Sunday 5 July 2015

Questions for atheists

Care to answer these?......

#1 - If no supernatural Creator exists, how did the universe originate?
What was the nature of the enviroment that the 'big bang' emanated from?

#2 - If no supernatural universal Designer exists, why is the earth suitable for the existence of life? Why isnt there life on other planets?

#3 - If no supernatural universal Designer exists, how did life originate? Did life come from inanimate objects?

#4 - If no supernatural universal Designer exists, what caused the repeated disappearance of more primitive forms of life and the appearance of new more advanced forms of life?
[For example, at the beginning of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.]

#5 - If no God exists who can work miracles and communicate with men, how did the ancient Israelites come to believe that their ancestors experienced the Exodus and the Revelation at Mt. Sinai?

#6 - If God did not give the 10 commandments at Mt. Sinai, why is it that societies that have adhered to them have been relatively stable and why is it that the judges, magistrates and politicians of the new self appointed patrician caste have sabotaged them? Is this not an act of war against God?

#7 - If we have no soul, why do we feel conscious of ourselves?

#8 - If we have no free will, why do we feel that we are making free choices?

#9 - If no God exists, why are we obligated to be nice other people? Why do we feel the need to? Is it that we are mere animals who just seek material gain from others?

#10 – If we live in a purely material world then how do we account for the many supernatural experiences that people have, such as encounters with God, ghosts, spirits, etc (obviously, exactly what all of these encounters actually are are all interpreted by different people in different ways but the fact remains that people encounter things that do not fit a purely naturalistic world view). Are we really to conclude that all of these people are delusional, deceptive, or mad? Or could it be that people are having real encounters with real supernatural beings not explainable through purely scientific mediums?

#11 - Where does all of the incredibly complex information come from that is stored within DNA? Information doesn’t just appear by itself. Someone has to put it there.

#12 - Atheists are mostly found to be employed in the academic/government fields. What is it about the atheist personality that attracts them to these fields? And why have these fields been overrun by political correctness?

#13 - Where does all the matter in the universe come from?

#14 - What is the source of math and logic? The existence of this remarkably fine-tuned universe aside, how is it that we have these "languages of reality" to so elegantly describe and interact with it?

#15 - What type of government does atheistic philosophy translate into?
How does it understand the relationship between man and government?
What type of government structures flow from an atheistic world view?
Does it merely rely on someone else's system of thought, like the assumptions of naturalistic science?

#16 - Believers are often accused of being simple-minded,superstitious, or irrational.
Why is it so irrational for us to believe that the universe had a beginning because it actually was created; the laws of physics are so fine-tuned because it had a designer; people are preoccupied with good and evil because they are real things; we long for purpose and meaning because they exist to be had; life from non-life really is miraculous; consciousness and freewill seem real because they are; people are incurably religious because there is actually something real in religion.
If there really is no meaning or purpose to life, no objective good or evil, and the existence of "truth" itself is open to debate, by what standard will you condemn the beliefs of believers?

#17 - How does an atheist assign meaning to human activity? Is all meaning subjective, or do some activities have self-evident and objective worth and meaning. If so, what are these activities, and how to you arrive at their value?

#18 - Are humans of more intrinsic value than animals? Why or why not?

#19 - How does an atheist determine what is moral or immoral, right or wrong. Is there any objective standard or principles?

#20 - If you claim that Jesus was a myth then what alternative explanation do you offer to the New Testament documentation and the tradition of the church, and what support do you have for your theory? Is it because of the miracles that you doubt the Scriptures?

#21 - Why is it that despite all the lauded scientific 'achievements' that there is an interest in the occult and magic which is increasing?

#22 - Many people believe that the moon and other planets have an effect on the psyche. Although this may be called astrology the fact is that the moon has effects on the likes of ocean tides. Do you call this a superstition under the name of astrology or a scientific fact?

#23 - The problem of abiogenesis (the origin of the first lifeform) is one of the thorniest and most intractable issues in chemistry. Our increasing knowledge of microbiology and earth history has only added to the complexity of what needs to be explained. The simplest life is equivalent to modern bacteria, which is loaded with complex activity, information, and molecular "machines." The fossil record does not give evidence that there was a "prebiotic soup," or that there were any biological precursors to the first organisms, or that the atmosphere was the ideal mix to yield the necessary molecules, or that there was the expected long period of time between when the Earth could support life and when it actually appeared.

