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Part3 Consciousness Basic


Consciousness Basic
The primary fact of individual existence is consciousness, or awareness. This fact is self-evident but much overlooked; yet all ques­tions of life and God must be worked out in consciousness. In the realm of one's awareness dwell all the issues of being. But materialism claims there is something outside of consciousness, a realm of mindlessness, real, fixed, and unaffected by thinking, named matter. How and where does the materialist know this? Why, in his thinking! And intelligent thinking, my friends, is a flat con­tradiction of the claim of mind­lessness or matter! Consciousness is the basic reality, and no expla­nation is valid which loses sight of that fact.

Human life is entirely mental. That primary fact should be ob­vious to all. If this is a new con­cept to you, you only need to work with it to find it true. A person is rich or poor, sick or well, merry or gloomy, only as he believes himself to be. A young engineer was greatly helped and enlightened when he learned, through his study of Christian Science, that his pro­fession was essentially a mental one. 

He had supposed engineering was material because it dealt with steel, wood, concrete, and so on. But be came to see that an engineer deals with those things in thought, and he is a good engineer in the measure that he has good, sound, useful thoughts on the subject. This is true of every human voca­tion; whether you are a cook, a carpenter, musician, farmer, clerk, or storekeeper, your work is pri­marily mental. As you accustom yourself to this fact you will be ready for the next step, which is to learn that in the mental realm all true reality is spiritual and good, proceeding from the one infinite, divine Mind or Spirit. Thus we prove the statement in Science and Health (p. 269), 
"Metaphysics re­solves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul."

If you believe your universe to be material, that is, outside of con­sciousness, the Christian ideal of God will remain a mystery to you. But when you see that your daily life is a call to mental dominion, if you have accepted the challenge to master yourself, if you are men­tally beset with suggestions of fear, pride, jealousy, and covetousness, if material remedies have failed to heal the body, if you long for moral strength and mental freedom, then you can begin right now to learn the truth about your mental uni­verse, to learn that there is one real Mind, universal, ever present, and divine; that it is creator, king, and ruler in the mental realm; that this divine Mind is your Mind here and now, and that your present understanding of this divine father brings you wisdom, inspiration, freedom, strength, and such a deeply entrenched peace that the storms of earth batter your ram­parts quite in vain.

God Acknowledged
Is it not clear to us, then, that there is a God, since there is something outside ourselves which moves us to good thoughts and deeds? And since God is inescapable, is it not the path of practical common sense to find out about God so that our relations with Him are on an intelligent footing?
Let us have an end of denying the obvious, of doubting things plainly seen and easily understood. Man is alive, he knows he is alive, and since he did not himself create the existence in which he finds himself he must be the result of the working of a higher power, a pri­mal intelligence, Life, or Mind. 

This primal intelligence or power cannot be matter, because matter is by definition mindless. The re­sults of scientific reasoning are here seen to coincide with primi­tive Christian teaching, for Jesus declared, "It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing" (John 6:63). So it is the divine Spirit, Mind, or Soul, which Jesus understood, demonstrated, and taught, which is now revealed in Christian Science as the true God.

"Salvation" is a fine old word which has lost some of its practical usefulness through taking on cer­tain specialized theological conno­tations. A dictionary tells us that salvation refers to being saved. From what do people need to be saved? Obviously, from sickness, danger, poverty, sin, and death. And when do they need to be saved? Well, right now, of course. So the same dictionary gives the Christian Science definition of "sal­vation" from Science and Health as, "Life, Truth, and Love understood and demonstrated as supreme over all; sin, sickness, and death destroyed" (Webster – later editions).

Note how the concept of salva­tion is colored by the concept of God that goes along with it. The belief of a God afar off, living up in the sky perhaps, who is to be met only after death (if at all), logically leads to the belief of sal­vation hereafter, the corollary of which is suffering and trouble in the present. On the other hand, the revelation of the true character of God as ever-present good, all-pervading divine Spirit and power, awakens thought to understand the powerlessness of sin and disease and to the present demonstration of eternal, harmonious Life.

Salvation is individual. There is no mass consciousness. Nations are saved as people are saved. Per­haps someone says, "There are many millions of people in the world, and if they have all got to be converted one by one it is going to take a long time." But the job is not so big as it seems, for it is not a case of converting millions but of saving only one – number one, in every case. If you and I will but take care of number one we may be amazed at the results. Have you ever exchanged your opinion about something for a better one and discovered to your surprise that many others feel the same about it as you now do?

