Tuesday 19 July 2016

Questions for Zionist Apostate Xians

This will be ongoing as there are plenty of questions to ask these apostates.
You can add further questions in the comment box, but in all honesty I dont expect them to answer,.... anyway.......... lets start.....

1. If jews are the superior people whom everyone must serve then are they to be obeyed without question?

2. If they are our superiors then who is the theirs?

3. Whom do jews call 'god'? Who is their 'god'?

4. And is their god our god?

5. And seeing that jews do not worship or even respect Jesus Christ then is it fair to say that Jesus Christ is not God or an aspect of God?

6. In the Talmud it says that Jesus Christ is in hell in a boiling pool of shit and seeing that jews hold this to be true; Is it fair to say that you do too?

7. Who is your god? Do you worship a guy in hell in a boiling pool of shit? Is this your god?

8. Is abortion sinful?

9. But if jews perform abortions is that not a sin? And should they go to hell for doing them?

10. 90% of the American pornography industry is owned and run by jews, is this ordained by your god? Do you purchase this pornography? If you dont then why not? After all the money will end up in Israel.

11. Israel was founded on zionism which is an atheist creed. Was this ordained by your god?

12. Do you have any DNA evidence that proves that todays jews are in fact descendants of Abraham, Moses, or any ancient Israelites?

13. If Messianic Jews are just Christians then why do they do they call themselves jews and why do they not allow Christians to join?

14. Do you actually interact with jews in a worship service context? Do you actually interact with them at all?

15. If you do interact with them then what information do you exchange with them?

16. Do you speak Hebrew?

17. Have jews ever invited you to join Judaism?

18. Did you realise that jews do not believe in hell? Rather they believe that if jews have been bad then upon death they will go into purgatory for up to a year and then ascend to heaven. Non jews will remain permanently dead, is this not atheism?

19. Do you suffer from white guilt? Why is xian zionism an exclusively whites only club?

20. You do realise that jews do not consider themselves white? Dont you?

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