Thursday 12 January 2017

Necromancy re animation

This is a continuance of the Dark Series concerning necromancy

I will be delving into re animation, that is taking back the souls of the deceased on to this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah). This isnt about trying to 'resurrect' loved ones but is instead to be targeted at criminals who think that they get a free pass by dying. I especially want to target serial killer sex offenders, in particular those who murder children.

Remember that this earth in this world is no longer Malkuth in Assiah but is Lilith in Tohu where nothing is true and all is permitted. While people might say that this is 'black' magic I say it is not; I also say that people who would condemn me for what I publish contribute more to advancing the cause of Moloch than I ever could or indeed would. The indifference and acceptance by so called christians (or correctly called 'xtians') of atheism and apostasy is more infinitely evil than anything that I could imagine.


Saturday 7 January 2017

Example of a necromancy ritual

In order to contact a deceased person we must first approach and be approved by God; his name is Jehovah, praise be upon him, his name and his being.
To me the only way to do this is by using the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, although many will be of an opposing opinion and rely on systems which are infiltrated and run by the djinn. I cannot tell anyone to use such things because it cannot bring the deceased to the one performing the necromancy and at best can only convey an opinion of what the deceaseds' reaction would be to a question asked by the necromancer. This is not to say that the words of the djinn are totally false or worthless but they are not the original words of the deceased and therefore the necromancers' question has not been answered in an absolute manner.

As Chokmah governs the zodiac and gives access to the zodiac I believe this is the best option because everyone has a zodiac sign. People can change their names and lie about their age but they cannot alter their zodiac sign because they cannot undo the rotation and orbit of the planets. Although Kether is the highest sephira we must remember that we are going against the commonly accepted order of things as we are not supposed to disturb the dead nor bring them into our word of Assiah. What we will be doing in this ritual is to facilitate a 'channel' of communication in the world of Briah. By doing this in Chokmah in the world of Briah we will 'squelch' the voices of the djinn who may seek to impersonate the deceased or give incorrect or distorted information.

Take note that this is a very serious thing to attempt and must not be done for trivial reasons, the deceased are in a 'suspended animation' until Judgment Day. When and if you get the moment to have your question answered you should remember that all knowledge of the outside world ceased upon their death. In doing necromancy you are only seeking answers for questions that were not answered pertaining to their lives before their death.

Lets look at what the ritual involves.....

1. A space for the ritual to be conducted, it may be a room or it may be an area within a room or it may be anywhere there can be privacy for the ritual. Whatever the area it should be as clean as possible as you get rewarded on your effort over your style. You will need an altar or something that can provide the same service as an altar, whether it be a table, wooden box or any other item. The use of plastic is an utter last option for this sort of thing and I believe you would be better off doing this on the floor/ground as opposed to plastic furniture. You should also sprinkle salt in a line covering the outline of the area, it does not need to be heavy but should be started at due East and go clockwise until completion.

You will also need the following; two grey candles, musk incense and a Bible with psalms. The altar is to face due East and the candles are to be positioned in the same manner as one would find in a Catholic mass. The incense (two sticks or incense pile) is to be between the candles.
And you will have to have handwritten notes as to how the ritual is to be conducted and what will be said, you should also have an estimate as to how long the ritual will be in order for it to be conducted within the planetary hour.

2. When your timing is decided the ritual will then begin....

Walk into the area (clockwise), until you are at the back of the area and facing East (with sufficient room to outstretch your arms behind you).
Turn to the west clockwise, outstretch you hands and arms and make a sharp clap and say:"Begone afar unholy ones and do not interfere or disrupt this ritual to my God who is the God of all without exception"
Turn clockwise to the East

Walk into the centre of the room, have the palms of your hands together at chest level as though you are going to dive in a pool or opening curtains.
Stretch your arms forward and bring your right foot forward as though you are entering through heavy curtains, as you do open your arms open and bring your left foot forward to meet your right.
Take a further step forward using both feet, you should be facing East still. Now do the Kabbalistic cross

Say: "For thou are powerful and eternal O Lord, the God of All whose unity is one as revealed by Abraham"  - Have your forearms and palms raised while your upper arms are kept vertical as though your are making an offering.

