well paying mealticket.

You can add in closure of independent private enterprise, this being done with "social distancing" policing. Unless your customers are at least 1.5 metres away from each other you will be fined. Depending on who you have spying on your business you can be busted if they are not in a space of 4 square metres alone. The punishment is fines (a typical business will be hit $1500 for a violation) and indeed this does seem to be more about shutting down independent private enterprise and lining the states' pockets. If people choose to buy milk in a supermarket (corporate) then why is it deemed an 'essential' business and yet a coffee shop will be hit for providing the same service. And yet a coffee shop can cater for social distancing whereas a supermarket cannot or will not.

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