Wednesday 24 June 2020

My argument to prove God exists (IIb.)

2.) Satanists - The irony and hypocrisy of the majority of those who call themselves "satanists", is that they are not satanists but are atheists who use that description. There are Theistic Satanists who do worship the 'Satan' (Satan is actually a title not a name) and actually believe in the existance of God. Their aim is to reverse the roles and the titles that the other holds at the current time. Essentially they want Lucifer to be the new 'god' and the one we call God would be the adversary of the 'new order'. The 'atheist satanists' actually be default serve the other contender of the title of Satan, that being Moloch (and I believe Lucifer has lost the title).

Just as there is the Tree of Life, there is a Tree of Death. It has sephiroth like the Tree of Life but the virtues and vices have been reversed. Example: In the sephira of Malkuth the virtue is 'discrimination' and the vice is 'inertia'. As we see today discrimination is outlawed and inertia is an enforced lifestyle, and there will be people reading this going on about racism, homophobia, etc. But discrimination is also to do about who you decide to associate with, who you choose to have sex with, who you choose to work for, etc. And we have inertia as an accepted mindset; don't aim high, go with the flow, you can't change anything, why bother, and so on.

On the Tree of Death the highest sephira is 'Thaumiel' in which both Lucifer and Moloch are joint rulers and the 'first among equals' holds the title "Satan". The Tree of Death only exists in Assiah, aka the 'world of action' which is the physical realm of existance which consists of both immanent and transcendental properties. Seeing as the immanent is the non animated (such as rocks, concrete, etc) and the transcendental is animated (humans, djinn, NB.-Angels are not native to Assiah), if the transcendental aspect is lost to the Satan then it is fair to say that the Earth is lost. Now you know where the phrase "Hell on Earth" comes from.

But how does Moloch come into this and how can it be the Satan? Easy... if you look into the ancient practices concerning Moloch you will find that the acceptable form of worship was child sacrifice. This involved sacrificing one of your children and in return you would get material gain. The method of sacrifice was to incinerate children alive in a furnace shaped like Moloch or else dedicated to it. The ages of the sacrificed children were approximately 2-5 years old. But how is that relevant today? Simple... "post-birth abortion", there are those who wish to impose this practice. The "rational" being that this is acceptable because children are not self aware until the ages of 5/6 years old. There are only 3 groups of 'people' who have this 'logic', the 1st is those who adhere to the Urantia Book (seriously cracked and perverted people) and the 2nd are atheists (such as Peter Singer) then there is Moloch worshipers. We see constant protests, marches, and demands from the pro-abortion lobby. People seem to think the aborted babies are put into sweet, loving graves with pretty flowers growing on top of them.

Nothing of the sort! If they are not being chopped up for Planned Parenthood to sell (you can find clips on YouTube doing undercover stings), then they are incinerated (a hospital in Britain was caught incinerating aborted babies to 'heat the hospital'). The same M.O. from ancient times, a roundabout but acceptable sacrifice. Moloch has every reason to assume the title "Satan" because whether by design or default people are serving and sacrificing to it. A state that allows this sort of practice can be said to be at best practicing 'moral relativism' and even that description is being charitable.

So from the categories I listed at the beginning of "Argument from opposition"
1. Atheists
2. Satanists
3. Polytheists/Pagans in general
4. Solipsists/Mentally ill
5. Undefined
6. Non-Theists

In this section on Satanism have dealt with;
1. Atheists (Some may use the term 'satanist' but they are atheist)
2. Satanists (atheists who call themselves satanists, Moloch worshipers whether bt design or default)
4. Solipsists/Mentally ill (what else could you be if you are into this???)
5. Undefined (the urantia book is something that resulted from 'mental health professionals' using some guy is a sanitarium as a channel of some sort... oh just check it out... rich, elite academics from the 1920s and 30s.)

I could throw in 3. Polytheists/Pagans in general but in regards to Theistic Satanism this is actually not the case, much like in voodoo the 1st respect has to be given to Papa Legba and then you can act with your preferred loa/lwa.
And how do I know all this?
I was one of the black faithful.... and we hated atheists too, they can call themselves 'satanists' as much as they want it makes no difference.
We found that quite insulting actually.

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