Tuesday 19 May 2015

Moral relativism of evil

Moral relativism of evil

As this earth in this world continues to continue with its devolution amongst its human population it seems that all moral standards and judgments are increasingly fluid. 'Whats true for you is true for you and whats true for me is true for me' is now a standard application for every person, especially for those who consider themselves 'enlightened' or 'progressive'. Compassion is deemed to be a psychological fault and mercy is an action committed by the weak and pitiful, unless those things are done for financial gain then it cannot be ever excused. This is the result of the market society where everything and everyone is for sale or at least for rent, this includes ones morals, body and emotions. The value of a life now has a dollar value that anyone will pay for it at any given time.

People now hold contradictory beliefs as being simultaneously true depending on the following;
1. Who they are proclaiming a particular belief to
2. The time or 'moment' when they proclaim that belief
3. The market value of the belief as to the person who they proclaim the belief to and the time of proclaiming that belief.

If you own the moment then you will also own the person and get maximum profit, in order to own the person, moment, or profit you will have to have own the other 2 in order to proclaim the ownership of the 3rd one.

You may ask how this is being applied on this earth in this world, well you also have to add 'at this current time'. If we look at the 'blood money' payments which allows one to murder as long as they are rich enough to pay for the inconveniance that such a murder may cause to the society in which the parties involved reside in. This can be seen in Saudi Arabia today but it is important to note that blood money payments also reigned in European societies during the middle ages. And as the nobility of the middle ages sought to keep others in a lesser position for power and fun, we see the Saudi royalty who seek to keep non royals and especially the shiites. Whether it be official or not what we are seeing is a caste system such as in India, the only difference between previous caste systems of various societies compared to today is the application. For all the violence we see occuring all over the world the fact is that most people submit to other humans of a higher market value and this is their choice.

You are more likely to be enslaved by those of the same race as you than by wahhabis, if a wahhabi wants to enslave you he will come after you with a gun or a sword. However in the west we essentially are turning into the bonded labour society that you usually hear about in India or Pakistan, as debt is encouraged to maintain lifestyles of decreasing value. And as western governments increase taxes to pay debts on which the same governments take further loans on, and as the same governments seek to change the right of inheritance so as to prevent any inheritor to get anything of positive value but instead seek to pass debts off (eg. Children inheriting the debts of their parents etc. As has been known to happen in the Indian caste system). As for eroding anything of positive value one might inherit? Take note that Britain has an inheritance tax and like all taxes will no doubt increase.

Is this not what Karl Marx advocated?
.....And who did Karl Marx serve?

Whats true for me is true for me...... until you pay me to believe otherwise

I suppose a question to ask is 'What is the market value of evil at this current time?'

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