Evolutionists regularly segregate the abiogenesis problem from the issue of evolution because (1) it is a challenge they'd rather not be saddled with, or (2) it is the most logical point for possible divine intervention.
However, for the atheist there is no escaping this issue; they are obliged to seek out some purely natural explanation.

a). What hope for an explanation do you have? Are you satisfied to have problems like this that are unanswered, or even unanswerable?

b). In telling the tale of life on earth science writers often unconsciously use the word "miracle" for the appearance of the first organisms. Is this doubt on their behalf as to what they would like to prove as to the creation of existance?

c). What kind of evidence is needed before we are to actually accept that something like this really is a miracle?

#24 - The past several decades have added profoundly to our knowledge of chemistry, physics, and cosmology.

It has become increasingly clear that we live in a universe finely tuned for the support of complex life.

This fact is so universally acknowledged that even secular scientists have coined the term "Anthropic Principle" to describe it.
How is it that we live in such an exquisitely fine-tuned universe?
Even assuming that the universe could have popped out of nothingness, why should it have been such an orderly and hospitable one? Is there a scientific, testable answer for this question that does not simply appeal to imagination?

#25 - Atheism, by definition, holds that there is no God and nothing beyond this world of matter, space, time, and energy. Consistent with this viewpoint come a large number of necessary truths and the problems relating to them. Atheism is not made rational merely by the rejection of the evidences for God; it has its own wares to sell and difficulties to overcome.

a.) What Is the Evidence Against the Existence of God?

b.) If everyone on earth became an atheist how would the world be better off?

c.) Does not atheism have to rely on a system of coercion to enforce non belief?

d.) Most nations that have a system of government under a monarchy do so because of strong religious connection. The USA is referred to as 'One nation under God'. Is it a atheist aim to abolish royal families and the sovereignty of nations like the Maoists have achieved in Nepal and replace all sovereign nations with a world government?

e.) Why are atheists always at the forefront of marxist tainted 'causes' such as global warming, unrestricted immigration, gay marriage and other latte type neo-liberal causes?

f.) Why have atheists, pagans and satanists been infiltrating 'white supremacist' organisations and attempting to turn racial issues into solely religious issues? Examples being the anti-3rd world immigration issue is now an anti-muslim issue. The same could be said for leftist 'anti-zionist' causes that attack Jews solely on the basis of their religious beliefs and nothing else.

#26 - Why is it that atheists only target their approach to the young (20 and under) instead of those of their own age? Is it because people who are 40+ are not worth 'educating'? Or is it that gullible teenagers have bodies worth 'indoctrinating'?

#27 - If evolution is true, why is everything so determined that we can study it?

#28 - Is it possible to study something that is always changing, like evolution?

#29 - If you believe that there is no god, how do you explain the concept of synchronicity. Do you dispute it because of the law of large numbers says otherwise? Maybe you just have faith in this axiom and it is really not an accurate description of reality.

Saturday 4 July 2015

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Tuesday 9 June 2015

The Agenda 21 plan to eradicate 90% of the earths population suits the patricians well. In fact it is very fair to say that they are the ones behind it, the only way that a particular caste is identifiable is by physical appearance and hence their need to ensure that there can be no 'tribe' that may be in their image. The only people they want 'in their image' are their children, as for the non patrician whites... they have to be bred out or killed off and thus we see non white criminals being injected into white countries as well as the acceptance and trafficking of life shortening addictive narcotics.

These patricians are both the arsonist and the fireman, or both the spreader of HIV and peddlers of AZT. These people have no concept of consequences nor can they accept responsibility of their own actions.

Although refering to the Patrician caste and order of Ancient Rome may give us an idea of what todays neo-patricians would do to us, we need not go back so far to get a prototype or concept of what they plan. We can look at the Edwardian period in Britain that occurred after the death of Queen Victoria, the Edwardian period began in 1901 and lasted until the start of World War One. Even though Edward died in 1910 this era continued on after him and was only stopped because of 2 reasons, the first being WW1 where the elitism of the ruling class had to be tempered due to the manpower required to fight a war that had never been concieved. That also included that the children and heirs of the ruling class thought it would be a 'spiffy' idea to go and 'kick jerry up the bottom!' and instead ended up in rubbishtips of mud face down...permanently.

