Tuesday 5 May 2015

Another way to help ascertain the 'gender' of a demon is by their name, the way to do this can be done by using an alphabetical system. I will put forward the Enochian way but one must take into factor that it is not a purely phonetic way in pronounciation.
For example..... the word VOVIN (meaning dragon) is pronounced voh-vee-neh
So I will list the Enochian alphabet with its gender and descriptive attribute.

A [Un] (Ah) Male - spiritual, wings
B [Pe] (Beh) Male - active
C,K [Veh] (Keh) Male - big, strong
D [Gal] (Deh) Female - beautiful, attractive
E [Graph] (Air) Female - fierce, firey
F [Orth] (Eff/Feh) Male - heavy, clumsy
G [Ged] (Geh) Female - beautiful, changing
H [Na-hath] (Heh) Female - undefined
I,J,Y [Gon] (Ee) Female - delicate
L [Ur] (Ell) Female - graceful
M [Tal] (Em) Female - reflective, dreamlike
N [Drun] (En/Neh) Male - dark, determined
O [Med] (Oh) Male - mechanical
P [Mals] (Peh) Female - fierce, resolute, strong
Q [Ger] (Kooh) Female - thoughtful, intelligent
R [Don] (Reh/Rah/Ar) Male - heavy
S [Fam] (Ess/Seh) Male - proud, dominant
T [Gisa] (Teh) Male - fierce, active
U,V,W [Vau] (Woo/Voh) Male - dark
X [Pal] (Tzeh) Male - expressive, thin
Z [Ceph] (Zod/Zed) Male - thin, intelligent

So in the above we have the roman letters, then the name of the Enochian letter [] and then the pronounciation (). The pronounciation of Enochian words depends on the place of the letters within the word.
eg. AXIR - Ah-tzee-ar, MPH-ARSL-GAIOL - Em-peh-heh Ar-ess-el Gah-ee-oh-leh and so on. Bear in mind that the Enochian language became used by upper class Brits in the Goldern Dawn Order so the way you and I may pronounce this may be a bit different to how we might. The general rule is to pronounce in a continuous way rather than staggered, sort of like singing poetry.

Although this was listed to describe Enochian Angels it should be quite valid to apply it to Enochian Demons. There is a similar way to get a description with the Hebrew alphabet but from what ive seen of it, the Enochian way seems to be more descriptive. But there does seem to be some Hebrew elements in the Enochian system.

So the above is just for rudimentary study and should not be accepted as a 100% way to positively get a description of any demons....

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