A young man, new in the study of Christian Science, began to wish to be healed of smoking and drink­ing; but as his thoughts traveled down the vista of the future he saw himself attending social and busi­ness gatherings where everyone but he smoked and drank and had a good time! "No," he thought, "that would be too lonesome for happiness." But before long the desire for purity and freedom car­ried the day; with the help of a Christian Science practitioner he was healed of those enslaving ap­petites. To his surprise he found that there are large numbers of nonsmokers and nondrinkers, a great and glorious company of those who did not bow the knee to these twin idols of self-indulgence, and he was not at all lonesome in his newly won freedom.

Part2 Militant Atheism


Militant Atheism
One of the chief devils – or evils – at large in the world today is militant atheism, presenting itself as a philosophy or teaching suitable as a foundation for government and society, and organized to prop­agate itself and destroy religion. It is improbable that the propa­ganda of organized militant athe­ism has impressed itself to any great extent upon the minds of my listeners in this audience, but the very prominence which the teach­ing claims to occupy in world thought furnishes us a useful chal­lenge to examine our own beliefs and conclusions and to find and eliminate from our own lives any lurking elements of atheism or its wretched relations, agnosticism and idolatry. 

The atheistic individual claims there is no God; the agnostic says there may be a God, but you cannot know Him for sure; the idolater entertains false concepts of God and worships falsity in the name of truth. Christian Science comes to all types of human think­ing, as the Apostle Paul once went before the citizens of Athens, bear­ing the same God-inspired mes­sage, "Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you" (Acts 17:23).

A great many people do not need to be convinced that there is a God; to others the fact of a Su­preme Being is not so apparent – they wish to be shown. Such an attitude is permissible; it may even be commendable when honestly held. But how is the nonbeliever to be convinced of the reality of God? How is the doubter or skep­tic to be enlightened?

Learning of God
In considering the question how mortals may learn of God, suppose we ask: "How do we learn any­thing? 
How does a practical and successful individual arrive at re­liable conclusions in whatever ac­tivity he engages?" Mrs. Eddy writes in the textbook (p. 199), "The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible." Successful results in business, advances in sci­entific discovery, improvements in government, in society, and in indi­vidual well-being, these all come about through the exercise of in­telligent thought, through observa­tion, reason, experience, revelation, and proof. 

May we not, then, ex­pect to achieve right conclusions in matters of religion by the same practical process? Is not true in­telligence able to penetrate the vast realm of spiritual knowledge and to reveal God's nature and man's relation to Him? Is knowl­edge of material things to become more and more important while at the same time we are limited to blind belief, speculation, and chance in the far more important matters of holiness, eternal salva­tion, and God's kingdom on earth?

One recognizes the truth of a new idea by its consistency with other ideas which he already knows, and has proved, to be true. So one may learn to know the true God as the divine origin and Prin­ciple of the spiritual good which he already claims and practices. Universe and Creator
In our efforts to discover the na­ture or character of God as the creator and ruler of the universe, let us consider first the nature of the universe we are trying to ac­count for. Suppose one looks about him and notes the earth, sky, and people, and says to him­self: "Here I am, a corporeal mor­tal, living in a material body, sub­ject to material conditions, and dependent upon them to preserve me. 

Where did it all start? Who or what is responsible?" Conceiving the universe to be material, he is obliged to find a material cause for it, and such material cause must be held responsible for all the disas­ters to which the material world seems subject – earthquake, fam­ines, disease, cruelty, and death. Such a concept of primal cause or God is blindly worshiped by pagans through rituals designed to placate His vengeance. This is pantheism, the opposite of Christianity.

But, instead of starting with earth, sky, and people, suppose one considers the charity and love which he feels in his heart, the wisdom and intelligence he sees expressed around him, the hope, faith, joy, and courage so vital to human life, so present and real to him who appreciates them. Now let him ask himself: "Where do these things originate? How is it that men are capable of such grand and noble ideals? What is it that will cause people to turn away wrath with gentleness, meet hatred with love, sacrifice themselves to help others, and face danger with confidence?" The only way to ac­count for these spiritual higher manifestations is to attribute them to a primal spiritual cause; so here we have the Christian or true con­cept of God as pure Spirit, the all-knowing divine Mind, the origin of all spiritual reality.