The second being that conditions, lifestyle and pay had improved for the female population as there was a void in the employment pool, in addition there was also the introduction of the typewriter. There was no incentive to work for the patrician families as maids on estates which had no income and were deteriorating, nor was there any incentive to lives by the rules that governed these estates as in that maids and other employees were not permitted to be seen by the family of the house or speak unless spoken to. Maids were also fucked on occassion by the 'master of the house' as this was deemed to be part of the service they were hired for. Working hours could be 18-20 hours a day and if you got sick you were dismissed. The British TV shows 'Upstairs Downstairs' and 'Downton Abbey' are examples of that time.

After the war came what is known as the 'roaring twenties' where government and gangsterism formed a symbionistic world as one could not survive without the other. Finally whatever wealth or lifestyle the 'plebs' had gained during this time was obliterated with the Wall Street crash, from rags to riches and then to death or utter docile servitude. Unless you were of the Patrician 'club' you went into a self sold slavery and the price became cheaper.

And this will happen again because people are either willingly stupid or have the memory of a goldfish, if you think it is just a white thing then you should look up and see for yourself what happened to China. China had the imperial setup with snobby royals, they had such a large population that they should have repelled any invader. But they didnt because they couldnt and paid a heavy price to the likes of Japan, then came Mao Tse Tung who abolished any royal setup there and turned China into a machine that stands over the world but he also killed more Chinese in a decade than foreign invaders did in a century and setup a pseudo nobility that lasts now.

This is what the white world faces, you may say that if todays marxist yuppies want servants they can just hire niggers, gooks etc. But they dont want them - they want you! From their point of view a farm animal is just a farm animal but a slave is mine! Non whites are just farm animals as far as they are concerned, not the sort of creatures you have serving meals or having sex with. The farm animals can sleep in the barn but you will sleep in a bed in a cellar, but if the 'master' wants to use you for sex or even your children (remember you will be owned outright and that includes everything) you cannot refuse.

You refuse? you die. Simple.
Whoever owns your dignity owns your life.
But those who have thrown away their dignity have also thrown away their lives and that includes their childrens. If you are indebt you are enslaved.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

So looking at these wannabe superior caste patricians we should look at what these people hold dear.
An overview of their beliefs show them to hold opposing views as being simultaneously true such as...

* Holding that there should be a classless multiracial society while feeling they are entitled to live in all white, rich, gated communities in prime real estate.

* Stating that Christianity should be banned in all schools but that gaia worship and other forms of enviromental belief should be compulsory. Other religions should be tolerated if they are overwhelmingly non-white so as to preserve ethnic human rights.

* Expounding that everyone is obliged to perform manual tasks in order to maintain the global society while they are adhering to non manual positions within national governments.

* Propagating there should be no class ranks within ethnic communities and yet propagating there should be class ranks within white societies.

For all the yelling and screaming they do about white people being nazis, racists, snobs etc, they are in fact the vary people they describe and insult. They all have cognative dissonance which they can recognise in everyone else except themselves, they are so removed from themselves because they have no souls. These people have no concept of dignity or the ability to gain such because they have renounced God and their souls and thus seek to get others to renounce God and their souls and if they can achieve that then to take their dignity and ultimately their lives will be an easy matter.

New Patricians

But now let us look at the 'new patricians' and how they intend to implement their new order. Seeing as there is no natural spiritual impetus behind it, this new order can only expand by physical enticements and physical force. Although this could be read to be a purely physical coercion and which it is, it would be physical use of physical assets but this would be a use of Tebhel and in the view of those who partake in this usage it would be a 'subtraction' from Tebhel or at least to that part they percieve as being 'theirs' or under their control. So they would have to improvise from their understanding of Cheled, as the current majority of the so-called patrician wannabes have no concept of any spirituality but rather see anything relating to it as hypothetical or symbolic then it would be easy for the established patricians to make up things on the fly. And it is accepted and parroted by the wannabes because it is a directive from the 'established' or 'the top' and is gospel if said by a celebrity.

