Friday 1 July 2016

The Last Pope: A useful idiot

Without any doubt this earth in this world has entered into a new era which cannot maintain the status quo. We see telltale signs with current events, its not just things such as terrorism or the doings of politicians and celebrities which are touted as priorities on the media. The continuous constant fracturings occuring in all aspects of life in our societies and subsocieties has produced a 'reality' without any absolutes, it is just as Hassan of Alamut said when nothing is true then all is permitted.

And thus it is, there are no absolute rights and wrongs or cases of true and false. Now there is just butchers and cattle, masters and slaves, the haves and the have nots. And the situation the 'winner' has to their advantage may only be temporal depending on who their allies are, this is the result of moral relativism. Corruption and gangsterism is now the order of the day and all are under its rule whether practical or titular, it affects the highest to the lowest in all fractured societies and all fractions within them. Atheism, maltheism, misotheism, hypocrisy and solipsism are now the acceptable religions because the Tree of Death has become completed, Tebhel and Cheled have been taken by the house of Satan, Malkuth in Assiah is now Lilith in Tohu.

Although people would like to see it in a matter of politics, economics and social networking because in doing so it maybe somewhat comprehended by them in order to survive within that system, the fact is that it is a matter of religion, faith and God. On top of that it is also a matter of dealing with the enemies of God, this is the Tree of Death where the virtues and vices of the Tree of Life has been reversed and are being applied. We see the results of this everyday, people would be able to understand this if not for the infiltration and sabotage of the religions and faiths which have been corrupted to the extent that has made its fanbase become practicing atheists. One might be tempted to call them apostates, but the only thing that prevents one from calling them that is the fact that they donot recognise the apostasy they practice.

There are many problems, there are many monsters in this picture. There are so many monsters who are motivated by so many differing desires that one cannot slay them in a single heroic effort, but there no dishonour in slaying them one at a time.

Which brings me to this monster, a useful idiot without concept of honour or dignity and whose only faith is stupidity and whose only creed is hypocrisy. His words and acts are a declaration of war against the only God, the only God as revealed by Abraham. His deeds and indeed every breath he takes are acts of war against Christianity and the belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the personification of a human soul draining leech; His name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio otherwise known as Pope Francis.

I will just refer to him as Bergoglio as all the Popes before him were of a much finer calibre than he could ever possibly hope to be despite whatever flaws they had. With Bergoglio we are dealing with a moral relativist who will hold diametrically opposed views as being simultaneously true, he will preach a message in one country and then fly into another and preach the complete opposite. His vision of a wide church which can actually be said to be a one world church means that he has invited everyone and anyone in. He has consistantly negotiated the Roman Catholic faith and compromised its principles which we see in the way he has invited atheists into his fold, the results of which can be seen in his moral relativism. An example of this is where he has invited homosexuals into the church while supposedly adhering to traditional family values. Under Bergoglio the church has reportedly sought to increase the number of exorcists within its ranks and yet he never talks about occult matters and is quite content with redefining these issues in a secular context which can only be resolved in a secular context.

In doing so he can justify and implement his selective memory, by doing so he can avoid dealing with the prophecy of St. Malachy and his followers can avoid asking questions relating to this. The prophecy of St. Malachy is that from the time that St. Malachy recieved the prophecy that there would be 112 more Popes before the Catholic church fell and the 112th Pope would be the last Pope. The 112th Pope from the time of Malachy is Bergoglio and the acts, words, and hypocrisy of Bergoglio indicate that the prophecy is true and will be fulfilled. If he wants to repudiate this then he will have to declare St. Malachy a liar which then begs the question that if he was a liar then how did he become a saint? If Bergoglio were to declare that St. Malachy is a liar then the sainthood of all the saints would have to be reviewed. If it is declared that it is the line of succession that has been the cause of confusion regarding this matter then the issue regarding Cardinal Siri also known as Pope Gregory the XVII would also have to be reviewed. This specifically refers to the 1958 conclave in which Cardinal Siri was allegedly elected Pope after the death of Pope Pius XII.