Belief and Conduct
We have, in our society today, a large number of men and women who seldom go to church; they make no profession of religion. If you were to ask them about God or the things of God they would probably say, "I don't know." And yet these people are honest in business; they are good citizens and good neighbors; they are intelligent and worthy. Why do they reject reli­gion? One reason is that while they conduct their daily lives and achieve whatever success comes to them through reason and intelli­gence, if they go to church on Sun­day it seems to them they are asked to put aside reason and intel­ligence and blindly believe with­out understanding what they are told about God. Their honesty makes them rebel against such in­consistency; so they let the religion go. 

Many people of this sort have found the Christian Science expla­nations of God, man, and universe completely satisfying and convincing, for human reason rightly di­rected and divine revelation are here seen to coincide. Such people who have turned to Christian Science find no conflict between their everyday duties and their service to God. On the contrary, they un­derstand and prove that the teach­ings of pure Christianity, revealed and demonstrated today in Chris­tian Science, are entirely practical and able to meet legitimate human needs in matters of health and work and in dealings with other men.

Christian Science: Its Triumph Over Atheism and Idolatry - 1958

It has been a while since I've posted, but I will post this even though Christian Science does not believe in the existance of Satan per se; it does believe in the evil of atheism and opposes it.
Atheism is in deed evil and is used in the service of Moloch.


Christian Science: Its Triumph Over Atheism and Idolatry - 1958

Robert S. Van Atta, C.S., of Rochester, New York
Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts

The free world can triumph over aggressive atheism by living the teachings of Christ Jesus more 

honestly, Robert S. Van Atta of Rochester, New York, told an aud­ience here Tuesday evening, Nov. 4th.
He said that the questions fac­ing modern thinkers demand an­swers which go far beyond the confines of human wisdom, that the spiritual understanding of God, and man's relation to Him – put into daily practice – is "the world's hope for freedom from uncertainty, terror and ignorance." The impact of such understanding on world thinking should never be underestimated, he added.
Currently on an extended tour as a member of the Christian Sci­ence Board of Lectureship, Mr. Van Atta spoke under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scien­tist in their Church edifice at Spring Lane and Engle street. The lecturer was introduced by Mrs. Lorena Oberman of Tenafly, a former Reader in a Christian Sci­ence branch church.
The lecturer spoke substantially as follows:

The broadcast powers of evil, so conspicuous today, are challenging the forces of Christianity in a bid for final supremacy. We live in the midst of a mighty revolution. The complacency of the nineteenth century has been succeeded by the turmoil of the twentieth. Long-established values in morals and ethics have been discarded; widely accepted religious beliefs have been abandoned; physical science and medicine are being revolutionized; government, business, and matrimony are dragging their anchors.
These great changes are felt all over the world; they affect the life of every individual. There are none so lowly as to escape, none so re­mote as not to feel the turbulence of these times. In isolated corners of Africa – no longer the dark and unenlightened continent it used to be called – across the vast stretches of Asia, in the skyscrapers of American business and the centu­ries-old capitals of Europe, every­where there is disturbance, discon­tent, and turmoil.

Jesus' Remedy
Christ Jesus foresaw this violent upheaval in human affairs. He spoke of strife and warfare between nations, of hatred and infi­delity between men; he foretold famine, pestilence, and disaster; be warned that iniquity would abound and the love of many wax cold; false prophets would arise showing great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, the very elect. But in his great wisdom and love for mankind he also pointed out the protective action his followers are to take when this deluge threat­ens to engulf the world: "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:28).

The fact is that the rule for protection from all danger and the remedy for every evil situation have been available to the world for many centuries through the inspired Word of the Bible, and particularly through the teaching and example of Christ Jesus. Why, then, have men not used the remedy and prevented the evils? Be­cause the Bible teachings have not been interpreted and understood in their spiritual import. Surely so great a teacher as Jesus would not mean that we could expect protection and redemption merely by lift­ing up our heads literally. He must have referred to the need for lifting up our thinking to a higher spiritual and moral plane in order to understand God's power to redeem men from the famines of material sense, the pestilences of immorality, and the earth-shaking impact of revolutionary changes in human society.

"The People's Idea of God"
First of all, the need is to know God. Human life is the expression of the human beliefs about God. 

