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Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 5

I hope that I have given you a reasonable introduction to, and a description of the architecture involved with the middle pillar of the Tree of Life. With the God aspects and Archangels of the sephiroth; but to expand on that; you have the sephiroth with their virtues and vices along with their planetary influences. However you may wish to aim at a specific part of the body, so what if we could use the sephiroth but without those particular God aspects and Archangels or those particular virtues and vices; and put in its place an angel who could perform acts that are more specific to what we want or need.

We can do that with the Shem ha-Mephorash or the name of extension, these are best described as angels and there are 72 of them. Making ritual with them is also different, with the Tree of Life if we are to perform a ritual we would do so facing east regardless of the sephira involved. With the Shem ha-Mephorash we face due east and make that 0 degrees. Each angel has 5 degrees allotted to them, so 72 angels times 5 degrees = 360 degrees a complete circle. So if you have a complete and correctly ordered list and a compass with 360 degrees measured out on it, the sort of compass that you would use in hiking and reading maps then you would find the correct direction to face to perform a ritual. So you start off at 0 degrees due east and go clockwise to measure out.

As the sephira have a virtue and a vice; when you bring in an angel from the Shem ha-Mephorash into that sephira in order to perform a ritual the virtue and vice of that sephira are replaced by the virtue and vice of that angel. Another thing to consider if one wishes to use the Shem ha-Mephorash system is that the angels have zodiac signs. Starting with Aries and the 1st angel at 0 degrees we go into blocks of 6; 12 zodiac signs times 6 angels equals 72; and just to bamboozle you a bit more of the blocks of 6 the 1st 3 are daytime angels and the other 3 are night ones.

If you are doing a ritual with these angels you have to consider the angel you wish to make petiton to, if they are a daytime angel you will have to aim to perform your ritual during the daytime hours which are from sunrise to sunset. And if it is a night time angel you will seek to do a ritual from sunset to sunrise. On top of that they have zodiac signs which will either be exalted, detrimental or middle of the road with certain planetary hours. So you might find yourself doing something of a juggling act with your timing if you wish to have a specific angel for a ritual.

We would have to calculate planetary hours and it is done like this; take the time period from sunrise to sunset, convert it into minutes and divide by 12. These are your daytime planetary hours, then calculate and convert the time period between sunset and the next sunrise, divide it by 12 and these are your night time planetary hours. To check if you are correct remember that the 1st planetary hour is the same as the planet of that day, if you are calculating planetary hours for a Sunday then the 1st planetary hour from sunrise will be of the Sun. If you have calculated correctly it should lead to the 1st planetary hour from sunrise on Monday being of the Moon.

The order of planets in regards to planetary hours goes like this;
Sun> Venus> Mercury> Moon> Saturn> Jupiter> Mars.
So we have 7 planets but 24 hours, if we take this chain of planets and divide the 24 hours with it we will be able to divide it 3 times with 2 left over.
3 times 7 equals 21 so if you think there must be 3 left over its actually 2 because the 21st hour includes when it begins and when it ends. To put it into a 24 hour perspective from 21:00 till 22:00 hours is the final hour of the chain, so that leaves us 22:00 to 23:00 and 23:00 till 24:00 and then the next day begins. So look at the chain of planets, pick one planet; eg. Venus which is Friday, count 2 ahead and you will come to Saturn which is Saturday, count 2 ahead and you will come to the Sun. Keep counting 2 ahead and you will cover the entire week in the proper order.

So with the Shem ha-Mephorash you have the angels with a zodiac sign which you should check to see if they are exalted or in detriment with the day or hour you intend to use. And each angel of the Shem ha-Mephorash has a specific psalm to them which you will have to use.

While some may say that the angels of the Shem ha-Mephorash are not actually angels but rather are God forms because they can be used in a sephira; and can be thought of as personalities of God whose 'residence' is the degrees they are listed with. I find this outlook overcomplicates things, I myself prefer to think of them as angels, similar to angels in all respects but just different. Are they God forms? To that I say that they are closer to God than what we are and can be.

How to use this knowledge
Purely physical or vigil or ceremony?
We have a choice on how to apply what we have learned so far; you might lean to just using the planetary products such as foods, herbs, crystals and so on without any esoteric practice. Or you might be content with just to use the planetary products along with praying much like the catholics do with saints, the only drawbacks are that you wont be especially specific because you will be working outside of the sephira. So you will be dealing with God/Jehovah as a whole, so you might be asking God to send Raphael to heal someone but this is a quite simplistic approach. You might be praying during certain hours, using incense and candles and for all intents and purposes be conducting an informal watered down ceremony.