This is how the new ice age/global warming/climate change cult has infected humanity, again like HIV it infects healthy cells, turns them rogue and seeks to kill the host. If you ask any of these average joe hijacked beings what evidence there is for climate change and the need to de-industrialise you will be told that 'the science is settled'. The Tebhel and atheist 'scientist' will give the excuse that it is only possible to 'oppose climate change' by political actions and initiatives and lastly the politician will say it is being done to satisfy the concerns of the average joe. This is an example of the industrialised mechanics of herdthink, not only is it a willing stupidity but it is a stupidity that seeks to forcibly inject itself into and infect others. This willingly suicidal stupidity will kill its hosts and indeed infects others in a pseudo spiritual sense by turning worthless and souless corpses into martyrs and possibly memes. And the cost to Tebhel from all of this? Nothing.

In political terms we have quite atheist or apostate ideologies such as The Greens, in economic terms we have the 'green economy' and in spiritual terms we have gaia worship and corruptions of established religions which are repackaged minus God. The only people who follow these creeds are the willingly stupid and the utterly corrupt, either way they are the HIV that will seek to kill you by the same injected nature that infects them. As of this current time there is no cure.

So if you want to look at it then Malkuth is infected by HIV, humanity is the blood supply that keeps it alive both in Tebhel and Cheled terms but we are dealing with a fake sense of balance. You have the 'save the earth at all costs' environmentalists and then you have the 'anything for a dollar' business hustlers.

Both sides see each other as direct opposites and thus view their presence on this earth in this world as 'balanced' and therefore see themselves as the life - if now actual gods over anyone who is not of them.

Greenies see themselves as gods and businessmen as satan and vice versa. They see themselves as heroes in mythologies and prophets of the Bible, but nowhere in their lifeview of existence does any spirituality come into their groupthink equation. As they have no spirituality nor can they bestow anything of that nature onto the 'lesser' beings, then they can only reward them by 'physical rewards' as can be seen now.

Now take into fact that the physical rewards are actually for the most part symbolic. For example, a bank can claim to have a billion dollars because it says so on their ledger and thus it is accepted as such by the herd via herdthink. But if you were to ask that the bank show the actual cash then they could not, it doesnt exist within their bank and possibly has never been printed by the government of the country in whose name it was printed. The 'money' is generated and transfered by a few keystrokes on a computer, it is make believe adhered to by the herd and thus has by default become a godless religion. Much like Buddhism but without monks and instead infected with marxists in which Marx has replaced Buddha, on top of that it has become a political religion where it is the ultimate aim to get as much money and power while at the same time proclaiming to oppose it.

Monday 1 June 2015

Beyond race - a resurrected global class.

Ive talked to a few Christians who do believe that this earth in this world is entering an endtime. Not that they claim to be prophets but just absolutely devout. I do not claim to be a prophet, really all that I am is a repenter as I have done wrong and seek to atone with God (the God of Abraham) for what I have done. But increasingly I do find that the jigsaw puzzle is slowly but surely being completed, and the picture it is making does resemble what can be considered the endtime.

One only has to turn on the TV to see 'celebrities' being touted as experts in any position they may have.

I turn on the TV and see a 'weathergirl' who consistently stuffs up beyond the average miscall, predicting rain for a week and not a drop falls. On top of that has no meteorological qualifications but rather studied a university course on political events, but all is deemed OK because she is married to a footballer. Stupidity is no longer deemed to be a bad judgment in bad circumstances but rather a form of entertainment. We see 'schadenfreud' or 'shameful glee' not just a case of laughing at an enemies or a random persons misfortunes, but instead see it as 'shameful pride' in that one can make an error and be proud in any misery it creates as long as it doesnt affect oneself. It is fashionable to be stupid and considered rational to be stupid as long as you can make money from it. Emotions and morals have a dollar value these days and most people who stand out in societies in a celebrity type mode can be called 'economic narcissists', they all see themselves as 'gods over lesser beings' and consider the lesser beings to have no dignity or at least not deserving of any. Their mantra is 'anything for a dollar' and they get this not only by what they know or who they know, but also what they refuse to learn.