3. Now fall upon your knees and put the palms of your hands on the floor and place your forehead on the floor as well.
Now make the sign of the zelator
Say: Open the astral gates and may my rite be witnessed

Stand up, (you should be in front of your altar) come to where your candles and incense are, here you can drop to your knees if you have no table/altar arrangment set up.

4. Next you will light the candles [2 candles], first the right and then the left during which you will say "Unto light" (as you light the right candle) "Is added light" (as you light the left) after that light the incense [if you are using incense sticks start with the right then the left, again 2 will be fine, if you are not using sticks then light as normal]

Say: "O God who is worthy of utter devotion I call upon you"  - Have your forearms and palms raised while your upper arms are kept vertical as though your are making an offering.

Pause for a moment then

In the sephira of Chokmah [pronounced Hokmah, the 'ch' is pronounced like the Scottish loch] in the world of Briah [Bree-Ahh]
I call upon you Yah
I call upon you Jah
I call upon you Yod Heh
I also call upon you ArchAngel Ratziel
I ask that you witness my plea and my petition

6. [Now that you have called on Jah and Ratziel personally you must introduce yourself]
I am [your full name]
I was born on the [date] of [month] [year] at [time] in (town/city) of (the state) in the country of (nation)
I seek to present this ritual, my prayer and my request to you and ask that you listen to and accept it and that a favourable outcome be granted to me by the grace of the Devotion of God who is the Most High

[Note you are not praying to the ArchAngel but you are making a request to the God aspect of Chokmah who is Yah]

I offer psalm for your consideration, to praise God who deserves devotion by his creations and to worship God the Most High

(Here offer a psalm but remember it will consume time, you should give one that is devotional)

7. Next you will give a case for what you want, essentially you will be presenting in the same manner as a court case before a judge. Explain what you want to ask the deceased and why you want to ask the question. You must also positively identify the person you wish to speak to in the same manner as you identified yourself.
After presenting your case you might feel inclined to offer another psalm or prayer.

But bear in mind the fact that you have to end the ritual with certain actions and words. This is why you should time a 'practice run' of what you plan to do (as in timing of words and not a mock ritual!).
As in a court case you requests should be short, sharp and direct and indeed honest, there is no point in whining, bellyaching, self pity and 'embellishing the truth'
Be honest, open and frank.

8. After you have finished you now end the ritual:

Praise be upon you God who is worthy of utter devotion
Praise be upon you Yah
Praise be upon you Jah
Praise be upon you Yod Heh
Praise be upon you who is the God aspect of Chokmah
Blessings be upon you Ratziel for you are his faithful servant
I have presented my case to ask for this opportunity and I am a servant of the Most High
I thank you both for listening to what I have had to say
Thank you
Blessings be upon you (then bow)
May there be peace between us and never any ill will
I bid you hail and farewell Yah
I bid you hail and farewell Jah
I bid you hail and farewell Yod Heh
I bid you hail and farewell Ratziel
To all those who witnessed this ritual I bid you hail and farewell

* Extinguish the candles, you can use a spoon upside down for this

9. Do the kabbalistic cross
Next while standing upright you stretch out your right arm horizontally (like a Hitler salute)

Hail and farewell God the Most High
Hail and farewell Angels and Arch Angels
Hail and farewell those who have observed this rite
Blessings be upon all of you
Hail and farewell


Now you take a backstep with your right foot followed by the left while at the same time 'closing the curtains' in essence reversing how you 'entered the curtains'. You are to leave the room moving in a clockwise motion. When you leave the room you can close the door because the ritual is complete, give it a minute or 2 before re-entering if you want/have to.


Remember this is an example of what a ritual may look like, whether you choose to use this ritual or else use it as a basis for one of your own is up to you and your responsibility. I am not you or in your situation and do not 'jus wanna guess' about your needs

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Video series on Necromancy

Ive decided to do a video series concerning necromancy and exorcism amongst other things, this is called the "Dark Series". I am doing this because of all the nonsensical crap that passes itself off as the 'occult' these days.

A new series on necromancy and exorcism and other forbidden subjects

 Intro to necromancy

 Dealing with zodiac hours

 Discussing the kabbalah aspect of necromancy

My personal experience in regards to this

Explaining ritual

Here is a 'demo' ritual you might want to read and use

Solving 'cold cases'??

