Monday 4 May 2015

Sex and Demons

Just continuing on with my writing about demons and how they can act on this earth in this world, actually I was listening to the radio when the Kate Bush song 'Wuthering Heights' came on. It was mentioned that the basis of the song was the story of a ghost named Cathy who was trying to get into the house of her ex lover named Heathcliffe. Kate Bush wrote the song at the age of 16 or 18 based on a bit in the Bronte book 'Wuthering Heights', anyway it inspired me to write this.

It makes me wonder if demons have managed to bonejack people in order to have relationships with others they have taken a desire or even love to. Although we often hear stories of obsessive whackjobs stalking and even killing a 'love interest' we dont really hear of stories of what may seem like a utter devotion in relationships that are actually based on love rather than money or 'I got married because I couldnt do any better'. Are there plenty of those relationships? Yes I'm sure there are but they dont seem to get any publicity these days and do seem to be on a downward decline.

Although Angels and Demons may be deemed to be of both sexes, the fact is that this assumption as to being male or female is generally based on two things. The first being the name and the second being their natures as recorded by the relatively few magicians who have evoked/summoned these beings. It does seem to be that only a few of known demons are female, but that only applies to known demons in general magic texts.

Still, seeing as the issue of physical sex, genitalia and indeed the relationships between physical beings is... or should be only relevent to this earth in this world, we are seeing this situation not being tipped on its head but actually reversed. We see this in the increase of gays, lesbians and transexuals and even 'intersexuals/non sexuals' but not only that but also an increase in their relationships with and within the general society. With this situation increasing is it not reasonable to ask what the cause is?

Sure we can just put it down to all manner of perverts, criminals, political traitors and so on, but it is quite simplistic to say it is purely all physical. Remember thoughts, causes and creeds are not purely physical in themselves, the motivations and applications of them may be physical but the actual belief is not.

So should we be really asking is are these 'freaks' actually bonejacked people? With the increase in atheism, sociopathy and indeed the addiction to drugs that cause psychosis are not these people viable candidates for bonejacking? However we have to take into consideration that demons do have a sense of right and wrong, it is the homegrown man molded scumbags who are the main cause of degenerate activities. And it is because of the refusal of religious clergy to discuss such things that we do not acknowledge these things and therefore cannot recognise it or them. And the procession of bullshit fairytale 'occult' books doesnt help either...

[the same can apply to angels but they are not native to assiah]

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