Friday 30 December 2016

Necromancy for today...

With the recent deaths of 'celebrities' we have seen an outpouring of 'grief' (whether legitimate or not) and indeed a type of celebrity worship. So the celebs are dead but with the outpouring of sadness, worship and a type of 'saintness' over them the question to be asked is whether they can 'die' in the immediate term. We still have the likes of Elvis and James Dean worship, I read a claim many years ago that if you play your favourite Elvis song in a dark room with just a candle for light then Elvis will appear for a moment during that song. Is it an old wives tale or is it something else?

As I have said before this earth has been lost, it is no longer Malkuth in Assiah but instead it is Lilith in Tohu, nothing is true and all is permitted. We are seeing the reversal of order, white people are niggers and niggers are gods. This has been planned and atheism has provided the space for this plan to be executed, history and logic are being redefined and rewritten.... and being accepted without any major resistance.

Celebrities have always sought to interfere in our lives, so lets interfere in their deaths. They have the idea that when theyre dead theyre dead and that there are no consequences, this is what they hold true especially now. But what if we could get to them in their last refuge?

"And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them." Revelation 9:6

Looking at the celebrities just recently passed there (from what I see) isnt anyone who would deserve such treatment, it is the living celebrities of today who deserve to be tormented in death. By celebrities this would include politicians and other obnoxious professional bellyachers but this group comes in two flavours, the first being those with ham acting skills who are reasonably attractive and partial to taking their clothes off to get work and publicity. The second are those who seem to know the game and play it with an especial hatred of God, Christianity, white people, heterosexuality (for everyone but themselves). Their outspoken hatred of natural order just happens to be complemented by appearances on TV. The second group demand extortional money for their 'talent' and when the talent isnt there they just have 'talent' redefined and parroted by their groupthink fans who unwittingly approve of the lack of talent of their 'celebrity' idol.

These celebs then spent the money on drugs, medicine and other medical procedures in order to avoid death, some will say it is natural to want to avoid death. Yes but is it natural to be so scared of death that you will use the most unnatural methods to avoid it regardless of the pain involved? These people have a solipsist outlook on life and probably do in all honesty believe the world will end without them. But if they accept the fact they will die they will believe all the rotten things they have done will die with them, and those of their ilk in the media will simply erase their rotteness and the acts they have done and 'reincarnate' and 'rebirth' them in a saint like image. These are the secular saints of today and a look at the likes of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Abbie Hoffman are prime examples.

The secular saints have a problem.... despite how much they are worshipped by atheists and apostates no miracles or interaction comes from them wheras the saints linked to Christian faiths do produce miracles. The Christian saints may be the actual person themself who intercede to God on behalf of the person praying at/to the saint but myself..... I largely doubt it. The miracles can be performed by God directly or the angels indirectly but the interactions with the faithful I suspect are largely performed by djinn. This would explain why the 'saints' can only appear occasionally for a limited time, if the djinn wanted to behave maliciously they would do so but not in the name of a saint. Yet in voodoo we can see loas who are malicious but that is because niggers cater to their maliciousness.

Fact is that there are no miracles or interactions from the secular saints because no djinn wants anything to do with them, they did nothing in life to earn respect and can do nothing in death.
They have no protection from anyone, not God or angels and the djinn will not act on their behalf or for their interests. These celebs have nobody, they wanted hell on earth in order to get their paradise. Well seeing that we are now on Lilith in Tohu then who are we to deny them in death what they spent their lifes trying to achieve?
Now lets make them afraid of both living and dying, that would be hell on earth.

Praise be upon Jehovah who is the God of all existance and the only God in existance

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