Friday 30 December 2016

Some occult stuff...

Just some stuff Ive been sitting on for a while, what you want to do or make of it is up to you.

The 32 Paths of wisdom
Ive just wrote these down as I have read them and I got them from a library book.
As I remember they come from the book "Kabbalah Unveiled" by Papus but that was many years ago so I might be mistaken
I put them up here in case you want them for your records

1st:   Admirable Intelligence
2nd: Illuminating Intelligence
3rd:  Sanctifying Intelligence
4th:   Arresting or Receptive Intelligence
5th:   Radical Intelligence
6th:   Intelligence of Median Infuence
7th:   Hidden Intelligence
8th:   Perfect and Absolute Intelligence
9th:   Purified Intelligence
10th: Resplendent Intelligence
11th: Fiery Intelligence
12th: Intelligence of Light
13th: Inductive Intelligence of Unity
14th: Illuminating Intelligence (this is the second time it is listed)
15th: Constituting Intelligence
16th: Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence
17th: Disposing Intelligence
18th: Intelligence or House of Affluence
19th: Intelligence of the Secret or of all spiritual activities
20th: Intelligence of Will

21st:   Intelligence which rewards all those who seek
22nd: Faithful Intelligence
23rd:  Stable Intelligence
24th:   Imaginative Intelligence
25th:   Intelligence of Temptation or Trial
26th:   Renewing Intelligence
27th:   Active Intelligence
28th:   Natural Intelligence
29th:   Corporeal Intelligence
30th:   Collective Intelligence
31st:   Perpetual Intelligence
32nd: Assisting Intelligence

While I am at it I'll put some more things up from various sources

The 32 absolute ideas corresponding to the Hebrew alphabet and numbers

1.  Supreme power
2.  Absolute wisdom
3.  Infinite intelligence
4.  Goodness
5.  Justice or severity
6.  Beauty
7.  Victory
8.  Eternity
9.  Fecundity
10. Reality

Aleph -        Father
Beth -          Mother
Gimel -       Nature
Daleth -      Authority
He -             Religion
Vau -           Freedom
Zayin -        Possession
Cheth -       Distribution
Teth -          Prudence
Yod -          Order
Kaph -        Force
Lamed -     Sacrifice
Mem -        Death
Nun -          Reversibility
Samekh -   Universal being
Ayin -         Equilibrium
Pe -            Immortality
Tzaddi -     Shadow and reflection
Qoph -        Light
Resh -        Recognition
Shin -         Omnipotence
Tau -         Synthesis

These are God names/attributes in correspondance to Hebrew letters and numbers
I am only typing them as I recorded them, whether you wish to use them as part of a ritual is strictly up to you
I dont believe they can be worked in and applied into a conventional kabbalah ritual, certainly not in their entirety
So consider these just part as a historical record (from Papus as I remember...)

They will be written as such...
Letter> Influence> God name> Rulership> Number

Aleph> Air> God of Infinity> Spring/Autumn> 1
Mem> Water> God the Arcane> Winter> 13
Shin> Earth> God the Saviour> Summer> 21
Beth> Saturn> God of Wisdom> Saturday> 2
Gimel> Jupiter> God of Retribution> Thursday> 3
Daleth> Mars> God of the Gates of Light> Tuesday> 4
Kaph> Sun> God the Immutable> Sunday> 11
Pe> Venus> God of Discourse> Friday> 17
Resh> Mercury> God the Head> Wednesday> 20
Tau> Moon> God the End of All> Monday> 22
Heh> Aries> God of God> March> 5
Vau> Taurus> God the Founder> April> 6
Zayin> Gemini> God of Thunder and Lightening> May> 7
Cheth> Cancer> God of Mercy> June> 8
Teth> Leo> God of Goodness> July> 9
Yod> Virgo> God the Principle> August> 10
Lamed> Libra> God of the 30 paths of wisdom> September> 12
(I have a problem with this ^^^ because there are 32 paths as far as I am concerned)

