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The curse of chiliasm

The curse of chiliasm

What is chiliasm? It is a jewish heresy that has become ingrained into Christianity, originally it was a prophecy regarding the endtimes. However as judaism is for jews only (by maternal bloodline) we can say that the prophecy was for jews only and only concerned the ancient Israelite world of the time. That prophecy came true in 70AD when the Romans destroyed the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem and destroyed the geneology records and that should be the end of the subject about that particular prophecy, but as we see it is reinfecting the dying body of Christianity much in the same way as HIV.

It is now being propagated by the likes of Zionist Apostate Xtians (I refuse to call these parasites Christian as there is nothing remotely Christian about them; I call them ZAX) as well as nutjob cults who are all headed by some loon who thinks he is Jesus and the followers regard them as such. It is also in the interests of the state of Israel and jewish zionists in general to ensure this propagation for political and financial ends instead of religious ones. Either by stupidity, gulliability or just plain corruption the ZAX have adopted this expired jewish heresy and seek to make it a current viable prophecy in Christianity, they propagate the idea that it is the purpose of Christians to serve the state of Israel, to serve zionism and to serve jews. ZAX seek to redefine Christianity from a faith that believes in Jesus Christ into one that serves jews, zionists and Israel (a type of unholy trinity really...) despite the fact that these three entities are largely atheist and that any spiritual aspect in them is pantheist. Modern judaism cannot be said to be an Abrahamic faith or a Mosaic faith as those who call themselves jews are not descendants of Abraham, Moses or even their tribes or even those of ancient Israel.

Todays jews are infact descendants of converts such as the askhenazim who are descendants of georgian and chechen converts, the same applies to sephardim who are descendants of Berber and Iberian converts. You also have various subsaharan africans claiming to be jews, as well as cochini (Indian) jews and even self proclaimed jews in China. These grubs are not semitic in the slightest but are just filth looking for easy money, a free trip to Israel, an Israeli passport and a springboard to Europe.

The only jews who have some claim to Israel are the Falashas and Musawis, the Falashas are Ethiopian jews who have a miniscule claim due to being descendants of the kingdom of the Queen of Sheba but the line of descendance is so remote that it no longer counts. The Musawi on the other hand are indeed recognised as having a right to live in Israel, but only by the Palestine Liberation Organisation charter that recognises them as Palestinians of the Judaist faith. However neither the jewish state of Israel nor ZAX recognises them as ethnic arabs who practice the judaist faith but instead has deemed them to be sephardic jews even though there is no bloodline connection. To claim that sephardic jews and Musawis are the same people is the same as saying Spanish and Italians are the same people because they look kinda similiar and use the same alphabet. As bigoted as this is, the ZAX will claim that it is a holy duty of all Christians to believe this because the jews said so (despite the fact they are not descendants of ancient Israelites or even believe in God, and if they do its not the same one everyone else believes in).

So let us examine the two key figures of ZAX chiliasm as well see it today (at this point I want to give credit to Brother Nathanael whose YouTube clips about zionist xtians are certainly worth watching), those two figures are John Nelson Darby and Cyrus Scofield. Their innane and opportunistic rantings are the backbone of ZAXism today which are being peddled by John Hagee.

John Nelson Darby
This guy started off in the Church of Ireland but later left to become involved in the Plymouth Brethren and from there he founded the Exclusive Brethren. His spin was his personal take on dispensationalism and futurism which is now held as 'the rapture' but pre-tribulation rapture theology was what he peddled with the Plymouth Brethren. His crankery increased with the invention of the telegraph which he saw as an invention of Cain and a harbinger of Armageddon and a definite sign that the end of the world was coming.

I'll just paste in this bit from the wikipedia page about Darby....
Dispensationalist beliefs about the fate of the Jews and the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Israel put dispensationalists at the forefront of Christian Zionism, because "God is able to graft them in again," and they believe that in His grace he will do so according to their understanding of Old Testament prophecy.