Bergoglio seeks to invite all Christian churches to 'meld' into the Catholic faith, he is deemed to be the defacto head of the Catholic world and views non-Catholic churches to be merely rebels or having lost their way. He sees the way to do this is on political or corporate terms not on a spiritual basis, the Roman Catholic church is portrayed as the corporate office and the non Roman Catholic churches are portrayed as independant franchises who are operating as rogues and who need to be brought back to the fold and control of the head office. As it stands the independant churches that cannot be bought or forced to return to the fold would have to be declared different religions via technicallity, and to do this there has to be a greater claim of or else renouncement of the tenets of Christianity. One side has to redefine Christianity to such an extent that it can no longer be defined as Christian on a technical basis. We see now that the Roman Catholic church is subject to claims that it is no longer a Christian faith but rather one of Maryology due to what seems to be the veneration and worship of the Virgin Mary over that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

With Roman catholics now seeming more refering to Bergoglio as the 'holy father' and Bergoglio refering to the church as a feminine mother type entity we are seeing the Virgin Mary being seen as a personification of the Roman Catholic church and the Lord Jesus Christ is now deemed a 'child' of the church and Bergoglio is the father. What we are seeing is a reversal of order and any self proclaimed Christian church engaging in this sort of behaviour can no longer be called Christian because the Lord Jesus Christ is deemed to be subject to the authority of the Vatican or at least equal to it. As Bergoglio is declared the 'holy father', the church is declared by Bergoglio to be the feminine entity, as Jesus Christ is now 'just a man' and the Holy Spirit is seldom mentioned or else deemed to be an assistant of the church; Then the issue of God gets pushed out of any concern to what the actual church stands for, instead by default it seems the 'god' of the Vatican hierachy is a type of pantheism and not the God of the Lord Jesus Christ or any current or previous Bible prophet in either the New or Old Testaments. With the pantheism we can no longer say that the Roman Catholic churches that adhere to the direct word of Bergoglio are Christian. Bergoglio have written and published prayers which are held as perfect by his followers, in fact we are not seeing members of a Christian faith but fanatics of a personality cult.

If Bergoglio believes himself to be the highest entity of the Roman Catholic church (if not indeed all churches) then what are the positions of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary? On what basis are they to be worshipped and venerated? Are they declared to be higher and above the church? No, whatever their origins they are now the property of the church and this explains why Bergoglio and his ilk seek to take possession of non Roman Catholic churches. They and their members are deemed to be criminals not only because they wont submit to Bergoglio and the Vatican apparatchiks, but also because they are engaged in trademark and copyright violations.

But ultimately Bergoglio sees himself as the highest authority on this earth, you may ask how does he view other non Christian religions? Well my offhand opinion would be that he regards them as unattended business gone bad and this is why he seeks to draw them all in.... under his control. Although you might point the finger and say Bergoglio is a solipsist, myself I wouldnt go that far - at least not yet. If he did have a 'god on earth' complex he wouldnt feel the need to try and draw other religions in to absorb them or else be absorbed, it would be hard for him to find fault in those other religions when those other religions would easily find fault in the way that he leads the Roman Catholic church. They would point and say that his religion goes against the original teachings of Jesus Christ with things such as Maryology and the papacy which deems the Pope to be a proxy (if not overriding) authority for God on this earth, which is the exact description of what the Pope and Vatican claim that position to be... god on this earth.

Looking at the 2 other (kind of) Abrahamic faiths, those being Judaism and Islam; Bergoglio needs to find a serial unity in order to draw them in. He can no longer offer anything from a Christian perspective both in fact and to actually compromise, he has to redefine Jesus Christ in order to make him acceptable to both religions and yet make it as a unifying centrepiece.

Hence the Roman Catholic church can no longer call itself a Christian church but should call itself what it really is - a chiliastic church.

Chiliasm is Bergoglios' solution, with chiliasm Bergoglio can tell his cult captives to continue to worship Jesus and Mary.

He can tell the Jews that his cult worships Jesus and Mary not because of anything to do with God, but rather to them both being Jews. He can then tell the Muslims that the worship of Jesus and Mary in his cult is not really worship but a fetish because the Christ aspect of Jesus no longer has any bearing and thus at best he can only be a prophet. Mary is just being honoured for being the mother of Jesus and nothing else and if in doubt they should ask the Jews and the Jews will confirm this. It is a serial line of Judaism-Christianity-Islam, so officially nothing has changed, but technically these 3 'faiths' have been united under chiliasm. So as these 3 religions have separated from each other to the extent that it seems impossible to believe they came from a common ancestor, Bergoglio will be the hero of the hour doing everything he can to unite them. He will portray himself as the most unselfish person to ever walk the earth, he is so self sacrificing that he will even give up and end the papacy to do it. From that his name will be praised as the last Pope, as a Muslim saint and as a warrior for Tiqqun Olam. And people will pray to an undefined god in order to bless him.