Nun> Scorpio> God of the 50 gates of light> October> 14
Samekh> Sagittarius> God the Destroyer> November> 15
Ayin> Capricorn> God of Adjuration> December> 16
Tzaddi> Aquarius> God of Justice> January> 18
Qoph> Pisces> God of Rectitude> February> 19

Aries> Ram > March 21 - April 19
Taurus> Bull> April 20 - May 20
Gemini> Twins> May 21 - June 20
Cancer> Crab> June 21 - July 22
Leo> Lion> July 23 - August 22
Virgo> Virgin> August 23 - September 22
Libra> Balance> September 23 - October 22
Scorpio> Scorpion> October 23 - November 21
Sagittarius> Archer> November 22 - December 21
Capricorn> Goat> December 22 - January 19
Aquarius> Water Bearer> January 20 - February 18
Pisces> Fish> February 19 - March 20

Even though it is commonly claimed that the Shem ha-Mephorash angels start off in Leo, I do not believe that to be true and hold that it is incorrect. The idea that the zodiac signs for the Shem ha-Mephorash start in Leo instead of Aries comes from MacGregor-Mathers and is a relatively recent thing. However this error has made its way into the Cabalistic Encyclopedia, another error are the sigils that are attributed to the Shem angels. These sigils are not of a planetary sign and indeed resemble the sigils that are attributed to the demons of the Goetia. Like the Shem the Goetia begins at the star sign of aries, the most telling difference between the Shem ha-Mephorash and the Goetia is the placement of the angels/demons in relation to their star sign and day/night attributes.

With the Shem the angels are divided into sequential blocks of six and have a star sign for that block, there is a day/night division and even a division of the planetary hour of when a ritual is being done. But with the Shem there is a bit more latitude compared to the Goetia as the Goetia is an imitation of the Shem and holds together with a very precarious balance.
Example.... the first 3 demons of the Goetia those being Bael, Agares and Vassago are daytime Aries demons and numbered 1, 2, and 3.
However the night demons of Aries are Phenex, Halpas and Malpas are are numbered 37, 38 and 39. If you were to divide a circle on a pie chart you will see those 2 'wedges' are directly opposite to each other to hold balance.

In the Shem you will notice the name Lauviah is repeated (numbers 11 and 17) which leads to the question is there one angel holding two 'positions' or are they seperate?
Well if you look into the Goetia you will see that Belial appears as two 'angels' even though it is the name of a singular entity. As to the story of Lauviah it is said that the difference is the base of the names, that being Lav and Lau respectively. Whether they are different I cant say either way but if one were to call on either then they must refer to the base of the name which differentiates them as part of any ritual. The angel has to be properly identified without any doubt to whom one is addressing; I'll use number 68 - Xabuiah for an example.
You have to have no doubt in who you are calling and pronounciation comes into this so Xabuiah is also known as Chabuiah (Ha-boo-yah)  [remember it 'ch' is more of a H sound like 'loch'].
And also known as Chebo (Heh-boh) as well as Cheth Beth Vau (Het-Bet-Vav),

Depending on your native language your pronunciation may not be 100% accurate and that is why you must include as many individual identifiers into your ritual, remember substance is more important than style.

In the listing below I have written the angel names as I got them from 'kabbalah unveiled' and in the brackets ( ) I have written the degrees to be faced when conducting ritual to a particular angel. Make due East as 0 degrees and go clockwise to make the measurements.

1. Vehuiah (0-5)
2 Jeliel (6-10)
3. Sitael (11-15)
4. Elemiah (16-20)
5. Mahasiah (21-25)
6. Lelahel (26-30)

7. Achaiah (31-35)
8. Cahetel (36-40)
9. Aziel (41-45)
10. Aladiah (46-50)
11. Lauviah (51-55)
12. Hahaiah (56-60)

13. Iezalel (61-65)
14. Mebahel (66-70)
15. Hariel (71-75)
16. Hakamiah (76-80)
17. Lauviah (81-85)
18. Caliel (86-90)

19. Leuviah (91-95)
20. Pahaliah (96-100)
21. Nelebael (101-105)
22. Ieiael (106-110)
23. Melahel (111-115)
24. Hahuiah (116-120)