You might feel content with these options, due to a lack of experience or knowledge. Its your life - its your choice, but sometimes you will have to roll the dice or bet everything on the turn of a card. If you are facing a situation where either you or someone you love has a terminal illness or something similar; well really what have you got to lose?

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Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 4

Zodiac signs:

Ruling planet; Mars
Exalted; Sun
Detriment; Venus
Fall; Saturn

Ruling planet; Venus
Exalted; Moon
Detriment; Mars
Fall; Pluto

Ruling planet; Mercury
Exalted; Ascending node
Fall; Descending node
Detriment; Jupiter

Ruling planet; Moon
Exalted; Jupiter
Detriment; Saturn
Fall; Mars

Ruling planet; Sun
Detriment; Saturn

Ruling planet; Mercury
Exalted; Mercury
Detriment; Jupiter
Fall; Venus

Ruling planet; Venus
Exalted; Saturn
Detriment; Mars
Fall; Sun

Ruling planet; Mars
Exalted; Pluto
Detriment; Venus
Fall; Moon

Ruling planet; Jupiter
Exalted; Descending node
Fall; Ascending node
Detriment; Mercury

Ruling planet; Saturn
Exalted; Mars
Detriment; Moon
Fall; Jupiter

Ruling planet; Saturn
Detriment; Sun

Ruling planet; Jupiter
Exalted; Venus
Detriment; Mercury
Fall; Mercury

NB: When a Scorpio and Mars hour coincide on the mechanical hour timeline it becomes a Plutonic hour. This occurs if a Mars hour occurs during 7am Sunday and 7pm Wednesday. The duration of the Plutonic hour only lasts as long from the mechanical time until the end of the Mars planetary hour.
If an Aquarius mechanical hour (10:00 - 11:00) coincides with a Saturn hour it becomes a Uranus hour, and the same applies to a Piscean hour (11:00 - 12:00) with a Jupiter one and this will come under Neptune.

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 3

The Planets and Health;

Physiological functions;
Formation and maintenance of skin, bone structure, teeth and cartilage. Governance of the spleen, the skeleton generally and the knees in particular. The glands generally and ductless glands in particular.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Skin afflictions such as leprosy, scurvy, eczema. Restrictive afflictions such as impeded circulation, rheumatism, ankylosed joints, atrophies, spinal maladies. Maladies of congelation and solidification such as arteriosclerosis, phlebitis. Chronic health problems generally, including organic and nerve deafness.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Apathy, depression or overmastering fears, possibly sapping the natural powers of recuperation, causing afflictions of the skin, or inhibiting normal glandular action. Excessive care of material resources, which may prevent the taking of early or adequate curative measures.

Physiological functions;
Maintenance of cellular development. Integration and preservation of the soft tissues of the body, the intestines in particular with the liver and the digestive processes; the region of the hips and thighs; the arteries; the feet.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Afflictions of the heart and liver, high blood pressure, varicose veins, apoplexy, stroke. Excess weight. Fatty degeneration. Diabetes. Pleurisy. Disorders of the teeth.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Heedless self-indulgence, particularly in matters of food, drink, and indolence, so as to impair the bodys powers of resistance; however those powers where there is an overabundance of Jupiterian influence will also tend to be unusually robust.

Physiological functions;
Development and well-being of limbs and external organs (the nose, the ears as regards their health and safety; the external sexual organs); the excretory systems; the gall bladder; the red corpuscles of the blood; the motor nerves; the region of the face. Regulation of metallic trace elements in the system, and of energy levels.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Inflammation of accidental injuries. Hemorrhage. Smallpox and eruptive maladies generally. Infectious and contagious sicknesses generally; those in particular which produce acute fever. Neuralgia. Hyperactivity. Hypertension.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Anger, obstinacy, excitability, frustration, can be sufficient to cause malfunction in the nervous and glandular systems, thus opening the way to injury or infection.