So here we have Darby stating that for whatever reason that prophecy from the Old Testament regarding jews must be given priority because that is what God wants according to their (brethren) understanding. Is Darby saying that he and his stooges/captives know what God is going to do before God does? This sort of megalomania is quite evident when one examines the Exclusive Brethren.
At best this can be described as heresy or else it is better described as a personality cult which passes for xtian.

Cyrus Scofield
The author of the Scofield Reference Bible which is the indoctrination book of ZAX, although ZAX would like to portray Scofield as an enlightened progressive scholar the fact is the truth is quite opposite.
Cyrus Scofield was actually:
A drunk
A bigamist - he deserted his 1st wife and 2 children, the wife sued for divorce on grounds of desertion but Scofield actually remarried before the divorce was finalised.

And we have this as well from wikipedia....
In 1871, Scofield was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives, first from Atchison for one year and then from Nemaha County for a second. In 1873 he worked for the election of John J. Ingalls as senator from Kansas, and when Ingalls won, the new senator had Scofield appointed U. S. District Attorney for Kansas—at 29, the youngest in the country. Nevertheless, that same year Scofield was forced to resign "under a cloud of scandal" because of questionable financial transactions, that may have included accepting bribes from railroads, stealing political contributions intended for Ingalls, and securing bank promissory notes by forging signatures. It is possible Scofield was jailed on forgery charges, although there is no extant evidence in the public records.

If anything Cyrus Scofield was nothing more than a street hustler with expensive tastes and in fact both Darby and Scofield were lawyers by profession. They were just grubs looking to peddle their spin to jews and indeed anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. They are certainly not to be admired or respected. The sort of people they were can be seen today in the likes of John Hagee who is just another opportunist who likes the jetset lifestyle.

Now let us deal with the issue of Messianic Judaism, although people think of the term 'messianic jews' and simply think they are jews who have converted to Christianity this certainly isnt the case. If you convert to Christianity then that makes you a Christian and not a jew of some sort in relation to religious terms. Are there jews who have converted to Christianity? Yes and we see that with Brother Nathanael who identifies himself as an Orthodox Christian and not as a 'messianic jew' or any sort of jew.

Messianic Judaism is for jews only, they dont seek to recruit ZAX and at best ZAX might be regarded as associates or in reality just plain brown nosing stooges. One should look at the Messianic Judaism setup as a punk movement within Judaism, in it Jesus Christ isnt regarded as an aspect of God or having a God aspect; Rather he is a figurehead or totem like Sid Vicious was within the punk movement. Jesus Christ is respected by these jews not because of who and what he was but rather because he was a jew anti-hero who got the goyim to worship him as mainstream judaism aims to do for all jews in regards to the goyim (yes...thats non other words you and me). Messianic Judaism has remodelled Jesus Christ into some sort of punk Buddha. The ZAX are not in on the joke so they are the butt of it and indeed so is anyone else who falls for their spin.

So lets say a ZAX (or anybody else for that matter) wants to become a 'kosher christian'; How would they go about it?
Well first they would have to convert and be accepted into mainstream Judaism, they would have to study for 1-3 years. They would get instant acceptance depending on what they can do for zionism/global jewry (such as politicians, celebrities, etc), if they are poor or else bums they will be discouraged from trying to convert and told they can serve jewry by becoming or remaining a ZAX. If they do convert and do decide to become a Messianic Judaist then they will finally realise the joke but wont be able to do anything about it because they have invested so much time and money into this venture that they have alienated non jewish friends and face the real risk of leaving bankrupt.

They can only continue on in this new tribe in a cloud of self deceit much in the same way they were when they were ZAX. In my opinion this could explain the number of neurosies within the jewish community. I suppose this is always possible when one realises that ones history has been a lie.

Now one has to ask where mainstream modern judaism comes into this, well let us look at the situation. We have a group of people who call themselves jews who claim to be descendants of the ancient Israelites and anything that has to do with them.

