Saturday 27 June 2020

My argument to prove God exists (IId)

4.) Solipsists/Mentally ill - In all honesty solipsism is a psychosis, the belief that all reality exists inside your head. Thus nothing is real and its all your own imaging or dreaming. To be a solipsist is to have a god like view of reality as well as a psychotic one because you believe that everything you see or encounter is the result of your mental processes. Logic has no place for the solipsist, if something happens which they cannot explain it is simply put down as something that was pre-planned after which they programmed themselves to have amnesia regarding that pre-planned event. I suppose it could be said that is how God makes things interesting for itself. But to act in this way would mean you believe that you are God and you would have the view that the Abrahamic God is either non-existant or a competitor.

With the run of the mill mentally ill we see a similar picture, whether they see themself as God or see Donald Duck as God is not really relevant. They will see people 'acting' in similar and uniform ways to each other and themselves and believe this is how they planned it. Solipsists (who are mentally ill anyway) do have a belief in their God like psychosis and do view themselves as a Jesus Christ figure or else view the actions of others as an abuse of the autonomy that 'they' have given to the imaginary people in their imaginary world.

Solipsists come under the following categories;
1. Atheists -(because they view themselves as God, therefore there is no need to worship themselves, though their narcissism would compel them to)

2. Satanists -(this is more to do how they see people who hate and dislike them, these types of people are viewed as satanic because they have abused their autonomy in hating and disliking the solipsist or 'god' and therefore are demons. People who do not give them the time of day are viewed as atheists and need 'saving', this shows solipsists have a Jesus Christ view of themselves.)

3. Polytheists/Pagans in general -If a solipsist likes someone and if the person is reciprocal then the solipsist might 'promote' them to the level of a 'lesser god' or saint.

4. Solipsists/Mentally ill -Solipsists will view other solipsists as utterly evil and therefore satanic because that solipsist does not view the other solipsist as the 'first among equals'

5. Undefined -How does one solipsist view another solipsist? As in category 4. but it cannot be defined because they would at some point might recognise the rival as a mirror image.

6. Non-Theists -This would probably be a better category to place a solipsist in what regards they view themself rather than category 1. Things like astrological laws and cycles of time are just a natural effect from the motions of their 'essence'.

Psychotic and crazy.... nothing else to add really... in relation to solipsists.

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