Physiological functions;
Governance of the heart, the eyes as regards to their health and safety (traditionally the right eye in males and the left eye in females); the upper region of the back, the circulation of the blood and the distribution of all vital fluids. Generation and maintenance of life energy; the growth of children and young people.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Just as the visible and measurable radiations of the Sun can, by their intensity harm in the living organism the very faculties and qualities which they have nutured, so do the Suns' occult powers act similarly. Disorders of the hearts' action, whether of the nature of simple palpitations or angina. Spinal afflictions, particularly those affecting the upper back. Bilious ailments and those affecting the spleen. Ills affecting the eyes, other than optical maladjustments. Fevers producing delirium.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Superabundance of vital energies can disorganise the structures and rhythms of their physical vehicle: or powerful inner vision may turn the psyche away from earthly seeing.

Physiological functions;
Governance of the internal sexual organs generally, the kidneys, the veins generally; the mouth, throat and sinuses, the neck generally, the lower region of the back. The lymphatic system. The skin as regards its functions in breathing, absorption and exudation. The nerves and muscles generally as regards tone and relaxation. Health and well-being of scalp and hair.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Tonsilitis, goiter, ailments of the throat generally. Maladies affecting the kidneys or lymphatic system. Fibrositis of neck and shoulder. Lumbago. Cramps generally. Venereal ailments generally.

Pathological effects (psychic);
The reality of health may be neglected while its appearance is cultivated. Strong emotions may disrupt the regimen, in particular through a 'compensating' indulgence.

Physiological functions;
Governance of cerebrospinal nervous system and to some extent the sympathetic systems; the organs of respiration and speech, the ears as regards hearing: nervous and muscular co-ordination. Hands and arms generally; the tactile sense; gesture as communication. The thyroid gland with its various functions. The region of the waist. The functioning of the brain-mind faculties, as memory, association, deduction, etc.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Maladies associated with the nerves, as neurasthenia, amnesia, asthma, speech disorders. Bronchitis. Laryngitis. Abnormal conditions of the thyroid. Shingles. Any accident or condition affecting hands, arms or waist. Nervous tic.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Somnambulism, taking in the sleep. Periods of intense study may cause or increase problems relating to digestion or respiration.

Physiological functions;
Secretion and utilisations of fluids: tears, saliva, digestive fluids, sexual secretions and impregnation, the processes of birth. Governance of all life rythms. The substance of the brain. The sympathetic nervous systems. The uterus. The stomach and the alimentary canal. The lungs. All mucous surfaces.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Maladies relating to accumulation of body fluids; abscesses, tumours, etc. Womens' disorders. Afflictions of the stomach. Chest colds and coughs. Pneumonia. Allegies. Epilepsy. Recurring ailments generally.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Irrational fears, obsessions (in the psychological meaning of the word), prejudices of any kind, if dwelt upon, may prevent a full exercise of lifes healthful and healing potentials. Conditions such as anorexia nervosa can give the imagination dominance not only over the rational mind but also over the body related instincts. Depression and pessimism, if allowed to prevail, can lower the bodys' resistance to infection.

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 2

Meaning; Crown
God aspect; Eheieh Asher Eheieh (I am what I will be)
Archangel; Metatron (Angel of the presence)
Planet; Milky Way
Atziluth - White
Briah - White
Yetzirah - White
Assiah - White flecked gold

Incense; Ambergris [or 'regal' smelling incense eg. Opium]
Gems and crystals; None specific
Herbs; None specific
Virtue; Attainment
Vice; None

Meaning; Beauty
God aspect; Jehovah Aloah va Daath (Jehovah the God of Knowledge)
Archangel; Raphael (Gods' healer)
Planet; Sun
Atziluth - Rose Pink
Briah - Yellow
Yetzirah - Salmon Pink
Assiah - Amber

Incense; Frankincense, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Heliotropin
Gems and crystals; Topaz, Citrine, Zircon (blue or white), Tiger eye, Chrysoberyl
Herbs; Cumin, Celery, Rice, Rosemary, St. Johns Wort, Sunflower, Vines (grape)
Virtue; Devotion to the great work
Vice; Pride

Meaning; Foundation
God aspect; Shaddai El Chai (Almighty living God)
Archangel; Gabriel (God is my strength)
Planet; Moon
Atziluth - Indigo
Briah - Violet
Yetzirah - Dark purple
Assiah - Citrine flecked with azure

Incense; Camphor, Jasmine
Gems and crystals; Beryl, Moonstone, Alexandrite, Pearl
Herbs/Plants; Beans, Cabbage, Corn, Cucumber, Daffodil, Kale, Lentils, Lettuce, Mandrake, Melon, Mushroom, Peas, Pumpkin, Spinach, TurnipSquash (Courgette and marrow), Turnip, Water chestnut, Watercress
Virtue; Independance
Vice; Idleness