As we see learning turned into indoctrination and aspiration turned into repeating, the only way that this can be termed 'progress' is by having everyone choosing to have amnesia, or else get paid off not to object or just becoming willingly stupid. From those 3 options you have those who choose amnesia, they become nutjobs because they override their natural thought processes so as to believe in something they cannot 'remember'. Then you have the mercenaries/prostitutes who choose to be that way because of the percieved financial gain and are best described as 'sociopaths for rent'. The last are the willingly stupid who are accurately described by that term. While the above 2 will try and justify the positions they take, the willingly stupid will simply go along with stupidity. As there is the 'art for arts sake' term these same people will peddle 'stupidity for stupiditys sake' as an excuse for what they do. No.... I take that back, they will say that 'stupidity for stupiditys sake' applies to everyone of their fellow travellers....except them.

If that isnt bad enough where stupidity becomes a viable lifestyle, you have to remember such people reproduce. Not only in biological terms (though this is being reduced to such people adopting homosexual lifestyles) but also in 'conversion' terms as the willingly stupid are absolutely fanatical in infecting others with this 'rational voidness'. This is what Native Americans call 'wetiko' and Christian Science calls 'animal magnetism', a psychological illness spread by psychological means. It functions in the same way as HIV in that it hijacks healthy blood cells, injects its DNA and then uses the hijacked cell to infect others. The end result is that the body that hosts these blood cells will lose all immunity and die as a result of foreign invasions of other transmittable diseases. The souls of the dead bodies will be named on an AIDS quilt as martyrs for filth and used by the fellow followers of the cult of stupidity as role models. I wonder why people who follow such suicidal lifestyles just dont kill themselves (it is not only just a 'gay thing', to be fair most gays who are gay because of biological disposition are not as reckless as those who become gay as a lifestyle choice or else 'want to relate to their feminine side').

Although this maybe observed by those who might take an interest in 'gay society' and seen openly by those within 'gay society it will not be obvious to all who are in a greater national society. Just like if you are in another country to me, you will be aware of things that I may have only heard of and vice versa. So allow me to tell you some things that I have seen in my country (Australia) which give me some concern about the mindset of the few who are now touted as 'celebrities' because they get media coverage and are deemed to be 'the standard' and are now 'role models' (at least for the time being).

Well I see Australian society seemingly containing a cancer, much like a racial HIV which seeks to hijack white Australians and take away their identity, dignity and ultimately their lives. However it is white Australians who seek to do this to other white Australians, heres an example...
In Melbourne there was an anti-Islam demonstration which did become violent at times, but the counter demonstrators were not Muslim but were whites claiming to oppose racism. Seeing as Islam is not a race how could it be deemed to be racist. Another example was in Sydney where a demonstration against Chinese investors buying and driving up house prices was countered by white demonstrators who continually yelled out 'racists!' Despite the fact that it is all racial groups in Sydney who are being pushed out of the housing market due to the speculation in the housing market by foreign Chinese 'investors' who simply outbid locals at auctions.

So one must ask why 'progressive' white Australians would help out people who would gladly kill them when given the chance. Why would they seek to impose destitution, misery and indeed take away the dignity of people who (at least physically) are more or less the same of them? And do these things on behalf of those who hate them because of their physical attributes... why? What possible greater purpose can there be in racial suicide? Is it a type of self loathing? Or is it an extreme form of narcissism?

Either way it requires a caste system in order to maintain itself, it is about bloodlines with a race without competition. A type of tribalism much like 'jewishness' that can mean anything at anytime but not to just anyone but within the tribe. Marx said 'in order to save a race one must first destroy it', considering Marx was a Satanist the question should be asked whether he was actually planing for a Satanic caste to rule this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah) which by default would turn Malkuth into Lilith. The issue of Tebhel and Cheled is also of importance, if Malkuth in Assiah is comprised of Tebhel and Cheled in balance and remains so, then even allowing for fluctuations all is fine. But the reason that Tebhel and Cheled are balanced is because of the order in which they came.

Looking back on the 4 worlds were have Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah or Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action (physical). The spiritual and non physical aspects came before the final physical product, but now the physical takes precedance over the non physical which can be seen by the mercenary and willingly stupid in which they will only reclaim their inherant morals and principals if the price is right. As they have disowned and renounced their souls, morals and principles then they really have nothing to sell and can be bought quite cheaply. Physical priorities are given in relation to spiritual affairs and pseudo spiritual/'intellectual' priorities are given in relation to the physical.
We are seeing a reversal of order, the souless and the corrupt of soul are attempting that which demons know they cannot oppose.

So who are these people who see themselves so great and progressive? I always thought that to progress you would have a definite solid foundation from which to expand and indeed progress.

