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Example of a necromancy ritual

In order to contact a deceased person we must first approach and be approved by God; his name is Jehovah, praise be upon him, his name and his being.
To me the only way to do this is by using the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, although many will be of an opposing opinion and rely on systems which are infiltrated and run by the djinn. I cannot tell anyone to use such things because it cannot bring the deceased to the one performing the necromancy and at best can only convey an opinion of what the deceaseds' reaction would be to a question asked by the necromancer. This is not to say that the words of the djinn are totally false or worthless but they are not the original words of the deceased and therefore the necromancers' question has not been answered in an absolute manner.

As Chokmah governs the zodiac and gives access to the zodiac I believe this is the best option because everyone has a zodiac sign. People can change their names and lie about their age but they cannot alter their zodiac sign because they cannot undo the rotation and orbit of the planets. Although Kether is the highest sephira we must remember that we are going against the commonly accepted order of things as we are not supposed to disturb the dead nor bring them into our word of Assiah. What we will be doing in this ritual is to facilitate a 'channel' of communication in the world of Briah. By doing this in Chokmah in the world of Briah we will 'squelch' the voices of the djinn who may seek to impersonate the deceased or give incorrect or distorted information.

Take note that this is a very serious thing to attempt and must not be done for trivial reasons, the deceased are in a 'suspended animation' until Judgment Day. When and if you get the moment to have your question answered you should remember that all knowledge of the outside world ceased upon their death. In doing necromancy you are only seeking answers for questions that were not answered pertaining to their lives before their death.

Lets look at what the ritual involves.....

1. A space for the ritual to be conducted, it may be a room or it may be an area within a room or it may be anywhere there can be privacy for the ritual. Whatever the area it should be as clean as possible as you get rewarded on your effort over your style. You will need an altar or something that can provide the same service as an altar, whether it be a table, wooden box or any other item. The use of plastic is an utter last option for this sort of thing and I believe you would be better off doing this on the floor/ground as opposed to plastic furniture. You should also sprinkle salt in a line covering the outline of the area, it does not need to be heavy but should be started at due East and go clockwise until completion.

You will also need the following; two grey candles, musk incense and a Bible with psalms. The altar is to face due East and the candles are to be positioned in the same manner as one would find in a Catholic mass. The incense (two sticks or incense pile) is to be between the candles.
And you will have to have handwritten notes as to how the ritual is to be conducted and what will be said, you should also have an estimate as to how long the ritual will be in order for it to be conducted within the planetary hour.

2. When your timing is decided the ritual will then begin....

Walk into the area (clockwise), until you are at the back of the area and facing East (with sufficient room to outstretch your arms behind you).
Turn to the west clockwise, outstretch you hands and arms and make a sharp clap and say:"Begone afar unholy ones and do not interfere or disrupt this ritual to my God who is the God of all without exception"
Turn clockwise to the East

Walk into the centre of the room, have the palms of your hands together at chest level as though you are going to dive in a pool or opening curtains.
Stretch your arms forward and bring your right foot forward as though you are entering through heavy curtains, as you do open your arms open and bring your left foot forward to meet your right.
Take a further step forward using both feet, you should be facing East still. Now do the Kabbalistic cross

Say: "For thou are powerful and eternal O Lord, the God of All whose unity is one as revealed by Abraham"  - Have your forearms and palms raised while your upper arms are kept vertical as though your are making an offering.

3. Now fall upon your knees and put the palms of your hands on the floor and place your forehead on the floor as well.
Now make the sign of the zelator
Say: Open the astral gates and may my rite be witnessed

Stand up, (you should be in front of your altar) come to where your candles and incense are, here you can drop to your knees if you have no table/altar arrangment set up.

4. Next you will light the candles [2 candles], first the right and then the left during which you will say "Unto light" (as you light the right candle) "Is added light" (as you light the left) after that light the incense [if you are using incense sticks start with the right then the left, again 2 will be fine, if you are not using sticks then light as normal]

Say: "O God who is worthy of utter devotion I call upon you"  - Have your forearms and palms raised while your upper arms are kept vertical as though your are making an offering.

Pause for a moment then

In the sephira of Chokmah [pronounced Hokmah, the 'ch' is pronounced like the Scottish loch] in the world of Briah [Bree-Ahh]
I call upon you Yah
I call upon you Jah
I call upon you Yod Heh
I also call upon you ArchAngel Ratziel
I ask that you witness my plea and my petition

6. [Now that you have called on Jah and Ratziel personally you must introduce yourself]
I am [your full name]
I was born on the [date] of [month] [year] at [time] in (town/city) of (the state) in the country of (nation)
I seek to present this ritual, my prayer and my request to you and ask that you listen to and accept it and that a favourable outcome be granted to me by the grace of the Devotion of God who is the Most High

[Note you are not praying to the ArchAngel but you are making a request to the God aspect of Chokmah who is Yah]

I offer psalm for your consideration, to praise God who deserves devotion by his creations and to worship God the Most High

(Here offer a psalm but remember it will consume time, you should give one that is devotional)

7. Next you will give a case for what you want, essentially you will be presenting in the same manner as a court case before a judge. Explain what you want to ask the deceased and why you want to ask the question. You must also positively identify the person you wish to speak to in the same manner as you identified yourself.
After presenting your case you might feel inclined to offer another psalm or prayer.

But bear in mind the fact that you have to end the ritual with certain actions and words. This is why you should time a 'practice run' of what you plan to do (as in timing of words and not a mock ritual!).
As in a court case you requests should be short, sharp and direct and indeed honest, there is no point in whining, bellyaching, self pity and 'embellishing the truth'
Be honest, open and frank.

8. After you have finished you now end the ritual:

Praise be upon you God who is worthy of utter devotion
Praise be upon you Yah
Praise be upon you Jah
Praise be upon you Yod Heh
Praise be upon you who is the God aspect of Chokmah
Blessings be upon you Ratziel for you are his faithful servant
I have presented my case to ask for this opportunity and I am a servant of the Most High
I thank you both for listening to what I have had to say
Thank you
Blessings be upon you (then bow)
May there be peace between us and never any ill will
I bid you hail and farewell Yah
I bid you hail and farewell Jah
I bid you hail and farewell Yod Heh
I bid you hail and farewell Ratziel
To all those who witnessed this ritual I bid you hail and farewell

* Extinguish the candles, you can use a spoon upside down for this

9. Do the kabbalistic cross
Next while standing upright you stretch out your right arm horizontally (like a Hitler salute)

Hail and farewell God the Most High
Hail and farewell Angels and Arch Angels
Hail and farewell those who have observed this rite
Blessings be upon all of you
Hail and farewell


Now you take a backstep with your right foot followed by the left while at the same time 'closing the curtains' in essence reversing how you 'entered the curtains'. You are to leave the room moving in a clockwise motion. When you leave the room you can close the door because the ritual is complete, give it a minute or 2 before re-entering if you want/have to.


Remember this is an example of what a ritual may look like, whether you choose to use this ritual or else use it as a basis for one of your own is up to you and your responsibility. I am not you or in your situation and do not 'jus wanna guess' about your needs

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