Friday 11 November 2016

Clinton Supporters

People in America and worldwide are wondering about how a Trump presidency will impact on the world, such as the economic, political, social and moral factors of his rule. And it is his rule, he doesnt owe anything to anyone unlike Hillary Clinton who has taken 100s of millions if not billions in bribes. I believe she was planning a North Korea type dynasty where after she did eight years she would have handed the presidency to her daughter Chelsea. Its along the lines of how Justin Trudeau is now prime minister of Canada, he did nothing to earn this but rather was born into it and indeed we definitely see second generation politicians in the Western world who have taken these positions because they were raised to believe they are entitled. Yet these same spoiled brats are oblivious to their own hypocrisy when they demand the likes of Bashar Assad be overthrown and killed in the name of 'democracy'.

One has to ask what sort of filth support the likes of Clinton and Trudeau? These are the same sort of people who do have an entitlement mentality, they believe that in due time they will be living the same lifestyle as Clinton and Trudeau because it is their right, their entitlement. They hold a belief in society like normal sane people, but they invert it. It isnt a matter of what they can do for society but rather of what society is or is not doing for them. With the triumph of Trump and the defeat of Clinton we have seen these turds wailing, crying, throwing tantrums, rioting; no doubt they will be organising terrorist type gangs along the lines of Black Lives Matter.

What sort of political or ideological belief motivates them? Although it is quite easy to simply put their beliefs under the column of 'leftist' because they will individually give some sort of marxist based answer as a reply, the simpler explanation is that they are nihilists because they believe in nothing. An easy and bloc mentality that caters for anything and anyone can be summed up as nihilist, you can believe in nothing and have no absolutes to adhere to. If a father doesnt buy his children ice cream does the child say or think that his father is a racist, islamophobe, antisemitic, homophobe, etc? No, the child will throw a tantrum and demand it gets what it wants and this is the mentality of Clinton supporters.

That is what Clinton supporters are; a gang of misbehaving children who will only misbehave as long as they have a 'big kid' leading the gang. Hillary was that big kid, the sort which came from a dysfunctional family where the concept of love, respect and order had no place. More importantly responsibility was totally alien along with loyalty. But a big kid is only a big kid until it gets kicked to the gutter; and thats what Donald Trump did. Like in the Rocky IV film where Drago was expected to beat Rocky in Moscow, or like an arranged fight in primary school where a big kid may be thinking 'Im the biggest, I run the gang, everyone likes me, Im the toughest in school'. So when the big tough popular kid get knocked out by a severe beating then all the kids have to ask 'how did this happen!'. They are not asking a question but are demanding an answer.

When they cannot get an answer they will re-evaluate their own position or else they will continue with their naughty child act, if they want to continue with the act then their position is now worse. Instead of being just a naughty child/wannabe tough guy they have become nothing but a stray feral dog. In turn they will hook up with other stray feral dogs and wander the streets with the priority of filling their stomachs, followed by occasion sex and attacking cats and non feral dogs. And they will be like this until either they are caught and killed by a dog catcher or else leave the pack and hope a human will adopt them. Actually their secret hope would be that a human finds them who offers food and a home at which point they may abandon the pack. Stray and lost dogs want a home, feral dogs might accept a home. But! There is no point in someone taking in a feral dog until it comes to understand the concepts of love, loyalty, order and respect or else it will always turn on them because it expects more for nothing.

This is the situation of Clinton supporters today, they are lost and want a home. But until they understand and participate in the concepts of love, loyalty, order and respect then no-one would ever consider adopting them, taking them into their home, or even feeding them scraps. As in the school the big kid has been beaten up and transferred to another school, the kids are now scared of the new big kid and seek to avoid him or else hope that another big kid comes into the school and beats him up. They believe in violence for the sake of violence because 'thats just the way things are done', much like 'daddy punches mummy because thats what it is'.

The defeated big kid goes to a new school with the stories of how the old school was really bad to her; in due time she will have a small cadre form around her through various favours. Members of the cadre start calling in favours from kids in other schools, start bullying and pressuring kids in their school to join up to fight against big kids old school, and all this becomes an endless cycle of which there is no purpose because the original reasons and kids have long gone and all sorts of myths and legends have filled the void. The now adult kids occasionally reminisce over the 'good old days' and are completely indifferent to the violence and misery which they have incited, any news coverage of violence of their old schools are now deemed funny reality TV along with "Oh wow I can relate to that! Gnarly dude!".

The likes of Robert DeNiro, Katy Perry, that disgusting Amy Schumer and other celebrity arseholes who whined 'oh I gonna leave if Don gets in' were really bellyaching 'expel that kid of we will all leave!'. The fact is the school will get a higher IQ and prestige if those punks leave, or even better - expelled. No one will miss them because no one respects them, they are nothing but snot nosed brats who have to rent 'friends' to appear popular.

Donald Trump was the new kid who KO'd the big kid Clinton and scattered her minions, he grew up and became the headmaster. The reputation of the school can excel if the students are in line with him.

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