Sunday 19 April 2015

So lets say youve done your spiritual strengthening and got some protective magic squares in reserve, you are now prepared to do some matchmaking. You will have to pick a demon and this will be quite a hard decision because once you have and decide to make contact you will have to go through with contact and not shit your pants. If you bail out halfway through an operation then whatever goodwill you had will turn very bad very quick. Remember you are the one making the approach and thus the onus is on you, if you bail then no one will take you seriously again. This is why I recommend that you consult and have a good guy on your side, now you may be asking 'how do I talk or communicate with these entities?'

With angels etc. it can be done via physical actions. Eg. You have 5 demons in mind, you write their names on 5 separate slips of paper which you leave on a table and you might go out for a while and return and find that only one is left on the table and the others are on the floor (I also recommend that you have a slip of paper which says 'none'). Or else you might have to go pathworking and hope to get an answer from a God aspect in a sephira, but it is not 'something instant' it may take you a good deal of praying to get an 'audience' just to get a name. If you are an absolute amateur in relation to occult matters I would strongly advise that you not do this solo, seeing as the catholic church is now looking to get more exoricists it is most likely a place where you will find someone with a serious interest in these sort of things.

But how do you communicate with a demon? Believe it or not...... the ouija board! Not one of those cheap made in china joke boards, you will have to make one yourself and this is preferable. All you need is a sheet of white card/board like you get in a stationary shop, a black texta and a moccona coffee lid (with the plastic seal removed). So you do the alphabet, yes/no, things on the board written, but for the important part is that you will have a circle in the centre of the board and that is where you draw the sigil of the demon (do it in pencil if you want to reuse it for others). When you use you will face west and call upon the demon according to any planetary/astrological/mechanical aspects it might operate to.

While Im at it I suggest you keep a bottle of holy water nearby just in case. So how do you know if the demon is ready to communicate? Usually the glass lid that is in your centrepiece with the sigil will turn ice cold, think of it as a jail visit, 2 people can see each other but are separated by the see through partition. But until they both pick up their phones then there can be no communication.

So what happens if the demon comes and the glass lid becomes ice cold? How does it 'talk' to me?
Well........... I'll leave it to you to find out...... heh heh heh......
It s not that simple is it?

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