Friday 21 July 2017

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 1

I will divide this subject of the middle pillar mostly between 2 sephiroth, those being Tiphareth and Yesod. There are 4 sephiroth in the middle pillar of the Tree of Life; these are Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod and Malkuth. The kabbalah is a mechanism that involves the aspects of God who we know as Jehovah, these aspects are available to be interacted with through the sephiroth and each sephira has its own Archangel.

And each sephira is anchored to a planetary aspect; in the middle pillar Kether is anchored to the Milky Way. Tiphareth is anchored to the Sun, Yesod is anchored to the Moon and Malkuth is anchored to this Earth. The planetary aspects are important concerning Tiphareth and Yesod because of planetary hours and zodiac signs, there is also the governance of physical and mental health, herbs, vegetables, fruit, and crystals etc. As I intend to make the issue of health the main focus of this subject you should know that the other sephiroth are subject to these as well and these things have to be examined if you wish to be applying to a specific ailment or area.

In this first section we will look at where the middle pillar and its sephiroth come in. Then which planets govern what in physical, mental and spiritual areas, after that we will look at the zodiac signs.

And from there we will examine ways to apply it all together.

But before that I want to say why I am talking about the application of practical kabbalah in health. In this day and age with the technology and experience that this world has we should be rid of most diseases and illnesses, but in fact they seem to be varying and increasing. We have an increasing amount of people on one medication or another and its not just physical illnesses increasing because we have the same applying to mental conditions with their syndromes and disorders. Physical disorders do bring mental side effects and mental disorders bring about physical side effects.

Tiphareth can be used to deal with physical disorders and Yesod can be used for mental ones, looking at the Tree of Life we can see its 3 pillars. The right hand pillar is the pillar of mercy which is masculine and active, the left hand pillar is feminine and passive and is called the pillar of judgment. The middle pillar is equalibrium and mild.

The male pillar has sephira that are mostly associated with the feminine, and the reverse applies in the female pillar.

Both Tiphareth and Yesod are in the middle pillar along with Kether and Malkuth, we can say that Kether does not lean to either male or female and is above the male/female concept but can change to either. Malkuth has both male and female simultaneously where it is earthed as we see in the physical division of the sexes.

Tiphareth can be deemed to be of the masculine and Yesod can be deemed to be of the feminine, we can look at their planetary alignments. For Tiphareth it is the Sun and for Yesod it is the Moon, as Kether does not have a planetary alignment and Malkuth is aligned to this Earth we can see that there is balance in the middle pillar.

As Tiphareth is aligned to the Sun then it would best be served by having any ritual performed during a Sunday and during a Sun planetary hour, but this would be limited and would lean to what is general physical health and not for a specific ailment. Another thing to consider is the zodiac sign of the person for whom a ritual is conducted. 

The Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries, but is in detriment in Aquarius and falls in Libra. So  Aquarians and Librans have to lessen the impact of the Sun in their consideration, while Sunday has the influence of the Sun it is only in general.

Planetary hours are more specific and more concentrated, this is due to the zodiac signs. So if Aquarians and Librans want to use Tiphareth it is best for them to do so on Sunday but use the hour of another planet in a ritual. The benefit of doing this by anyone (regardless of their zodiac sign) is that one can apply a ritual to a specific area, but for that we have to know which planets cover what and whether they complement or conflict with zodiac signs.

The sephira of Chokmah governs the zodiac.

Generally with purely physical illnesses we should look at physical solutions, but this is really just for trivial matters. In any event of illness or injury one should get a compentant diagnosis whether from a doctor or someone else with some sort of medical experience. In most cases illnesses and injuries can be treated in a simple manner which has been tried and tested. However for illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, hiv/aids and things such as spinal injuries which are deemed terminal or unfixable then using occult magic is really the last card in the deck.

People with terminal or disabling injuries will also be subject to mental stress because of despair or a dependence on pain killers or a combination of both. As far as I know no mental illness has been cured, what passes as mental health treatment is really just a regimen of pills with occasional psychologist or social worker visits. So as far as I'm concerned using kabbalah or indeed any other occult system is no less valid than the status quo of standard medical practice. Nothing is impossible only improbable, and with Jehovah all things are possible.

With Yesod we see that it is anchored to the Moon which is traditionally associated with female activity; and thus it deemed having a feminine leaning in the middle pillar. While it can be mostly aimed at dealing with mental conditions, it does deal with physical issues as well.

As Malkuth is also of the middle pillar its virtue of discrimination can be used to make hard decisions, though if you are contemplating practical kabbalah you most likely have used this virtue anyway. 

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