Sunday 21 June 2020

My argument to prove God exists (IIa.)

The argument from opposition

Some people would classify this as under an "argument from popularity" case, but usually such arguments can be used by either side in a subject as "arguments to present proof of God". Rhetoric aside, we should examine the parties, the aims and the methods used. As I do believe that there is God, I will present an argument that part of the evidence that proves Gods' existance is the opposition to the concept of God as an independent entity.

But first I will put forth my definition of God;
I believe God to be the highest intelligence and the infinite power, God has no exclusively set form and yet can change form as it wants because there is nothing to prevent that. As it is of infinite power and intelligence there is nothing that can force or compromise God into deviation of its plans or adopting that of another. The only God I know and accept can be best simply described as the Abrahamic God, however this can come into the category of deism. Myself, if I was to apply a label to my beliefs it would be Transdeist. God can take a physical shape if it wishes and form whole or part of a seperate individual but cannot seperate from itself (think the Holy Trinity of Christianity or the God aspects of the Kabbalistic 'Tree of Life'). We have to bear in mind what was said to Moses when he asked "Who shall I said sent me?" The answer is unfortunately simplified to "I am" or "I am what I am", but the answer in Hebrew is "Eheieh Asher Eheieh" which is translated to "I am what/that I am". However it is more correct to transliterate the name as is the usual practice in Arabic and other middle-eastern languages which results in "I am what I will be".

There is no doubt that this single God is the God of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Deism as well as their splinters, factions, and variations. There may be various personalities or sides of the one and only God but its unity is one and only. But who could possibly oppose God? Let's list the categories;
1. Atheists
2. Satanists
3. Polytheists/Pagans in general
4. Solipsists/Mentally ill
5. Undefined
6. Non-Theists

Now let's examine each listing;

1.) Atheists - If we use the 'Dawkins scale' using the levels of belief for each person (1 being true theist and 7 being utter atheist) we will see that most "committed atheists" are a 6. That is they are practicing (defacto) atheists but will not rule out the possibility that God does exist, even Dawkins himself rates himself as a 6. So that is a 14.285714% chance as far as he is concerned that there is a higher entity than mankind, or what we commonly refer to as God. Those like him are not saying that the existance of God is impossible but only improbable.

One has to question the atheist obsession with God, it does seem as though they do have a private relationship with an entity which they publicly claim does not exist. On top of that they hold a hatred for those who do believe in God, but that hatred is the same as someone who hates and is resentful of someone in a relationship with a love interest. An example would be a fat, ugly girl who hates a pretty girl because 1) She is pretty and 2) She is the girlfriend of the boy who the ugly girl wants to be hers. You could go a step further and say that the atheist has a "treat them mean to keep them keen" attitude to God, they for some unknown stupid reason believe that the more they hate and deny God the more likely it will present itself to them to prove it exists. Atheists view God as some sort of lazy butler whose first priority in existance is to pander to them above everything else.

And this isn't as far fetched as you might imagine, if the atheist is a solipsist or otherwise mentally ill there is every possibility that they have this crackpot view. Remember that an atheist sees themself as the highest form of life in their 'world' of existance. They cannot and will not see themself as a 'lesser' being, they see God believers as 'lesser' beings and they see their so called 'fellow atheists' as lesser beings. An atheist cannot see anyone else (whether they are atheist or not) as the same as themself because they see themself as a "first among equals". An atheist might be living in a rubbish tip but they will continue to see themself as 'first among equals' even though they cannot (and nor care to) explain how they are living in a rubbish tip. The belief they have that their situation is just a part of 'THEIR' greater plan simply points to delusions of grandeur and/or solipsism.

They are the worst hypocrites in addition, for as much as they will ramble on about witch burnings, persecutions of gays, etc. They never mention anything about the persecutions that occurred in marxist run nation states. Nothing mentioned about the League of Militant Atheists in the Soviet Union and similar groups in other combloc countries. State sanctioned genocidal murders (and marxist states are not fond of witches or gays).

Q.) Why did the state commit these murders
A.) Because the state was atheist.

Wherever atheists take control of the state murders inevitably follow, let's exam a list of atheist headed regimes and see for ourselves;
Stalin, Pol Pot, Ali Soilih, Mussolini, Calles, Ceausescu, the Kims of North Korea, those of Communist China, etc and those who didn't care either way and are atheist by default Hitler and Castro and others like them whether capitalist or marxist.

Q.) What explains their behaviour?
A.) Moral relativism
They could not see any entity higher than themself, not even the state because as far as they were concerned they created the state. They and they alone.

But a major question to be asked is what is the atheists' definition of God? What is their concept of it? For the most part they will simply refer to the Abrahamic notion of God because of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and their derivatives), but would the likes of atheists from hinduism, zoroastrianism, deism and other non-Abrahamic beliefs/faiths hold the same definition or concept?

For as much as atheists like to 'pad up' their numbers by claiming deists, buddhists and jains under the atheist umbrella, they also have the aim of exterminating these beliefs. You could even go as far to say that the atheist end game is actually Satanic.

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