Meaning; Kingdom
God aspect; Adonai ha-Aretz (Lord of the Earth)
Archangel; Sandalphon
Planet; Earth
Atziluth - Yellow
Briah - Citrine (or russet)
Yetzirah - Citrine (or russet) flecked with gold
Assiah - Black rayed with yellow

Incense; Dittany of crete [or 'earthly' smelling incense]
Gems and crystals; None specific
Herbs/Plants; None specific [pomegranate fruit may be applicable]
Virtue; Discrimination
Vice; Inertia

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 1

I will divide this subject of the middle pillar mostly between 2 sephiroth, those being Tiphareth and Yesod. There are 4 sephiroth in the middle pillar of the Tree of Life; these are Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod and Malkuth. The kabbalah is a mechanism that involves the aspects of God who we know as Jehovah, these aspects are available to be interacted with through the sephiroth and each sephira has its own Archangel.

And each sephira is anchored to a planetary aspect; in the middle pillar Kether is anchored to the Milky Way. Tiphareth is anchored to the Sun, Yesod is anchored to the Moon and Malkuth is anchored to this Earth. The planetary aspects are important concerning Tiphareth and Yesod because of planetary hours and zodiac signs, there is also the governance of physical and mental health, herbs, vegetables, fruit, and crystals etc. As I intend to make the issue of health the main focus of this subject you should know that the other sephiroth are subject to these as well and these things have to be examined if you wish to be applying to a specific ailment or area.

In this first section we will look at where the middle pillar and its sephiroth come in. Then which planets govern what in physical, mental and spiritual areas, after that we will look at the zodiac signs.

And from there we will examine ways to apply it all together.

But before that I want to say why I am talking about the application of practical kabbalah in health. In this day and age with the technology and experience that this world has we should be rid of most diseases and illnesses, but in fact they seem to be varying and increasing. We have an increasing amount of people on one medication or another and its not just physical illnesses increasing because we have the same applying to mental conditions with their syndromes and disorders. Physical disorders do bring mental side effects and mental disorders bring about physical side effects.

Tiphareth can be used to deal with physical disorders and Yesod can be used for mental ones, looking at the Tree of Life we can see its 3 pillars. The right hand pillar is the pillar of mercy which is masculine and active, the left hand pillar is feminine and passive and is called the pillar of judgment. The middle pillar is equalibrium and mild.

The male pillar has sephira that are mostly associated with the feminine, and the reverse applies in the female pillar.

Both Tiphareth and Yesod are in the middle pillar along with Kether and Malkuth, we can say that Kether does not lean to either male or female and is above the male/female concept but can change to either. Malkuth has both male and female simultaneously where it is earthed as we see in the physical division of the sexes.

Tiphareth can be deemed to be of the masculine and Yesod can be deemed to be of the feminine, we can look at their planetary alignments. For Tiphareth it is the Sun and for Yesod it is the Moon, as Kether does not have a planetary alignment and Malkuth is aligned to this Earth we can see that there is balance in the middle pillar.

As Tiphareth is aligned to the Sun then it would best be served by having any ritual performed during a Sunday and during a Sun planetary hour, but this would be limited and would lean to what is general physical health and not for a specific ailment. Another thing to consider is the zodiac sign of the person for whom a ritual is conducted. 

The Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries, but is in detriment in Aquarius and falls in Libra. So  Aquarians and Librans have to lessen the impact of the Sun in their consideration, while Sunday has the influence of the Sun it is only in general.

Planetary hours are more specific and more concentrated, this is due to the zodiac signs. So if Aquarians and Librans want to use Tiphareth it is best for them to do so on Sunday but use the hour of another planet in a ritual. The benefit of doing this by anyone (regardless of their zodiac sign) is that one can apply a ritual to a specific area, but for that we have to know which planets cover what and whether they complement or conflict with zodiac signs.

The sephira of Chokmah governs the zodiac.

Generally with purely physical illnesses we should look at physical solutions, but this is really just for trivial matters. In any event of illness or injury one should get a compentant diagnosis whether from a doctor or someone else with some sort of medical experience. In most cases illnesses and injuries can be treated in a simple manner which has been tried and tested. However for illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, hiv/aids and things such as spinal injuries which are deemed terminal or unfixable then using occult magic is really the last card in the deck.