25. Nith-Haiah (121-125)
26. Haaiah (126-130)
27. Jerathel (131-135)
28. Seeiah (136-140)
29. Reiiel (141-145)
30. Ornael (146-150)

31. Lecabel (151-155)
32. Vasariah (156-160)
33. Iehuiah (161-165)
34. Lehahiah (166-170)
35. Chevakiah (171-175)
36. Menadel (176-180)

37. Aniel (181-185)
38. Haamiah (186-190)
39. Rehael (191-195)
40. Ieiazel (196-200)
41. Hahahel (201-205)
42. Mikael (206-210)

43. Veuahiah (211-215)
44. Ielahiah (216-220)
45. Sealiah (221-225)
46. Ariel (226-230)
47. Asaliah (231-235)
48. Michael (236-240)

49. Vehuel (241-245)
50. Daniel (246-250)
51. Hahasiah (251-255)
52. Imamiah (256-260)
53. Nanael (261-265)
54. Nithael (266-270)

55. Mabaiah (271-275)
56. Poiel (276-280)
57. Nemmamiah (281-285)
58. Ieialel (286-290)
59. Harahel (291-295)
60. Mizrael (296-300)

61. Umabel (301-305)
62. Iah-hel (306-310)
63. Anianuel (311-315)
64. Mehiel (316-320)
65. Damabiah (321-325)
66. Manakel (326-330)

67.Itaiel (331-335)
68. Xabuiah (336-340)
69. Rochel (341-345)
70. Jabamiah (346-350)
71. Haiel (351-355)
72. Mumiah (356-360)

Necromancy for today...

With the recent deaths of 'celebrities' we have seen an outpouring of 'grief' (whether legitimate or not) and indeed a type of celebrity worship. So the celebs are dead but with the outpouring of sadness, worship and a type of 'saintness' over them the question to be asked is whether they can 'die' in the immediate term. We still have the likes of Elvis and James Dean worship, I read a claim many years ago that if you play your favourite Elvis song in a dark room with just a candle for light then Elvis will appear for a moment during that song. Is it an old wives tale or is it something else?

As I have said before this earth has been lost, it is no longer Malkuth in Assiah but instead it is Lilith in Tohu, nothing is true and all is permitted. We are seeing the reversal of order, white people are niggers and niggers are gods. This has been planned and atheism has provided the space for this plan to be executed, history and logic are being redefined and rewritten.... and being accepted without any major resistance.

Celebrities have always sought to interfere in our lives, so lets interfere in their deaths. They have the idea that when theyre dead theyre dead and that there are no consequences, this is what they hold true especially now. But what if we could get to them in their last refuge?

"And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them." Revelation 9:6

Looking at the celebrities just recently passed there (from what I see) isnt anyone who would deserve such treatment, it is the living celebrities of today who deserve to be tormented in death. By celebrities this would include politicians and other obnoxious professional bellyachers but this group comes in two flavours, the first being those with ham acting skills who are reasonably attractive and partial to taking their clothes off to get work and publicity. The second are those who seem to know the game and play it with an especial hatred of God, Christianity, white people, heterosexuality (for everyone but themselves). Their outspoken hatred of natural order just happens to be complemented by appearances on TV. The second group demand extortional money for their 'talent' and when the talent isnt there they just have 'talent' redefined and parroted by their groupthink fans who unwittingly approve of the lack of talent of their 'celebrity' idol.

These celebs then spent the money on drugs, medicine and other medical procedures in order to avoid death, some will say it is natural to want to avoid death. Yes but is it natural to be so scared of death that you will use the most unnatural methods to avoid it regardless of the pain involved? These people have a solipsist outlook on life and probably do in all honesty believe the world will end without them. But if they accept the fact they will die they will believe all the rotten things they have done will die with them, and those of their ilk in the media will simply erase their rotteness and the acts they have done and 'reincarnate' and 'rebirth' them in a saint like image. These are the secular saints of today and a look at the likes of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Abbie Hoffman are prime examples.

