Friday 20 December 2019

Chapter 6 - part 1

 This is from a book I have written called "Taking, holding and keeping. Possession and Exorcism today."

Chapter 6

I just decided to place an intermission here to do a recap of what I have written so far. So far I've been centred on the secular and commercial cultural aspects of the problem we are facing right now, as it would be a mistake to simply dismiss it as being an irrelevant factor. It is a relevant factor, all factors are relevant because one complements or at the least supplements the others. An army may be fighting an enemy on a single front but to be successful it has to break up its singular front into multiple fronts which each one using a different strategy. It does this knowing if one mini front is successful in breaking the enemys' line. Then the other fronts will be able to supply soldiers to continually invade the breach or else the breach will weaken various sections of the enemys' front line by making them transport their soldiers to that breach without a coherent strategy. Transportation of soldiers front various parts of a line will weaken the sections where they were stationed and quite possibly lead to another breach.

So using Christianity as an example, we have the various mini fronts in the likes of the various denominations of Christianity. Some will back up, complement and supplement the others, but some will not. And some will support a non Christian or even atheist religion in a conflict against a denomination who they see as a rival in the Christian realm. Yes we are talking about minuscule, near extinct denominations and a handful of people who would rather hand over the keys of their church to non Christians and atheists than to a Christian denomination who they see as their number one rival. Even worse they would rather burn their church than see it held by rival theology Christians. If you want to ask where and when this has happened, one only has to look at history particulary in the middle ages. 

If you want something more recent then you only have to look at Northern Ireland/Ulster, it didn't start off as a sectarian war per se but was caught up in one. It amazes me that people do not or simply refuse to recognise the PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) is a decidedly atheist and somewhat Marxist organisation. The PIRA has a problem with those who identify as British in Northern Ireland but has no problem with professional refugees or a gay ethnic Indian ruling and running the southern portion of Ireland (Republic of Ireland). So the propaganda of PIRA saying it wanted a celtic and catholic Ireland was just lies and garbage and yet the Christian world (if not the entire world) fell for it. These sort of situations simply have to stop regardless of denomination, Christianity is about your faith in God and not about your "identity". It is as simple as that. Islam faces the same problems as well, most notably the sunni/shiite divide and indeed such divisions will be found in all religions. But truthfully there are only two sides, those who are faithful to God and those who serve Satan. Unless we complement, supplement, back up and support each other then it will be our lines that are breached, And it will be our front that collapses and it will be our children and our future that are taken away in chains. The fact is we are losing the war and if we utterly lose the war, then that's it! The game is over! The Tree of Death will be completed and cut off from God, the separation will be eternal. This is hell from which you will not escape.

Now you know why this war has to utterly be won, all tactics are fair and if they work you win. Today we blatantly see things that were predicted over two millennia ago, in fact when looking through the ages it is probably longer. We are now seeing ancient plans (well at least ancient to us) come into fruition, what people have to realise is that there is no concept of mechanical time by the standards of the djinn because they are not physical beings per se. Yes they can assume a physical appearance when the time is appropriate by the planets but they are not physical mortal beings. A human being cannot kill a djinni by a purely physical based method as can be done to other human beings. To them one day, one week or one year is all the same, it is by the planets on a physical level and human time (as measured with clocks and calendars) on a symbolic level they can measure time. Yes they can measure an approximation of time by our life and death but this is an approximation and not guaranteed. Because what we know as time is measured symbolically, it is possible for a government to declare that sunrise occurs at 3pm and indeed enforce this by physical means (regardless of what you think).

We exist in a world that does not seem to have absolutes, certainly in the West where everything is negotiable and therefore a variable.Whether by theory or actual practice it seems that factors in any situation we may face or encounter cannot be absolute but rather variables. Concepts of right and wrong are just that....concepts and will remain that because of people as a whole engaging in moral relativism.

What we are seeing globally today is the result of the reversal of order; and this is what the djinn need in order to take this earth in this world (Malkuth in Assiah) and it is also about taking control of everything else in this world. It is indeed the ability to decide and declare that day is night, make the days of week function in the reverse. And to impose the order and method for these things to operate and be accepted. They could very well each claim and declare (as a collective in relation to human beings) themselves 'god of this world'. Ha-Shaitan is referred to as 'Prince of this world', if these things can be done by the one who holds the title of Satan. Why would it not be acceptable or proper that they will promote themselves above their current position? After all, if you went to war against God and took this earth in this world (and by default all known physical existence) would you not feel 'entitled' to do so?

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