Someone has written, "The gods men worship write their names on their foreheads." Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, explains this action of human belief throughout her writings. Many years ago she delivered a sermon in Boston enti­tled, "The People's Idea of God; Its Effect on Health and Christianity." The very title is thought-provoking, and in the sermon this theme is developed and explained with great variety of treatment and in beauti­ful and dynamic prose. Near the end she states, "Thus it is that our ideas of divinity form our models of humanity" (The People's Idea of God, p. 14). In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the Christian Science textbook, she writes (p. 94), "The eastern empires and nations owe their false government to the misconceptions of Deity there prevalent." Of her­self she declares that her illnesses before she discovered Christian Science were due to the misinter­pretation of God's Word taught her in childhood (see Miscellaneous Writings 169:6-10).

Referring further to Mrs. Eddy's sermon, we read (The People's Idea of God, pp. 6, 7), "Periods and peoples are characterized by their highest or their lowest ideals, by their God and their devil." The present period and its peoples have been wonderfully blessed by the revelation of the true nature of Deity through the discovery of Christian Science. This teaching comes to the world as the "Com­forter" promised by Christ Jesus, which will lead mankind into all truth. It reveals God as infinite Love, never hateful or revengeful; as divine Mind or intelligence, con­ceiving or creating all that is real and good and nothing that is evil; as perfect Principle, not a change­able person; as self-existent and self-sustaining Life, not subject to disease or death: as all-inclusive Truth, whose light dispels error; as all-pervading Spirit excluding matter as unreal; as the one infi­nite Soul, unconfined in space, the life-giving center of all creation as the divine Father and Mother of man and the universe, always pres­ent to guide, guard, protect, and preserve His children.

The impact of these higher ideas of God upon the minds of men has been tremendous! The spiritual and perfect ideal of God and man, revealed to human consciousness, has healed all types of disease, re­formed sinners, lessened the expec­tation of death, and increased longevity. It has also stirred up latent beliefs in evil and brought them to the surface to be destroyed, as a muddy river bed is stirred to purify the stream. Thus we find the present age is characterized, not only by the higher idea of God, but also by more aggressive and subtle forms of evil.

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Antifa 2019 - part 4a

Oh oh.... looks like the tribe has taken issue....

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No idea what the legal issue is.....

well....... see it in case it 'disappears'

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Sunday 6 January 2019

Ban Maryam Namazie from Australia

This is a petition I came across on, I support it.

Maryam Namazie is a marxist and committed atheist, she is the public face of the Worker Communist Party of Iran (WCPI) which is outlawed by Iran. It is a terrorist organization along with the likes of the Mujahedin E Khalq (which Namazie is suspected to be involved with). It is also strongly suspected she receives money from various Saudi royals (said to be $2 million a year but I am more suspect of Israel), her priorities are to spread atheism, marxism and destroy Shia Islam as well as every other religious belief. This woman is a Rosa Luxemburg wannabe and a pervert, she should never ever be allowed to visit Australia again.
You can sign the petition if you wish (though 'signing' internet petitions is purely symbolic and I heard that sells email addresses it harvests, plus the fact it 'erases' numbers off petitions which are not blatantly politically correct aka marxist). When I checked on the petition about 3 days ago it had 13 'signatures' now it only has 5.

Ban her!

Saturday 5 January 2019

Antifa 2019

Im doing a series on Antifa with YouTube clips, this year 2019 is important to them. It will be 100 years since Rosa Luxemburg was killed, and it is fair to say that she was and is 'The Grandmother of Antifa'. The facts are that both Marx and Luxemburg were jews and had physical ailments which required them to use narcotics in order to get relief. I believe that their 'revolutionary' thoughts are a combination from theories from the Enlightenment, their rewording of Enlightenment thoughts, and from the Talmud.
Antifa came about as a result of the Bolshevik revolution which was meant to take all of Europe and not just the old Russian empire. The main push for Antifa was the takeover of Italy by Mussolini (who was a revolutionary socialist and atheist), which was compounded later by the rise of Adolf Hitler. Both Hitler and Mussolini were national socialists as opposed to the likes of the Bolsheviks who were, and still are international socialists. World war 2 was really just a civil war within the psychotic rantings of Marx and Luxemburg, but their rantings were that of Jewish supremacists who believed that 'Israel' referred to the entire world as taught in Judaism.

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Antifa 2019 - part 4a