Thursday 12 January 2017

Necromancy re animation

This is a continuance of the Dark Series concerning necromancy

I will be delving into re animation, that is taking back the souls of the deceased on to this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah). This isnt about trying to 'resurrect' loved ones but is instead to be targeted at criminals who think that they get a free pass by dying. I especially want to target serial killer sex offenders, in particular those who murder children.

Remember that this earth in this world is no longer Malkuth in Assiah but is Lilith in Tohu where nothing is true and all is permitted. While people might say that this is 'black' magic I say it is not; I also say that people who would condemn me for what I publish contribute more to advancing the cause of Moloch than I ever could or indeed would. The indifference and acceptance by so called christians (or correctly called 'xtians') of atheism and apostasy is more infinitely evil than anything that I could imagine.


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