Saturday 5 January 2019

Antifa 2019

Im doing a series on Antifa with YouTube clips, this year 2019 is important to them. It will be 100 years since Rosa Luxemburg was killed, and it is fair to say that she was and is 'The Grandmother of Antifa'. The facts are that both Marx and Luxemburg were jews and had physical ailments which required them to use narcotics in order to get relief. I believe that their 'revolutionary' thoughts are a combination from theories from the Enlightenment, their rewording of Enlightenment thoughts, and from the Talmud.
Antifa came about as a result of the Bolshevik revolution which was meant to take all of Europe and not just the old Russian empire. The main push for Antifa was the takeover of Italy by Mussolini (who was a revolutionary socialist and atheist), which was compounded later by the rise of Adolf Hitler. Both Hitler and Mussolini were national socialists as opposed to the likes of the Bolsheviks who were, and still are international socialists. World war 2 was really just a civil war within the psychotic rantings of Marx and Luxemburg, but their rantings were that of Jewish supremacists who believed that 'Israel' referred to the entire world as taught in Judaism.

Antifa 2019 - part 1

Antifa 2019 - part 2

Antifa 2019 - part 3

Antifa 2019 - part 4a 

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