Saturday 12 June 2021

From my new upcoming ebook - Defending the Crown

I was not satisfied with what I had put forward. But when I re-edit it, it will be available.

This is a draft from my upcoming ebook titled "Defending the Crown", it is for people who want to defend the honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Your feedback is welcome.

Chapter 1
This text is dedicated to all those faithful to God. Whether they be past, present or in the future. But above all things it is dedicated to God, its aspects whether they be known as the Holy Trinity or the Tree of Life or Allah - the unity of God is one. It is also dedicated to the prophets, saints and especially Saint Joseph and his wife the Blessed Virgin Mary.
I have decided to write this text as a manual to guide you in defending the reputation of the Virgin Mary. Some may be asking is this sort of thing really necessary? The fact of the matter is yes, although the Virgin Mary is in heaven she is still available to those who call on her. She is a woman who gave birth to and raised the Lord Jesus Christ along with Joseph her husband, she understands and relates to our problems and needs as she was a type of human that we all have the potential to be. She is well respected, honoured, and indeed loved by many, many, people across the world.

But there are those who hate her and seek to erase her from history and indeed human consciousness. Their reasons may be varied and with some they have no reason at all. So I will examine her enemies and give tactics that I think will be useful against them. While some of you will say this is not appropriate and all that is needed is to say more rosaries and prayers, to that I say rosaries and prayers are part of your arsenal but not the whole. There will be those who will say that the Virgin Mary is purely a Catholic thing or at least a purely Christian thing. And to that I say that she is respected by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and indeed others. The Virgin Mary even has a Sura (chapter) named after her in the Koran. She is mentioned more times in the Koran than the Bible!

This will not be a 'kumbayah' tract so don't expect any instructions on having a group hug or recipes for herbal tea. As far as I'm concerned the enemies of the Virgin Mary are worse than rabid feral dogs. The purpose of anything with rabies is to transmit and infect those who do not have rabies. I could say that you should simply hunt down and 'dispose' of these types of beings, but to avoid legal problems for myself and Smashwords (as well as for you and anyone reading, hosting and handing/transmitting this) I will not. We first have to exhaust all 'passive' and non-violent tactics and actions before considering anything further, and if we are persistant and competant in what we do then we won't have to. I am not expecting this ebook/text to be the end all and indeed I would be disappointed if others did not want to improve on it.
Simple fact is that this is a war manual because this is indeed a war. There is no point in denying that we have enemies who would eradicate everything to do with our faith, and eradicate us as well.

I do recommend that you download the previous ebooks I have written, "Creed of Assiah" and "Taking, Holding, Keeping - Possession and Exorcism Today" (both free on In fact I strongly recommend that you download various ebooks of this nature as the cancer of atheism continues to enslave the world. We are seeing such types of writings being erased from the internet and indeed from the realm of printed matter. Such ebooks should be downloaded onto a USB stick and can be transferable between different computers as well as being able to be hidden, which might and will be a necessity in the future given the way society is "progressing".

As a former Satanist I can tell you that we have a somewhat strange hate/respect relationship with her. "The Son will never deny the Mother and the Mother will always defend the Son" is a type of mindset we had in relation to her. Indeed, as so called "Xtianity" simply redefines the Lord Jesus Christ to fit whatever popular narrative is fashionable at the time and is made 'socially acceptable'. We have seen and continue to see the Lord Jesus Christ portrayed as everything from a "ruthless turbo capitalist" to a "sexually ambiguous tofu smoking hippie". The Virgin Mary was never subject to such a defamatory campaign, but as we see the denigration of the Lord Jesus Christ not only defended on a social level but also on a political level it can now be deemed the time to "wrap up" the offensive. Have the Anti-Christ also accepted on a social and political level, pre-empt Judgment Day by establishing Hell on Earth, essentially make "Revelations" null and void.
As a former Satanist I can tell you that I was indeed told that the most dangerous enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ, the ones who would do the most damage to his reputation and Christianity as a whole were the very people who publicly proclaim to be the most loyal and faithful to him and the church. And indeed that is the case.

An example of such a thing can be demonstrated by a question that was asked of me by a Muslim. He quite reasonably asked this question "If Jesus Christ returned tomorrow would all the Christian churches believe and accept him?" He pointed out that the teachings of Revelations and what is being said from the pulpit have no relation and to a very large extent can appear contradictory, and indeed they do. Furthermore he continued "What if all the churches rejected Jesus because of how he might act which would contradict official church teaching?" It is a fair and valid question, every sect or denomination of Christianity believes that they alone have the 'true' understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and that everyone else is either a schismatic, heretic, apostate, unredeemable or basically going to Hell.

Yet as we see religious organisations, indeed all organisation have decided that social and political capital is the investment of choice and plan their "future" expantion based on this. The issue of spirituality is deemed irrelevant because it is deemed a "bad investment" because there is no financial benefit from spirituality itself but rather from those who adhere to the teachings of various "religious" organisations. Modern "Christianity" (more correctly Xtianity) can be placed along the same lines of ancient Egyptian cults or else Zionism, either of which makes any claims by these various cults (which is what they are, and in a bad sense) to be the true representative of the Lord Jesus Christ in both words and action null and void.

The proper practice for any Muslim when they find any confusing or contradictory passages in the Koran is to consult other Muslims and indeed the Iman/Mufti of the mosque they attend. If no satisfaction is found in any of this, they are to consult the New Testament. For Christians (and indeed anyone else) if there is any doubt regarding an individual who claims or gives the image or impression they are the Lord Jesus Christ they should at least go through a similar practice (the Old Testament would be the text to consult). But at the end of the day apart from the one and only Almighty God and/or Archangels and Angels it is the Virgin Mary who can confirm whether the Lord Jesus Christ has returned to this Earth in this world without any shadow of a doubt.

Even though the actions of God, Archangels, Angels and the Virgin Mary would put any issue regarding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ into the space of "absolutely confirmed without doubt" as to the truth or falsehood of any claimant, it does not provide a justification to be lazy or indifferent regarding this. I myself (among many others) are absolutely sick and tired of the "Jesus will fix everything up, so I don't have to worry about this" excuse that gets spewed out by these sorts of "believers". And we see the results of this and will continue to see this increase; atheism, apostasy, sexual deviancy, UFO/global warming/nutjob cults, and so on.

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