But as we have things like DNA testing and the internet where there is a free flow of all sorts of information, we are seeing these ancient Israelite claims repeatedly challenged and increasingly refuted. The fact is that todays jews are not descendants of Abraham, Moses, or any ancient Israelites - they are descendants of converts and cannot call themselves 'the seed of Abraham' and they cannot call themselves 'Gods chosen people'.

With the overwhelming amount of jews who are either atheist or pantheist it cannot be said that they worship the God as worshiped by Abraham or Moses. What we have is not people who adjust themselves to comply to a religion but rather we have a religion which is being constantly remolded to comply to people. Todays judaism is not based on the Torah but instead is based on the Talmud, this is the same Talmud that condones pedophilia, calls non jews filth, calls the Virgin Mary a slut and says that Jesus Christ is in hell in a pool of boiling shit.

The fact is that judaism has had no prophets since the time of Jesus Christ, the only 'jews' who have attempted to convey prophecy on behalf of judaism are pagan converts and all they have done is inject vague prophecies from other religions into judaism to give the appearance of being the continuous line of Abraham, Moses and ancient Israel. An example of this is the issue of the AntiChrist in Christianity or the Dajjal of Islam, the jews came up with Armilus as their equivalent. But this has come after the prophecies of the AntiChrist/Dajjal despite the fact that these jews claim to be a direct line of descent from the ancient Israelites and have a continuous line of the gift of prophecy.

So where does chiliasm come into all this? Well considering that chiliasm is indeed an ancient Israelite prophecy and that it only applied to ancient Judaists and that the 'doomsday' aspect occurred in 70AD with the destruction of the 2nd Temple and destruction of the geneology records. But seeing as the jews had their Messiah - that being the Lord Jesus Christ crucified by the Romans, then the prophecy could not be fulfilled as it was recieved. So todays jews who are the descendants of pagan converts are now seeking to bring forth that prophecy to be fulfilled as it was recieved. And this is being percieved as certainly possible with events and circumstances as they are today.

With ZAX, messianic jews, the increase of atheism and various new age type pantheist thinking, the acceptance of anti-Christian type philosophies which require a religious devotion and a general tone of apathy as well; Then this 2nd shot at chiliasm may certainly be possible.

We seem to be dealing with a singular aspect on a multi-headed monster, whatever reasons the likes of 'christian zionism' or really better called 'Zionist Apostate Xtianity' was invented for its current purpose is to serve the zionist state of Israel and nothing else. I sometimes wonder and have to ask why these people dont join the likes of British Israelism, it seems that ZAX have a need to be servile. But all they actually achieve is being so vile, if they are not to be called ZAX then the appropriate word for them would be cucks. If there are no jews to serve under the name of atheist zionism then they would be willing slaves to the likes of the black American group called the Nation of Islam. These people hate themselves with pride in being debased, quite frankly these loathsome creatures are HIV to everything that is remotely European.

I'll just add this on:
1. There is a miniscule and dying minority of Judaists who do believe in the concept of God as was taught by Moses, these people should not refer to themselves as jews but rather as those who believe in the 'Mosaic faith'.

2. Musawis should be recognised for what they are - semitic Palestinians who believe in the Mosaic faith, they are not sephardim. The PLO charter of 1967 recognises them as such.

3. If Christian churches want to peddle the expired jewish prophecy of chiliasm then they should no longer be classified as Christian but instead must be referred to as chiliastic.

4. ZAX must be expelled from churches as they do engage in and propagate apostasy.

5. Judaism can no longer be accepted as an Abrahamic faith because it is overrun with atheists and pantheists.

6. There are physical (maternal bloodline) jews and there are 'spiritual' jews, the former should never be recognised as being of the Mosaic faith (unless they practice as Moses instructed) and the latter should be recognised as ZAX.


Brother Nathanael vids

This info on my blog

These jews see themselves as the only 'people' and see this world as their own.

You, me and all non jews are not people as far as they are concerned because the Talmud says so

Anyway.... Ive done a couple of clips on chiliasm myself and will add them as I finish them.

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