However as history is being forgotten, discarded and rewritten or else having its rights sold to the highest bidder, the end result is a type of necrohistory being indoctrinated to the stupid who do not understand or care to beyond their own personal comfort zone. As the population becomes increasingly narcissistic under the guise of progress in which all supposedly become equals there will be by the 'spirit' of this nature the need for the ultra narcissistic or 'alpha people' to corral all others so that they will be the 'first among equals'. In white society we see these alpha people enforcing marxism on others via money and celebrity which are both symbolic by-products of Tebhel worship or worship of the physical.

So the 'first among equals' narcissists are now reforming and bonding together under the membership of an ancient and long forgotten caste... and that being the 'Patricians'. In ancient Rome they were the 'born to rule' class who considered themselves blessed by the gods or even children of god. And thus we see their fanaticism in opposing Christianity and infact their fanatical anti Christian jihad is not something new, it is a continuance of the war against the God of Abraham. This is a blood feud type war that started from the expulsion of Lucifer and his followers from heaven, it manifested among humans with Sodom and Gomorrah and now has resurrected itself via the prophet of hell on earth who went by the name Karl Marx.

When Marx said that races and cultures must be destroyed in order to be saved he didnt define what was meant by saved or who was going to do the saving. Although he was an apostate jew and renounced Christianity he sought to make all jews apostate and all Christians to renounce Christ and as it stands it does seem he was somewhat successful in that the wetiko HIV injection he put into the world continues to turn healthy blood cell into rogue aggressive cancer cells which despite various forms of medicine and chemotherapy continues to spread. As a result the body will die, but that doesnt really matter anymore because nutjobs, mercenaries and the stupid of any value? After all... they have either sold or thrown away their dignity...

Saturday 30 May 2015

The current state?

The more I look at the events of the current time, the more I see an overview that is not definite but is accepted as so by the zombies that roam this earth in this world and somehow think they are in control while being directed by narcissists through inanimate objects. An obnoxious sociopath can say something amongst a few (who consider themselves unfortunate to hear it) and be simply dismissed as a nutjob, but if the same nutjob says it on radio or TV then the majority will consider themselves fortunate to hear it and regard it as absolute truth. And it will be held as gospel until another nutjob says something else with a smooth voice or a better wardrobe (for TV). And if both nutjobs have insane rants that are opposed to each other, and if both rants are delivered by the same means with the same gimmicks and therefore are indistinguishable then both contradictory rants will be held as simultaneously true and adhered to until 'something fashionably better' comes along.

The people who adhere to such nonsense call themselves 'unique individuals' while insisting on following a collective mindset also known as groupthink, or more correctly 'herdthink'. This itself is contradictory, how can one claim to be an individual while surrendering that individuality to a mob mentality? Even worse is that the zombies who surrender their intellect, spirituality and thus their souls to the herd, also give default permission for the mob to exterminate them and steal their bloodline.

The proper term for Earth as we know it is 'Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth in Assiah' or to put it another way... 'Tebhel + Cheled = Malkuth which is within Assiah.'

Tebhel is the inanimate aspect of this earth, the purely physical. Cheled is the spiritual aspect and both aspects in balance brings forth natural life on this earth and allows it to live and not just to survive.

It is in Malkuth that we find inspiration and aspire for the higher realms in the Tree of Life.

But alas, we are going in the opposite direction. Whats even worse is that who do not go in this direction voluntarily with the herd are been dragged down and lost in their wake. As the vices of Malkuth are deemed to be the aim to dedicate ones life to, you have to ask 'For whose benefit?' is it for as it is certainly not yours or anyone else in a similar position to you. Such things can only be viewed in a physical sense for there does not seem to be an intellectual or rational input factor in herdthink and certainly not a spiritual one.

As atheism among humans increases because it is 'fashionable' and demons seem to be the only population on this earth in this world to have 100% belief in God and thus have become the major stakeholder of Cheled.

Thus by default Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth within the Tree of Life of Assiah has become Tebhel and Cheled of Lilith within the Tree of Death of Assiah. Also by default Moloch is the Satan and Lucifer has been sidelined as there are more fanatical abortionists than worshipers of Lucifer as the Satan. Both are equal in standing in the realm of Thaumiel in the Tree of Death and even though Lucifer is deemed the 'evil spirit' and thus more of a danger to humans, it was infact Moloch aka Baal Hamon who brought in the practice of burning children alive in order to gain his favour and thus that of the demonic order in order to physically gain for ones self in a financial sense.

