Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Tree of Death

The Tree of Death
This tree only exists in Assiah and not the other three known worlds in the Kabbalah. Much like the Goetia is an imitation of the Shem ha-Mephorash, the Tree of Death is an imitation of the Tree of Life in Assiah. No... let me rephrase that, in Assiah the tree is correctly called the 'Tree of Life and Death of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'. Imitation or not it exists in our world and it is connected to the Tree of Life through this earth in this world. What is called Malkuth on the Tree of Life is called Lilith on the Tree of Death, they are joined whether we like it or not. Let's go through the sephira on the Tree of Death, starting with the lowest sephira I'll number them with a minus (-) before their number and give alternative names they are known by..
-10 Lilith
-9 Gomaliel/Gamaliel
-8 Samael
-7 Gharab/Oreb Zaraq
-6 Tagimron/Tageriron
-5 Golohab/Golachab
-4 Gha Agsheblah/Gasheklah
-3 Satoriel/Satariel
-2 Ghogiel/Ogiel
-1 Thaumiel

In addition to that there is the equivalent 'three veils of negative existance' with the Tree of Death, continuing on from Thaumiel we have...

Looking at the Tree of Death only the sephira in the middle pillar have definite rulers, those being -10 Lilith, -9 Gomaliel and -1 Thaumiel. So the ruler of Lilith is Nahema, the ruler of Gomaliel is Lilith but the sephira of Thaumiel is jointly ruled by Satan and Moloch. We have Nahema also known as Naamah who is said to be the sister of Tubal-Cain, we also have Lilith who is said to be the first wife of Adam. With these two it is evident that they were 'human' to a reasonable extent. And with Thaumiel we have Satan and Moloch, they are the highest of demons and yet have had (and continue to do so) interaction with human beings. But it seems that only the middle pillar has definite rulers, although there are demons who are said to rule the other sephira but this is not definitely set. I believe this to be the case and that the Tree of Death cannot be stable or made to be balanced by individual rulers within the sephira of the left and right pillars. In that case only the middle pillar could be functional, much like the Goetia it can only function with 'homemade' adaptions and thus is not nor can be a mirror image of the Tree of Life - it can only be an imitation. Further more it is said that God only permitted four of those sephira to exist, whether that means that those sephira would actually be allowed to exist or accessible to human beings is unknown.

I believe that Qemetiel, Belial and Athiel at this time are only concepts, the reason being is that our earth in this world which is called Malkuth by us and Lilith by the demons is still in an uncertain rulership. The demons need this earth in this world to have a definite end or indeed root for their tree, they seem to have their Kether which is called Thaumiel but unless they take their Lilith then their tree will not be complete. So their priority for now is to take this earth in this world, once that is done then they could become the very thing that they could never do. And that is to become human in their own right, which is certainly possible because by default they will hijack and own Assiah. If that happens then they could live as humans but they would also be subject to the laws of thermodynamics and therefore death and in that instance, what happens to their souls? Unless they implement their own negative veils; Qemetiel, Belial and Athiel, then their other need will never be fulfilled and that need is reincarnation. If they win they will get their own and seperate plane of existence without the need for the God of Abraham, and for the non demon souls that are trapped here if that happens? It will truly be hell on earth and there would be no escape, the demons have a lot to fight for.

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