Friday 20 December 2019

Chapter 6 - part 2

Continuing Chapter 6

Look at things as they are now (particularly in the West), everyone feels they are 'entitled'. They may like to think they are entitled, but these people do not actually think as to why they are entitled. The fact is they 'feel' they are entitled to 'feel' that way, no logic or sense is offered by these people because they are basing their feelings on someone elses thinking as well as their own emotions resulting from that thinking.

And if they feel that they have been wronged then it is both entitlement and victimhood that is what they hold as facts instead of just indoctrinated correct 'feelings' ( but really what is the difference?). As far as they are concerned they can never be wrong because their feelings are 'correct' and can never be wrong. Again in the words of Hasan of Alamut: "Nothing is true; all is permitted". Indeed nothing is true and all is permitted because we live in a world that is without form and void. You only have to turn on a TV or a radio or just view the internet and see blatant lies. It is no longer a matter of some person or organisation putting their slant on a news story or even viewing a news story of any actual importance. We are being lied to openly in the same manner of wartime propaganda; we are being indoctrinated by vested interests such as political movements as well as commercial organisations. This occurs because people allow them to do so out of the sake of convenience. But really it is out of a sense of compliance, correctness and not wanting to cause 'trouble'.

One only has to look at the "technological achievements" of today particularly in Western societies that are European or European based (particularly Western European, Scandinavian and even Asian), and which are spreading around the world in the name of "progress". We see "interactive design" in which people design ways for man to become interactive with machines. Then we have the issue of implants where people inject themselves with RFID chips at "implant parties", again for convenience so no thinking or memory is required. Further more if people decide to get chip implants (going with Revelations) they may have a 5g chip placed in their forehead. The radiation from a 5g chip as found in cell phones can penetrate approximately 8mm, if placed in the forehead where the "3rd eye" is said to be located this would have an impact on ones' personality; if not change or erase that personality. But for those who might have any desire to think we see "Artificial Intelligence" that can override any natural thoughts they have, whether by group approval, peer pressure, doubt or indeed force.

You might be thinking that you will never encounter this or the effects of this in your lifetime, well we can see pornographic movies on the internet where binaural beats are used in the background 'music'. This is particularly used in "sissy" pornography (where men dress up in womens' clothing to engage in homosexual acts) and "BBC" pornography (where white women engage in sex with black men while the husband watches the sex as a 'cuckold').

So we have hypnotism and binaural meditation trance music being used to make people turn against their nature and adopt a lifestyle to be something they are not, and probably never were (TV advertising makes use of the same method). The participants and the viewers of this pornography are an overwhelming majority white and of Western European ancestry, it is no coincidence that these people and societies are increasingly atheist and "politically correct".

Is atheism taking over Western Europe? Well if one were to take Western media at face value, then the answer would be yes. Is it actually true? At the moment it has slightly slid on to the yes part, but it is increasing due to groupthink and this will increase due to other factors such as the dumbing down of the population. Let us look at the subject of 'memes'. These are simply pictures which are deemed to be funny or 'viral' with a 'one liner' quote added on to it. And you will find 'millennials' or 'Gen Z' or just anyone under the age of... say... 22 valuing these 'memes' as being of the same value as "War and Peace" by Tolstoy, in fact there is strategy called 'memetic warfare' regarding propaganda production.  All these things that are happening are deemed "progress", certainly in the West.

Now we see in the West the 'transgender' fashion which has no age limit, everyone from 4 to 14 to 40 to 400 is susceptible to this 'infection', this is a prime example of a groupthink or wetiko disease in that it is a psychological illness spread by psychological means. There is no physical disease or DNA fault that would make you inclined to change your gender, whether it be by self 'identity' or else by injecting hormones and receiving surgery. You simply cannot change your 'gender' by such means, if you are a male who has had surgery, steroids and hypnotherapy you will never be a biological female. At best you might be able to pass as one on occasion, but if you were ever cloned the result would be a biological male.

None of these things I written about so far in this chapter can ever be considered 'normal', and everyone must not ever let this be accepted as 'progress' when it is in fact the opposite. These things go against human nature and is another example of the reversal of order. Is it worthwhile for the djinn to launch a 'counter jihad' against the West? The way things are at the moment, with people willingly participating in their own debasement and destruction, the answer has to be no. They do not have to, their plan is working fine.

Have you heard of the "Creature of Jekyll Island" or how genuine ancient occult knowledge has been replaced by sabotaged knowledge or else by fluff? Do you notice state sanctioned alcohol and pharmaceutical abuse? Are you worried by RFID chip implants, or how euthanasia is going to be a viable, accepted and expected way to end your life? Does it concern you how the Lord Jesus Christ has been cheapened to "just Jesus" and Christianity has been redefined to chiliasm? What about the Frankfurt School? All these things have been set in motion since the 1920s and even before that, modern history hasn't really explained anything to anyone. Plus the low attention spans of everyone means that history is really a variable based on feelings which have been decided by someone else. Maybe people have heard about these things but they have just conveniently "forgotten" them. Hopefully you are different.

So looking at the world today do you see how our societies were molded by past history and especially the events and actions of the 1920s and 30s? We had those who were basically insane introduce the world to the likes of psychiatry and psychology, which has continued on. It is the gift that never stops giving and it gave us the likes of Wilhelm Reich and Alfred Kinsey who became gifts who never stop giving. And we can see this in the legitimisation and acceptance of the various sexual perversions that are readily seen in pornography. It is the various forms of Marxism that have manifested and been implemented which have resulted in the likes of hippies and the green political movement and their splinter movements. They may be seen as opposing each other at times, but the best way to deal with opposition to you is to run the opposition yourself.

If you have been watching the news services during the past week or two (the date today is 19/12/2019) you might have seen how the state of New South Wales, Australia has been ravished by bushfires. The fires have been largely the result of very hot weather, but they have also been the result of poor forest management (because of green 'environmentalism'). The first round of bushfires occurred in the Ballina and Byron Bay areas which are full of hippie dropouts, immediately the greens and hippies were screaming "global warming!!!" and demanding various government funds (another example of the neverending gift).

Police investigations of the fires found they were caused by arson. Yes the hippies who have their worthless existance based around saving endangered plants and animals had no problem with setting them on fire for a government grant. They happily called up news programs to show burned koalas and wombats while demanding money. A case of the arsonist becoming the rescuer (actually the firemen who fought the bushfires are heroes as far as I am concerned and must never be lumped with these criminals, the arsonists should be tried as terrorists but unfortunately this will never happen). Needless to say we are up against truly bad, wicked and evil people.

I wrote the last paragraph less than 24 hours ago, the date today is 20/12/2019. Today two firefighters were killed in the bushfires ravaging New South Wales, but in its capital Sydney in the CBD we had a demonstration by the "Extinction Rebellion". They were protesting about coal and climate change, yes they know everything while sipping soy lattes in their inner city hi-rise apartments and their upper north shore and eastern suburbs mansions. They are nothing more than rich white kids in university and jews. These are the people who are pushing vegan diets for everyone, and they are the ones calling everyone a Nazi. Green and vegan with socialist leanings, you know who else that describes? Adolf Hitler, in fact the symbol they use (a runic type sigil which looks like the letter 'X' or two triangles on top of each other joined at their top point in a circle) is actually from a white power group in America known as "Iron Rain".

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