People with terminal or disabling injuries will also be subject to mental stress because of despair or a dependence on pain killers or a combination of both. As far as I know no mental illness has been cured, what passes as mental health treatment is really just a regimen of pills with occasional psychologist or social worker visits. So as far as I'm concerned using kabbalah or indeed any other occult system is no less valid than the status quo of standard medical practice. Nothing is impossible only improbable, and with Jehovah all things are possible.

With Yesod we see that it is anchored to the Moon which is traditionally associated with female activity; and thus it deemed having a feminine leaning in the middle pillar. While it can be mostly aimed at dealing with mental conditions, it does deal with physical issues as well.

As Malkuth is also of the middle pillar its virtue of discrimination can be used to make hard decisions, though if you are contemplating practical kabbalah you most likely have used this virtue anyway. 

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Christian Science - its future?

Christian Science - its future?

I do on occasion go to Christian Science church services and lectures, the reason I prefer Christian Science as my "religion" is because it is unorthodox, open minded and available to all without needing previous experience. Unlike other alleged Christian churches it is relatively free of dogma and does not beat its congregation over the head with tenets. I like the Christian Science church and I dont want to see it disappear, this is the reason I am writing this.

Although its opponents would like to portray it as a cult, this is simply wrong to the point where it is libelous and plain slander. The CS church makes no demands on anyone, neither does it control or spy on its adherants and it is not involved in politics. Although CS is more known for its attitude towards medicine rather than anything else, what the critics fail to mention is that CS has not and does not prevent adherants from seeing doctors or seeking medical treatment. CS believes that God is the ultimate healer and I believe this too, and healing is for all types of illness whether they are physical, mental or spiritual. We actually dont see 'healing' in medical establishments we see patients have the effects of their illnesses reduced, the diseases and cancers never fully go away but have been reduced to minutely small level and the pain from these germs and bacteria etc cannot be felt to the extent that they interfere in ones life. But eventually they will grow to an extant where the same conditions will replicate as before. We dont see cures or healings but a continuous cycle in the same manner as 'wash, lather, rinse, repeat'.

We have never seen one mental illness cured, all we have seen is people doped up to the stage where they are neither a threat to others or themselves. As for spirituality?

Medical 'professionals' will be the first to tell you that this is not their concern, if it involves God then it is not applicable and does not matter. All issues related to healing should be done from a holistic level because that is how you heal and cure people and not by having them on another continuous cycle of pills, drugs, psychologists and other 'specialists'.

I ask... "How is it that despite all the advancement in science and all the money spent in research and development that we are still seeing the same diseases reappear but with more debilitating effects which in turn require stronger medications?" Why is it that poor people suffer the most from these reoccurring diseases but the rich suffer for a lesser time? The only answer is what drives those in the medical profession especially now and that is money. It is not in the interests of the pharmaceutical companies for people to be cured, but rather for them to be physically or mentally addicted or dependant as it is a continuous revenue source. If people are not sick or in pain then they are out of business, the same applies to doctors and medical centres. The same also applies to psychiatrists and psychologists in regards to mental illness patients and indeed we see all manner of new 'syndromes' every day. These truly are industries of misery.

And they are growing as well, one only has to observe the patients of a medical centre over a 2 week period and one will see a pattern of the same people coming from one to two times a week. It becomes a social function of its own, if you dont have money for gambling and drinking and dont feel like waiting every week for a church service then all you have to do is go to a medical clinic with psychosomatic 'illnesses'. The illness is the entry fee for this 'nightclub', and if you are left feeling unsatisfied with the social clique there then it is easy to find another clinic. This is doctor shopping much in the same way one might find a club to belong to or a bar or a church or some sort of social outlet. If the physical illness is insufficient for the entry fee then a psychological illness is just as good, if neither illness can be conveyed then things take a drastic turn and then we see Munchausens' by proxy arise. In that we see parents deliberately placing their children in positions of risk, even worse we see cases of parents poisoning their children.

All this is done in order to get attention and we still see this now, but in the new wave case we see parents telling everyone that their child 'feels' and 'identifies' as the opposite gender. Whether the child agrees to this or not is irrelevant because until the child becomes a legal adult the parent makes all decisions for them on a legal basis. Even worse that that is that the state will recognise and protect the parents choice and while a child might be required to take a psychological assessment, the parent is not.