The secular saints have a problem.... despite how much they are worshipped by atheists and apostates no miracles or interaction comes from them wheras the saints linked to Christian faiths do produce miracles. The Christian saints may be the actual person themself who intercede to God on behalf of the person praying at/to the saint but myself..... I largely doubt it. The miracles can be performed by God directly or the angels indirectly but the interactions with the faithful I suspect are largely performed by djinn. This would explain why the 'saints' can only appear occasionally for a limited time, if the djinn wanted to behave maliciously they would do so but not in the name of a saint. Yet in voodoo we can see loas who are malicious but that is because niggers cater to their maliciousness.

Fact is that there are no miracles or interactions from the secular saints because no djinn wants anything to do with them, they did nothing in life to earn respect and can do nothing in death.
They have no protection from anyone, not God or angels and the djinn will not act on their behalf or for their interests. These celebs have nobody, they wanted hell on earth in order to get their paradise. Well seeing that we are now on Lilith in Tohu then who are we to deny them in death what they spent their lifes trying to achieve?
Now lets make them afraid of both living and dying, that would be hell on earth.

Praise be upon Jehovah who is the God of all existance and the only God in existance

Sunday 27 November 2016

The anti-Christ... George Soros?

The anti-Christ... George Soros?

As we see now that nearly all churches outright refuse to talk about or even mention the end times, largely due to political correctness and infiltration by leftists. Everyone who believes even in a vague concept of God must engage in dealing with this issue. This day and age gets continually worse, evil is being embraced and stupidity is fashionable. There is no concrete standards because there are no longer any absolutes, everything is a variable and the moral code of atheists has full sway. This is an age of moral relativism because atheism and apostasy are now held as a fundamental basis for society, family and the individual.

This earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth in Assiah) has been seemingly won by the Tree of Death and that tree is now complete. And now we can see its effects such as a worldwide epidemic of dementia and alzheimers. The sufferers may have physical causes of their situation but then again they may not, there is no doubt that people choose to be 'dumb' because it simplifies life to the extent they may feel privileged because they do not need to take any responsibility for their actions. They need not have any sense of responsibility or priorities because they deem it to be the problem of someone else. 'Its not my problem' is their slogan, their catchcry along with 'Im entitled!'. The professionally stupid seem to think that if they can not defeat their age physically then they can do it mentally or even spiritually, the spiritual aspect is what we are seeing being enacted now.

Spirituality cannot be evidenced or demonstrated in an empirical manner (at least in any manner acceptable to the atheist academics who now run the branches of the educational system), we now see anything relating to spirituality reduced to continuous variables where there cannot be any definite truth. What is true to you is true to you and what is true to me is true to me, this is now held as an absolute truth even though they can be for the most part conflicting variables.

We now have an order of chaos and this is no longer Malkuth on the Tree of Life but is Lilith on the Tree of Death and we have to see how to reverse this situation. This situation has not come about by accident but rather due to design and compliance. The apathy people show in this situation is a matter of consent by silence, if it is beneficial to them it is called 'good' but if it is adverse them another catchcry is bellowed namely 'Im a victim!' and indeed this is now acceptable and encouraged. We have professional victim molders usually posing as 'counselors' and other 'mental health practitioners' who see it as their lifes work to facilitate this for their own personal profit. There are two types of people who can profit from this chaos, those being the people who orchestrated the chaos and those who work within it. People who seek plentiful and easy money will gravitate towards these 'misery industries' and their ages are getting younger and younger. Generations will be lost into the malignant arms of Moloch because the variable moral atheist state has replaced the family as Karl Marx planned.

Even though Karl Marx is long dead his ideals are not just being used as a basis for some new fashion political dogma but are instead being used and taught as gospel in all aspects of human society. Everything from agriculture to psychiatry has some sort of Marx idiom attached to it, he is not deemed as just another rabble rouser but as a prophet. A prophet of who? Marx made several mentions of his allegance to Satan in his personal writings which were meant for a select few, but in the time passed that few has become the many. The many have become self indoctrinated and seek to indoctrinate others like a HIV cell will seek to infect other cells in a bloodstream in order to replicate, even worse the self indoctrinated serve a supposed messiah or moshiach unknown to themselves.

