Monday 14 June 2021

More from Defending the Crown (script in progress)


As I have previously noted I am not a big reader of passages in the Bible and so on. The only part that is really of concern to me are the Psalms, and that is because of their use in the Kabbalah and other occult practices. In relation to the upcoming Anti-Christ I prefer to listen to other peoples opinions, not so much as of clergy but people you encounter on the street. From this I have encountered ways of thinking about this issue that I had either forgotten, dismissed, or put it into the category of "possible but unlikely". But as time and circumstances change as well as thinking of mankind, I like the people on the street I have encountered have seen (and continue to see) the odds on these "unlikely" occurances and events shorten day by day.

As I am an ex-Satanist and have mentioned in previous ebooks that pre-empting Judgment Day was/is a major target I think it is only appropiate and proper for me to inform you about the issue of the Anti-Christ and occurances that will occur or at least have the real potential to do so. Firstly I will tell you about the issue of the Anti-Christ. Most people who take an interest in this (and decreasing more and more everyday due to atheism and apostasy) are of the belief that the Anti-Christ issue will be a "one shot, one trick pony", nothing could be further from the truth. There is no designated "Anti-Christ", there is no designated personal name and neither a designated time or place for its appearance. That is because the one that is chosen (and accepts) to hold that title will come from a continuous "pool" of potential candidates. Just as there were/are prophets who had no inkling as to what they were to be, the same applies to the Anti-Christ, the reason being that if the identity of such a person was known then they would be killed (most likely by a human believer in God). But also because if the person realised who they are, there is the possibility that they might repent of anything they were designated for and fight against the realm of Satan. The benefit to have such a person not knowing their planned destiny is that they would achieve actions that would place them in a higher position in worldly structures and they would be less likely to engage in actions that may compromise their planned destiny.

So yes, there is a continuous talent pool throughout the world at any given time. They may aspire to be the Anti-Christ or know it could be their destiny, or they may have no knowledge or anything resembling a desire for it. Was I a "potential candidate" for such a position? In all honesty I cannot give you an answer because I was never told anything either way. I extremely doubt I would be a potential candidate now, I have 'defected' twice and it was made known to me when I wrote my first ebook (Creed of Assiah) that it did not matter because no-one would believe me or care. And that seems to be the case, atheism and apostasy have full sway and anything that may cause the "dark powers" any concern is simply put into the category of "mental illness"; especially in the West.

Some people who do believe that the Anti-Christ will appear probably have a masculine "Donald Trump" type of man in mind because of what they read in Revelations. Again this is subject to change, especially now. With the "transgender" revolution that has overtaken the Western world, it has also provided another avenue to inject more candidates into the pool. A man can grow a full beard, put on lipstick, wear a dress, and will be considered in social and increasingly in legal realms to be a "woman". It is humans who by their acceptance of such "redefining" of biology who by default approve of such an Anti-Christ, and if those who believe in God convince themselves and others that the Anti-Christ could not possibly be this type of human then are they awaiting something that has already appeared? Transgender, transsexual, transvestite, regardless of someones personal tastes/lifestyle such people most probably will (if not already) be potential candidates in the "pool". And looking at the West today if such a person did get into such a position they would be honoured in the media and this will spread into various social circles and realms. Bruce (Kyle) Jenner was made a "woman of the year" and "Cate" McGregor is a media personality, both are seriously high "media darlings" and both are post-op transsexuals. So yes, the potential is there and it is another avenue.

So the Anti-Christ cannot be defined as a "man" but rather as an "entity", much in the same way angels and djinn do not have physical genitalia. In another previous ebook of mine "Taking, Holding, Keeping - Possession and Exorcism Today" I gave readers a way to discover the "gender" of such beings (it is through their name and the letters within it are deemed either male or female). Do I know all the potential candidates (past, present and future)? No, as I said the talent pool is constantly being altered according to circumstances. It would be extremely difficult to slay all of the monsters of the world by yourself, but the odds would improve once you have increased your backup in this. I cannot name all monsters.

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