So today we can see hypochondria, child abuse and mental illness being protected and championed by the state, infact we could see it as another variant of Munchausens by proxy in that the state seeks to 'rectify' a political based illness by transferring that illness to the responsibility of celebrities who are the new doctors. In turn they will convince people that they are ill or are prone to illness and must be cured by the state.
So we have the same scenario with different players.

We have the state replacing the pharmaceutical manufacturers and celebrities replacing doctors, and we have physical solutions for non physical ailments. The 'disease' can be redefined by the state to match the 'medicines' they have, and a doctor can only prescribe from the menu of pills that the pharmaceutical manufacturers have on display. Or in this case the celebrities will only prescribe from what the state offers and these are social exclusion, fines, prison and ultimately death. Death is the end process from the illness of a loss of hope, it is rapid and quick and covers the spiritual, mental and physical. The state 'cure' for this requires an altering of the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a person, the cure is to have the person abandon and reverse their innate nature. To become a new 'another' person, another cog in the groupthink machine.

None of this is new as the former communist countries can attest to

There are some criticisms of CS some of which are just badmouthing from 'cult busters' and rival religious organisations, but some of them are really misinterpretations of ideas and terms used by CS. However all accusations and criticism should and must be answered, so now I will deal with these issues without favour or bias because all things should be out in the open. The CS church is responsible for some of these issues because they will not call out accusers, the church is pretty much pacifist and in this day and age this is pretty much a suicidal position to take. I think the main problem is the constant use of 19th century American-English idioms and syntax in publications which are not explained in the current context and without explanation as to how they can be applied today. In addition an indepth analysis of the ideas and faith of Mary Baker Eddy is not explained to the extent it should be, although if done it may portray CS as 'not Christian' the fact is most mainstream Christian churches see it as not Christian. To give this analysis would give CS adherants and the public in general a point of reference which most mainstream churches do not do, or if they have they only give a particular version of their references and none of them are the same as other mainstream churches.

CS may have factors of New Thought and other things deemed occult, but to discuss these things openly would make it more attractive to people who do believe in God but have become defacto atheists due to their dissatisfaction and alienation from churches they may have identified as or raised in. Actually I do accuse the churches of today functioning more as political and racial based cults which have replaced spirituality with ideology which can only be enacted on in a purely physical level. These sort of churches should register as political parties and not religions.

Spirituality is the main driving force behind CS, some critics will say that CS is pantheist because CS says God is 'All in all'. But yet we see stupid stories of people claiming to see Jesus in a cheese sandwich, or seeing the Virgin Mary in a cloud. Whether these sightings are based on fact or not does not give these people or their particular religion the base to say that CS is pantheist. Lets look at the CS saying that God is All in all. CS believes that God is a spiritual being and that all things that come into being are the result of God either directly creating (as in Jesus Christ) or else coming into existance due to the formula and order that he/she has put in. CS sees God as the Father/Mother of all existance, if God was purely a male father being then with whom did he procreate? It simply would not be possible if we view creation from a purely physical human point of view. As God is a spiritual entity/being then the issue of gender would not be necessary it would only be necessary as to how humans would perceive and relate to God.

In a purely spiritual level issue such as gender, genitalia and even gender fluidity could not be an issue or have any logical reason to be need on such a level. If it were then it would by default assume that spiritual entities would be engaging in physical activities such as sexual activity. The same can be said for money and other material gain, while many people may believe in God and heaven they only believe in both as some sort of concept. At moments they may engage in deep thinking concerning this but this thinking usually occurs when they are by themselves without external interference. But yet when they interact with groups of other people they will unknowingly and even unwillingly fall into and get swallowed by groupthink, they will then lower themselves down to the most base level in order to be equal with others in the group. And in that group the most malignant person by nature will be the leader of that group who is the one the low standard will be based on.

The issue of nature, personality and spirit are deemed irrelevant because it now accepted that "might is right" and we see this is in the leaders of organizations, workplaces and nations. Yes these types of people have always been in positions of power because they are drawn to and become addicted to power. But power cannot infinitely sustain itself by itself, it has to replenish and in order to plan replenishment there has to be logic and rationale in the planning. Today we see logic and rationale being side lined and replaced by emotion, and in order to indoctrinate others in emotions.... physical force and coercion has to be applied.

There is no coercion, physical violence or threats of any sorts in Christian Science because these things simply do not apply nor need to be. And nor are they desired in the church. 

This will be continued as I am sick of these people getting a bum rap