Monday 25 July 2016

End Time for cucks

It really and truly does seem that the End Times are finally here; With recent global events regarding terrorism, crime, corruption, moral bankruptcy and what seems to be an infinite deluge of degeneracy it is obvious that this world will soon drown. When the water receeds then this earth (Tebhel & Cheled) will be remolded in the image of the one who holds it. As for the 'drowned' well who would really care? It seems that a select few can swim with the current or even swim against it but everyone else is stagnant, just treading water and going nowhere. Those who are not content to 'just tread water' believe that they will reach a destination or just hope to go somewhere, whereas the 'water treaders' will go nowhere and eventually drown.

We are now on the Tree of Death, Malkuth in Assiah is now Lilith in Tohu, those who believe in God as revealed by Abraham are now living behind enemy lines. On an earth out of balance in a world without balance; Tebhel is now dominant over Cheled, money decides morality, God is just an allegory, a true faith is now just mythological creed, religions are remolded and re-engineered into political ideologies. In fact we now live on an earth and in a world where nothing is true and all is permitted.

People just tread water while telling lies to themselves that they are going somewhere, they hypnotise and convince themselves that this is true. And when they have the moments where they realise that they are going nowhere they will call out to God to save them, the same God they dont believe exists. Just like the cucks in Europe who lie to themselves in believing pseudo-refugees will mold with them in some sort of 'united greater humanity' when the only thing these fake refugees intend to mold is these cucks into the dirt. These are the same cucks who will proudly proclaim the lie that there is no God and at the very same time will proclaim that jews are Gods' chosen.

Treason to ones nation is now deemed to be loyalty to ones earth, there is no spirit to their beliefs it is just a 'physical' mental decision based on the hormones and chemicals in their brain. As for the ideologies and creeds that push them into this direction? Well... thats just social altruism because all people are equal in humanity regardless of ones physical construction in regards to physiology or melanin or intelligence or inherant being. No, it doesnt matter whether or not you are a sociopath or psychopath because we are all equal... and if you disagree you will be physically punished until you conform.

If you oppose 'progressive social norms' because you are a thug by nature with a non absolute moral system, then you will be dealt with leniantly because you are a 'spiritual' problem and redeemable. If you oppose 'progressive social norms' because you believe they are inheritantly wrong and corrupt because who hold a moral belief system that is absolute, then you are unredeemable and will be dealt with in a sadistic brutal manner because you are the problem - a physical problem that can only be dealt with in a physical way. But if you hold no moral values or have no absolutes in the socio-progressive creed that you publically proclaim yourself to believe for the present time, then you have 'evolved' but you are no longer human but rather an organic robot that has no will of its own and can be programmed at any given time.

We have no stewardship over the earth but rather the concerns of the earth have stewardship over us, we no longer have individual autonomy but instead a collective humanity groupthink where we do not matter as individuals but only as politically correct progressive social castes. We have a global mindset where people will swear utter allegiance to celebrities who care nothing for them and yet will insult, decieve and abuse the families that have always supported them at every situation. If you show devotion to God then you will be ridiculed for worshiping someone that allegedly doesnt exist and told that your 'spiritual' belief is irrational. And at the same time you will be told that the worship of money is perfectly rational even though at least 90% of money doesnt exist in physical form.

We are being indoctrinated to believe that everything is purely physical in existance, if that is true then it stands to reason that it can be empirically measured. But how does one measure evil? Sure, we can observe the acts of implementing evil but how does one measure the original impetus behind it? It cannot be said to be physical, todays so called 'leaders, politicians and celebrities' are operating from the same playbook. They operate on the same level as sociopaths and psychopaths who see everyone as a willing victim, they see themselves as butchers and everyone else as cattle. We can see this as the 'frog in the pot' example, we are seeing and living the 'reversal of order'... and the water is just about to boil.

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