Karl Marx was a jew who converted to Christianity and then renounced it, he was not the first jew to do this and Christianity was not the only religion to have this occur. There is the issue of Sabbatai Tzevi who proclaimed himself to be a moshiach and converted to Islam under force. Tzevis' devotees converted to Islam in name only and still engaged in their Tzevi worship, their descendants are now known as the Doenmeh and the current leader of Turkey (Erdogan) and his wife are said to be Doenmeh. The next moshiach was Jacob Frank of Poland and the very first is said to be Simon Magus from Biblical times, the line has been continuous. It is alleged that there has been continuous reincarnation of the moshiach waiting for the conditions to be right until he can proclaim himself 'king of this world'.

If anyone proclaims themself to be the moshiach, then how would they prove it? As the people of this earth embrace stupidity then it is not of any importance for the moshiach. We are seeing the 'post-truth' society just sprouting now, the past truth is of no relevance now but the 'current' truth is of relevance depending on whether it is fashionable and popular. Even though a past 'truth' has been decided to be false due to popular opinion that does not really matter, what is deemed to matter is how the now discredited truth is now being applied.

Truth is truth regardless of whether or not it is fashionable or popular, truth is truth whether one person believes it or whether no one believes it. A variable is only a variable and not an absolute, a person without absolutes has no core values and will have no will of their own. God gave us freewill, then on what basis do people allow it to be taken away by anyone but God? If they are selling their autonomy and indeed their souls, then what is the price they would sell it for? Or are they just giving it away for free? This is the action of a slave who doesnt know they are a slave, nor cares to know.

So if we start the line of pseudo moshiachs from the time of Simon Magus we will see that it has been continuous. With Magus, Tzevi, Frank, Marx and other frauds we will find that they have in common an adoption of apostasy with no absolutes in addition to a tribal supremacist creed. The fake moshiachs were not the anti-Christ because the conditions for a permanent hold on this earth in this world were not opportune. There always was going to be resistance against any anti-Christ regime, largely by Christianity and this is why Christianity is the main target for extermination or else infiltration by apostasy. What has happened to the Judaism of Moses is now occuring to Christianity and Islam, any order in the Abrahamic faiths is being reversed and embraced. The constant variables are now being held as an absolute truth, it is just like what Hasan of Alamut said "Nothing is true, all is permitted".

When looking at the possible anti-Christ of the current age, we have to see who is arranging the favourable circumstances for such a regime especially on a global basis. The fingers are pointing at George Soros or else one of the Rothchilds, both interfere in global societies to the extent that these societies are losing their differences. In fact one can reasonably claim a global society as a monolithic bloc and this suits Soros as he can view and stategise against it as a single entity. Even though he is a billionaire who functions on making money by ensuring others are destitute, he in fact is held as a role model by 'progressive' forces even though he causes the situations which the progressives supposedly oppose. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis, the likes of Soros and others like him are the arsonists who arrive at the fire they lit as the firemen. And for some unknown reason everyone is thankful to him for extinguishing the fire even though they know he lit it, the more he repeats this scenario the more he measures the consequences and the favourability of the opportunity in which to act.

People will worship Soros either because of his politically correct celebrity, this gives him a fanbase from tribal, racial, sexual identities. Otherwise he caters to those who worship money, and when you look at this he could comand the respect and service of over half the earths population and as his minions continue to reproduce and as his opponents cease reproducing and eventually die off, we will see a planet Soros where all history will be rewritten. This may not even be necessary because as we see the increase of willing stupidity on this earth, then literacy will be forgotten.


Friday 11 November 2016

Clinton Supporters

People in America and worldwide are wondering about how a Trump presidency will impact on the world, such as the economic, political, social and moral factors of his rule. And it is his rule, he doesnt owe anything to anyone unlike Hillary Clinton who has taken 100s of millions if not billions in bribes. I believe she was planning a North Korea type dynasty where after she did eight years she would have handed the presidency to her daughter Chelsea. Its along the lines of how Justin Trudeau is now prime minister of Canada, he did nothing to earn this but rather was born into it and indeed we definitely see second generation politicians in the Western world who have taken these positions because they were raised to believe they are entitled. Yet these same spoiled brats are oblivious to their own hypocrisy when they demand the likes of Bashar Assad be overthrown and killed in the name of 'democracy'.

