Sunday 19 April 2015

Bonejacking for dummies

Had a dybbuk annoying me recently (if you dont know what that is then look it up)

Just thinking about 'my' dybbuk (I think I got rid of it, you want me to tell you what I did? OK, before I went to bed at night I did the following. First I made a sign of the Cross facing west, I did it by going vertical with my right hand top to bottom [like a karate chop] and then horizontal right to left. Then I would 'push' with my right hand where the vertical and horizontal lines crossed each other [like the 'stop' gesture]. The Cross symbol went outside the house, turned gold and expanded, the other night it became diamond [didnt expect that] and since then nothings happened.)

Anyway I was thinking about the exorcism part of the book I am sorta writing and I was looking it from the dybbuks point of view. What is the thing that is needed for a demon to try and find atonement and redemption? Answer.....a body! No doubt some demons have managed to possess humans but they have mostly been expelled or else ended up in mental institutions, that is because they have done it to humans with souls and thus face resistance. But these days with an increased global population of God haters and the willingly stupid who by their own words renounce their own souls and indeed these halfwits are reproducing, then it does seem legit to 'bonejack' these meatsuits. Replacing the souls of halfwits with demons will do 2 things, first rid humanity of the chronically narcissistic who seek to be a god or else drag the rest of us down. Second give demons the ability to redeem themselves and seek atonement with God, the bad guys who want to hang tough will be corralled on the fallen tree of death (if Lilith jumps ship then Gomaliel most likely will be blocked up preventing the bad guys from willingly being able to move back and forth between the remenants of the tree of death and this earth in this world (Malkuth in Assiah). Tiqqun Olam would or could come about and we all live happily ever after.

So when you think about it...... a world without atheists would be a good start.
Imagine richard dawkins hold a press conference telling everyone hes found Jesus or Barney Frank denouncing his Godless poofter life. It is certainly possible but we will never know untill we try. So lets look at how we would go about it, maybe we should revisit this thread and rework the application.

But we will have to find demons willing to take part and will basically have to have a 'contract' of sorts as to their behaviour if we were to get them a meatsuit. Scary you say? Well think about the perverts and narcissists roaming our earth these days, demons couldnt be any worse.

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