As history is being erased and rewritten we see the aspects of Moloch presence on earth being forgotten and being injected into modern 'life' as fashionable and politically correct. In fact political thought and adherance has replaced or corrupted religious theology and indeed faith, as can be seen where zombies view the United Nations as 'their' own Tree of Life on earth regardless of how it functions as the Tree of Death and the ineffectual non-entity who claims to be in charge but really is just a titular boss who really has no power of any sort but for that which his 'minions' allow him. One can say that for Lucifer as the Satan, he cannot compel one to submit to him but only offer inducements for one to do so by choice. But we also have Moloch who has an increasing amount of those who seek to serve him by default and thus become loyal subjects by default and thus hand over Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah to him by default which will become Lilith by default.

Now one can ask 'What can be done about it?' to which I would say 'What are you willing to do?' Do not all solutions to problems require a price of some sort? I on rare and increasingly rare occasion do encounter Christians who genuinely see things in the same manner I do. But my case is different to most people it seems, having been a theistic Satanist and a practical Kabbalist Ive learned and experienced things they never have and it seems never will. They seem overwhelmed by what I say and also by their attempts and successes in comprehending what I might say and indeed by what they may discover. Even though I am happy that I find these people the fact is that most of them are elderly and will probably die before they feel and see and know that the world will restore to the correct balance (Tiqqun Olam) that it was meant to be.

In all honesty I havent found anyone recently who has the knowledge or experience I have, I am not boasting but on the net all I have found is bullshiting hustlers and wannabe bonejackers. I hoped initially that there would be more experienced defectors than me and that they would tell all. But I havent heard of any recently, which tells me that they are either dead, gone into permanent hiding, or else (which should worry you)....still on team Satan (regardless if its Lucifer or Moloch).

So this is the overview as I currently see it, I can think of the following scenarios.

a) As the Tebhel aspect of this earth becomes more pronounced due to atheism and apostasy and indeed becomes the majority aspect of humanity, the Cheled aspect will be largely held by demons as the corruption within any faith of the God of Abraham makes any genuine faith void by default.
- The result (if it isnt already) is that Malkuth is now a shadow realm to Lilith and the Tree of Death is complete.

b) If the Tree of Death is now complete, then this earth in this world (Lilith) would have the majority share of Cheled in Assiah (though the other planets do have a very few demons attributed to them, I think this is largely to do with astrological mechanics). If that is the case then Assiah is lost to the Satan (Ha-Shaitan). This is what is needed as a base in order to attack the other 3 (known) worlds. As for the humans (atheist and otherwise)? There is no escape.

c) By default if the above occur then there would be no need for Judgment Day as all humans at the time this occurs would be guilty by default. God may or may not assign a certain time for 'inprisonment' but as time is only really a symbolic measurement which is only used in Assiah, it would not be a priority (nor a need) for God to adhere to any timeline. Also if the above occurs, God just may cut off Assiah and isolate it entirely. This can be done by enveloping Assiah in a 'ring-pass-not' which describes itself, nothing in Assiah can pass it. In addition no magic could be performed regardless of the knowledge one has, in fact any 'magic' would come about by a political type buddy system and 'miracles' would only occur on the personal whim of one of the secondary causes.

d) Probably most people seem to think that 'Jesus will come and save me!', but in all honesty look at the sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, God haters etc. Would you save such people? Those who have renounced their own souls? Those who have only 2 personalities, those being the 'entitled' and the 'victim'.

So what course of action can be done by the believer? They could either.....

e) Seek to propagate the teachings of God that being the God of Abraham and basically devote your life to doing so. Plenty of people do so already but how successful are they?

f) Exterminate the population of this earth.
The pros - Brings evil among humans to a halt
The cons - Hands over the earth to Ha-Shaitan and possibly you would condemn yourself.

Either way if you want to be 'the one' to keep Assiah for God you will have to lift yourself utmost, beyond any concept of intelligence, bravery, glory, indeed you will have to take all the virtues and master all the vices of the Tree of Life. And if you do so... you will impress God.