One has to ask what sort of filth support the likes of Clinton and Trudeau? These are the same sort of people who do have an entitlement mentality, they believe that in due time they will be living the same lifestyle as Clinton and Trudeau because it is their right, their entitlement. They hold a belief in society like normal sane people, but they invert it. It isnt a matter of what they can do for society but rather of what society is or is not doing for them. With the triumph of Trump and the defeat of Clinton we have seen these turds wailing, crying, throwing tantrums, rioting; no doubt they will be organising terrorist type gangs along the lines of Black Lives Matter.

What sort of political or ideological belief motivates them? Although it is quite easy to simply put their beliefs under the column of 'leftist' because they will individually give some sort of marxist based answer as a reply, the simpler explanation is that they are nihilists because they believe in nothing. An easy and bloc mentality that caters for anything and anyone can be summed up as nihilist, you can believe in nothing and have no absolutes to adhere to. If a father doesnt buy his children ice cream does the child say or think that his father is a racist, islamophobe, antisemitic, homophobe, etc? No, the child will throw a tantrum and demand it gets what it wants and this is the mentality of Clinton supporters.

That is what Clinton supporters are; a gang of misbehaving children who will only misbehave as long as they have a 'big kid' leading the gang. Hillary was that big kid, the sort which came from a dysfunctional family where the concept of love, respect and order had no place. More importantly responsibility was totally alien along with loyalty. But a big kid is only a big kid until it gets kicked to the gutter; and thats what Donald Trump did. Like in the Rocky IV film where Drago was expected to beat Rocky in Moscow, or like an arranged fight in primary school where a big kid may be thinking 'Im the biggest, I run the gang, everyone likes me, Im the toughest in school'. So when the big tough popular kid get knocked out by a severe beating then all the kids have to ask 'how did this happen!'. They are not asking a question but are demanding an answer.

When they cannot get an answer they will re-evaluate their own position or else they will continue with their naughty child act, if they want to continue with the act then their position is now worse. Instead of being just a naughty child/wannabe tough guy they have become nothing but a stray feral dog. In turn they will hook up with other stray feral dogs and wander the streets with the priority of filling their stomachs, followed by occasion sex and attacking cats and non feral dogs. And they will be like this until either they are caught and killed by a dog catcher or else leave the pack and hope a human will adopt them. Actually their secret hope would be that a human finds them who offers food and a home at which point they may abandon the pack. Stray and lost dogs want a home, feral dogs might accept a home. But! There is no point in someone taking in a feral dog until it comes to understand the concepts of love, loyalty, order and respect or else it will always turn on them because it expects more for nothing.

This is the situation of Clinton supporters today, they are lost and want a home. But until they understand and participate in the concepts of love, loyalty, order and respect then no-one would ever consider adopting them, taking them into their home, or even feeding them scraps. As in the school the big kid has been beaten up and transferred to another school, the kids are now scared of the new big kid and seek to avoid him or else hope that another big kid comes into the school and beats him up. They believe in violence for the sake of violence because 'thats just the way things are done', much like 'daddy punches mummy because thats what it is'.

The defeated big kid goes to a new school with the stories of how the old school was really bad to her; in due time she will have a small cadre form around her through various favours. Members of the cadre start calling in favours from kids in other schools, start bullying and pressuring kids in their school to join up to fight against big kids old school, and all this becomes an endless cycle of which there is no purpose because the original reasons and kids have long gone and all sorts of myths and legends have filled the void. The now adult kids occasionally reminisce over the 'good old days' and are completely indifferent to the violence and misery which they have incited, any news coverage of violence of their old schools are now deemed funny reality TV along with "Oh wow I can relate to that! Gnarly dude!".

The likes of Robert DeNiro, Katy Perry, that disgusting Amy Schumer and other celebrity arseholes who whined 'oh I gonna leave if Don gets in' were really bellyaching 'expel that kid of we will all leave!'. The fact is the school will get a higher IQ and prestige if those punks leave, or even better - expelled. No one will miss them because no one respects them, they are nothing but snot nosed brats who have to rent 'friends' to appear popular.

Donald Trump was the new kid who KO'd the big kid Clinton and scattered her minions, he grew up and became the headmaster. The reputation of the school can excel if the students are in line with him.