Bergoglios' chiliasm can cater to everyone as it will certainly be accepted by xtian zionists, Jesus without the Christ aspect will be accepted by Buddhists and the fetish aspect will be accepted by Hindus and all schismatic sects from all global religions. It will be accepted by atheists with pronouncements that Jesus is just a man like everyone else, he will be everything to everyone but yet mean nothing to no one. Then the issue of UFOs and alien life can and probably will come into it and with Bergoglios' machinations he can make Jesus a key centrepoint of the various religions by using texts such as the Urantia book to justify his views on any current situation. He can claim that demons are just misunderstood aliens, claim that the chaos that results from the public appearance and interaction of demons/aliens with the global human public is just the tribulation and on top of that if any rapture were to occur he can just say that the disappeared people were taken by aliens to live with them on their own planets.

One might ask where does the concept of God come into all of this? And again the pantheist 'god' answers this, without any set absolute value this 'god' can cater to anyone in the manner that they wish to see it. To an atheist it will be the impersonal aspect of space, cycles and time, in the same way a Buddhist or Jain would percieve it. To everyone else it might be something that is personal to them and them alone, one could venture and say that this would lead to a mass solipsism and this would lead to an utter chaos. In such a world there could truly not be any judgment of right and wrong because how would such things be judged? No one could say that there is an absolute god in such a world because everyone would have a 1/7000000000th of a say in how this god would act and a singular absolute god in this context would be a contradiction of terms. The multitude of personal absolute truths being held as true while being diametrically opposed or at the very least just opposed to each other results in moral relativism and a case of 'whats true to you is true to you and whats true to me is true to me'. The end result of this will be nothing is true, all is permitted; Welcome to Lilith in Tohu.

We have to ask the reasons that would motivate someone like Bergoglio to gamble everything for one chance for what?
A world unifying religion? You have the likes of the Bahais unifying all faiths because their tenets can be expandable to adjust for these faiths and they dont have dogma per se. The Roman Catholic faith is riddled with dogma and seemingly none of it is to do with purely spiritual matters but rather to do with governance of the church, the clergy and the congregations.

If the church would invite questions from non catholics to clarify and answer them, then in theory all faiths would find they have more in common than what opportunist spokesmen from those faith are telling their members. But the vatican is its own nation and it can never be questioned and certainly not compelled to answer all questions but maybe a select few. In fact Bergoglio doesnt actually issue press releases but instead this is the dominion of the vatican press office, and yet another question is if Bergoglio is the head of the vatican state then on what authority or indeed non authority does the vatican press office issue press releases on his personal behalf? And why do they do it?

Is it a matter of official protocol or is it something else? Examining what Bergoglio has said and continues to say at differing times, saying things that are contradictory and yet held as being simultaneously true one has to question the mental faculties of Bergoglio as they should be done to any head of state or any head of religion whether they be practical or titular. I've come up with the following possibilities:
1. These are just his personal idiosyncracies and in no way reflect his mental state
2. He is displaying the symptoms of senility/alzheimers/dementia
3. He has a mental illness of some sort
4. He has a physical condition which requires him to use narcotics which reflects in his actions
5. He is just a body being used by various demons in a routine based on planetary and/or zodiacal hours
6. He is just an arsehole

I have never met or examined any medical records pertaining to Bergoglio so I wont make any judgment or pronounciation on his current state. All I will do is comment on the points:
1. Quite possible
2. Another possibility but he does seem to be able to function enough to do public appearances and meet with other heads of state. But we can only observe what the media cares to make public
3. Again possible but this would most likely have been a lifelong condition and would have prevented him from being considered for the position of pope
4. Again possible
5. Again possible as his persona seems to change with his contradictory announcements
6. Again possible

I think what would be more telling in relation to these points would be the knowledge of his assistants, what they do and who they are.

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