Sunday 19 April 2015

Now some of you might be wondering why I am writing on this subject, well the 1st and foremost reason is that I am fed up with what mindless zombies the population of this earth slips into (if only on occasion) through the herdthink of the God haters. And when you look at it the Tree of Death is the ruling tree of the earth as the vices of the Tree of Life are now the virtues of this earth and demonstrates that the Tree of Death is ruling. We no longer live in market economies but market societies where everything and everyone is for sale. Do you want to find out how much you are worth? Then you have to see how much you are worth in the social economy, rich people hangout with rich people not because they personally like those people but because they are of a similar economic status. You can see this in the way members of drug cartels rub shoulders with celebrities, not because they have similar interests and personalities but because they have similar bank accounts.

Look at it from a demon point of view, what is the incentive to try to reconcile to God even if they bonejack a body? You have this earth run by evil people and a dopey population who do nothing about it and thus serve evil by default. Malkuth in Assiah seems to be more likely to become Lilith in Assiah the way things are going at the moment. The new global religion that has adherants worldwide is simony - the belief you can buy your way into heaven when you die. But even now you have people who believe they can live up to 120 or longer because they are rich and can buy 'human spare parts' and they also believe that because of their wealth that they are entitled to do so regardless of who gets murdered in the process because the value of a human life is not based on the character of ones soul but on the amount in the bank.

The Godless like to say that if you are a Christian that you are obligated to be passive to them because of quotes in the Bible (turn the other cheek etc.) and that they have the right to enslave you because as atheists they are not bound by any text but instead only their personal desires. This is wrong, you are only obligated as a Christian to be forgiving of other Christians if they do wrong against you, but they should also seek to atone for their offence against you. As for anyone else?.... Do unto others as they have done onto you.

So can you say that Im any worse than anyone else into the 'secular' lifestyle or the willing servants of mammon who would pimp their children for a dollar? Look at marriage these days, based on lifestyle rather than love and the result is obvious with obnoxious kids raising themselves because the parents dont believe being a parent is worthwhile on a dollar per hour basis. And thus they get nannies and housekeepers to raise them because it is of less cost to them and would rather get a mega salary in some corporate junket job. I have no obligation to help such people and quite frankly no desire to either, they think hell on earth is if their favourite soap opera or american idol type show is taken off air. People these days are more likely to commit suicide if they wind up bankrupt rather than losing a child - this is the market society.

Can you say that im any worse?

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