Thursday 4 August 2016

Unrestricted Magic for Christians

I am doing a series of clips concerning magic and how Christians can apply it.
It is unrestricted because I will bring my experience of Satanism and Kabbalah up. I am doing this because the 'church' knows little or nothing about the occult and atheism seems to have taken over.
Christians have a right to know about the occult and a choice to practice it, if you do it in order to serve God then how can you go wrong?

Unrestricted Magic for Christians - part 0

Unrestricted Magic for Christians - part 1

Unrestricted Magic for Christians - part 2

Unrestricted Magic for Christians - part 3

Unrestricted Magic for Christians - part 4
Unrestricted Magic for Christians - part 5

 The sephiroth of the Tree of Life with their colours in the worlds of Briah and Assiah


Kether                   White                         White with gold flecks
Chokmah               Grey                           White with red, blue and yellow flecks
Binah                     Black                          Grey with pink flecks
Chesed                  Blue                             Azure with yellow flecks
Geburah                Red                             Red with black flecks
Tiphareth              Yellow                          Amber
Netzach                Green                          Olive with gold flecks
Hod                      Orange                         Yellowish black with white flecks
Yesod                   Violet                           Citrine with azure flecks
Malkuth              Citrine                          Black rayed with yellow

In regards to the aspects of God and the Archangels in the sephiroth they are the same in all worlds.
Though I do believe that the Lord Jesus Christ of Bethlehem and Nazareth is applicable to the sephirah of Malkuth in Assiah.

Kether                      Eheieh Asher Eheieh               Metatron
Chokmah                 Jah (Jehovah)                           Ratziel
Binah                       Jehovah Elohim                        Tzaphkiel
Chesed                    El                                               Tzadkiel
Geburah                  Elohim Gibor                             Khamael
Tiphareth                Jehovah Aloah va Daath          Raphael
Netzach                  Jehovah Tzabaoth                      Haniel
Hod                         Elohim Tzabaoth                       Michael
Yesod                      Shaddai El Chai                         Gabriel
Malkuth                 Adonai Ha Aretz                        Sandalphon

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