Saturday 30 May 2015

The current state?

The more I look at the events of the current time, the more I see an overview that is not definite but is accepted as so by the zombies that roam this earth in this world and somehow think they are in control while being directed by narcissists through inanimate objects. An obnoxious sociopath can say something amongst a few (who consider themselves unfortunate to hear it) and be simply dismissed as a nutjob, but if the same nutjob says it on radio or TV then the majority will consider themselves fortunate to hear it and regard it as absolute truth. And it will be held as gospel until another nutjob says something else with a smooth voice or a better wardrobe (for TV). And if both nutjobs have insane rants that are opposed to each other, and if both rants are delivered by the same means with the same gimmicks and therefore are indistinguishable then both contradictory rants will be held as simultaneously true and adhered to until 'something fashionably better' comes along.

The people who adhere to such nonsense call themselves 'unique individuals' while insisting on following a collective mindset also known as groupthink, or more correctly 'herdthink'. This itself is contradictory, how can one claim to be an individual while surrendering that individuality to a mob mentality? Even worse is that the zombies who surrender their intellect, spirituality and thus their souls to the herd, also give default permission for the mob to exterminate them and steal their bloodline.

The proper term for Earth as we know it is 'Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth in Assiah' or to put it another way... 'Tebhel + Cheled = Malkuth which is within Assiah.'

Tebhel is the inanimate aspect of this earth, the purely physical. Cheled is the spiritual aspect and both aspects in balance brings forth natural life on this earth and allows it to live and not just to survive.

It is in Malkuth that we find inspiration and aspire for the higher realms in the Tree of Life.

But alas, we are going in the opposite direction. Whats even worse is that who do not go in this direction voluntarily with the herd are been dragged down and lost in their wake. As the vices of Malkuth are deemed to be the aim to dedicate ones life to, you have to ask 'For whose benefit?' is it for as it is certainly not yours or anyone else in a similar position to you. Such things can only be viewed in a physical sense for there does not seem to be an intellectual or rational input factor in herdthink and certainly not a spiritual one.

As atheism among humans increases because it is 'fashionable' and demons seem to be the only population on this earth in this world to have 100% belief in God and thus have become the major stakeholder of Cheled.

Thus by default Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth within the Tree of Life of Assiah has become Tebhel and Cheled of Lilith within the Tree of Death of Assiah. Also by default Moloch is the Satan and Lucifer has been sidelined as there are more fanatical abortionists than worshipers of Lucifer as the Satan. Both are equal in standing in the realm of Thaumiel in the Tree of Death and even though Lucifer is deemed the 'evil spirit' and thus more of a danger to humans, it was infact Moloch aka Baal Hamon who brought in the practice of burning children alive in order to gain his favour and thus that of the demonic order in order to physically gain for ones self in a financial sense.

As history is being erased and rewritten we see the aspects of Moloch presence on earth being forgotten and being injected into modern 'life' as fashionable and politically correct. In fact political thought and adherance has replaced or corrupted religious theology and indeed faith, as can be seen where zombies view the United Nations as 'their' own Tree of Life on earth regardless of how it functions as the Tree of Death and the ineffectual non-entity who claims to be in charge but really is just a titular boss who really has no power of any sort but for that which his 'minions' allow him. One can say that for Lucifer as the Satan, he cannot compel one to submit to him but only offer inducements for one to do so by choice. But we also have Moloch who has an increasing amount of those who seek to serve him by default and thus become loyal subjects by default and thus hand over Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah to him by default which will become Lilith by default.

Now one can ask 'What can be done about it?' to which I would say 'What are you willing to do?' Do not all solutions to problems require a price of some sort? I on rare and increasingly rare occasion do encounter Christians who genuinely see things in the same manner I do. But my case is different to most people it seems, having been a theistic Satanist and a practical Kabbalist Ive learned and experienced things they never have and it seems never will. They seem overwhelmed by what I say and also by their attempts and successes in comprehending what I might say and indeed by what they may discover. Even though I am happy that I find these people the fact is that most of them are elderly and will probably die before they feel and see and know that the world will restore to the correct balance (Tiqqun Olam) that it was meant to be.

In all honesty I havent found anyone recently who has the knowledge or experience I have, I am not boasting but on the net all I have found is bullshiting hustlers and wannabe bonejackers. I hoped initially that there would be more experienced defectors than me and that they would tell all. But I havent heard of any recently, which tells me that they are either dead, gone into permanent hiding, or else (which should worry you)....still on team Satan (regardless if its Lucifer or Moloch).

So this is the overview as I currently see it, I can think of the following scenarios.

a) As the Tebhel aspect of this earth becomes more pronounced due to atheism and apostasy and indeed becomes the majority aspect of humanity, the Cheled aspect will be largely held by demons as the corruption within any faith of the God of Abraham makes any genuine faith void by default.
- The result (if it isnt already) is that Malkuth is now a shadow realm to Lilith and the Tree of Death is complete.

b) If the Tree of Death is now complete, then this earth in this world (Lilith) would have the majority share of Cheled in Assiah (though the other planets do have a very few demons attributed to them, I think this is largely to do with astrological mechanics). If that is the case then Assiah is lost to the Satan (Ha-Shaitan). This is what is needed as a base in order to attack the other 3 (known) worlds. As for the humans (atheist and otherwise)? There is no escape.

c) By default if the above occur then there would be no need for Judgment Day as all humans at the time this occurs would be guilty by default. God may or may not assign a certain time for 'inprisonment' but as time is only really a symbolic measurement which is only used in Assiah, it would not be a priority (nor a need) for God to adhere to any timeline. Also if the above occurs, God just may cut off Assiah and isolate it entirely. This can be done by enveloping Assiah in a 'ring-pass-not' which describes itself, nothing in Assiah can pass it. In addition no magic could be performed regardless of the knowledge one has, in fact any 'magic' would come about by a political type buddy system and 'miracles' would only occur on the personal whim of one of the secondary causes.

d) Probably most people seem to think that 'Jesus will come and save me!', but in all honesty look at the sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, God haters etc. Would you save such people? Those who have renounced their own souls? Those who have only 2 personalities, those being the 'entitled' and the 'victim'.

So what course of action can be done by the believer? They could either.....

e) Seek to propagate the teachings of God that being the God of Abraham and basically devote your life to doing so. Plenty of people do so already but how successful are they?

f) Exterminate the population of this earth.
The pros - Brings evil among humans to a halt
The cons - Hands over the earth to Ha-Shaitan and possibly you would condemn yourself.

Either way if you want to be 'the one' to keep Assiah for God you will have to lift yourself utmost, beyond any concept of intelligence, bravery, glory, indeed you will have to take all the virtues and master all the vices of the Tree of Life. And if you do so... you will impress God.

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