Tuesday 19 May 2015

Looking at this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah) we should examine the relationship of Tebhel (the inanimate physical aspect of Earth such as rocks, dirt etc) to Cheled (the spiritual aspect which is contained within animate beings). An example question would be 'Why is gold valuable?'. Gold doesnt mean anything to cats, dogs, fish etc. It is only valuable to humans because humans have deemed it to be so, apart from some electrical and jewelery aspects it is not a requirement for physical animation.

So what makes it so valuable? Is it just the oldest yuppie fashion trend of all time? Or was it desired for some other purpose? Whatever its value the fact is that people have murdered for it and continue to do so.

In Kabbalah gold is the metal associated with the Sun and therefore the sephira of Tiphareth, but in practical application it is the colour gold that is required for ritual. From my experience the actual metal of gold is not required as the use of the colour is sufficient because it is a symbolic link between Tebhel and Cheled. The colour gold is made from Tebhel but it has no value until it is applied in Cheled and even then its value is symbolic.

But as the component of Cheled is being discarded by market societies on a collective herdthink basis regardless of the personal beliefs of individuals within that society, we are seeing the purely physical aspect of Tebhel overwhelming Cheled. And we see the result in the behaviour of collective society, Tebhel is inanimate and it has no native or inherant moral behaviour by design or default. Dirt and rocks have no concept of right and wrong or good and evil. Now it seems people are choosing to be the same way in return for personal gain which is gained from Tebhel and facilitated by the 'rebel regime' of Lilith.

What good is it if a man gains the whole world and yet loses his soul?
But as atheism continually infects the world, being propagated by those who gain financial reward from doing so (ever known a poor atheist?). The issue of Cheled has been disregarded, the thing to note is that Cheled is not only made from the souls/spirits of those with a physical presence on earth but also those who have none - that being the demons. As humans increasingly refuse to believe in spirituality and matters of the soul and have no faith in the God of Abraham and rather transfer that faith into the value of money and their personal gain then they by their own actions have sold or more correctly given away their soul for nothing.

As with the colour gold being used to establish a symbolic link between the physical and the spiritual, we now see 'money' being used to establish a symbolic link between the spiritual and the physical. After all is not money symbolic? How is its value calculated or decided? In all reality a dollar note regardless of numerical 'value' is not of higher or lower value at any given time than an Abramelin magic square. The power of both comes from their symbolism.

In this day and age people still continue to live and die by their symbols. If you spray paint the picture of a big dick on a wall people will probably just say 'punk kids' and wont really worry about it. However if you spray paint a big swastika it becomes another matter, a type of herdthink mania erupts with people wailing and screaming for instant action even though the actual physical damage done by the spray can is the same in both pictures. Demons have a moral code regardless of Tebhel, humans seemingly do not.

As people lose their individuality and embrace collective willing stupidity and become a souless monolithic bloc. It can be quite realistic to picture Ha-Satan and company having a celebratory song along the lines of......

And indeed it would be for the only spirituality would be Satanic by default..... and if youre still alive if this were ever to come true, then its gonna suck to be you

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