Tuesday 28 July 2020

Another chapter from upcoming ebook (chapter 3.)

Chapter 3

If we do suspect there is a matter of possession of an individual because of things they say or do, then we first must examine any possible physical causes. If there is evidence that leads us to believe that the cause of an individuals’ behaviour is indeed physical then we must empirically measure that cause and the effects resulting from that cause and the condition resulting from it. The physical well being of such an individual is just as important as the mental and spiritual well being of that person. There has to be a process of elimination and deduction which has to be applied in a systematic manner. From this we might find that a physical condition has lead to a mental condition which in turn manifests as a spiritual condition.

It is simply wrong to declare that everything that is wrong in a person is because of the devil, maybe the root cause of a series of conditions and circumstances has a satanic factor but unless we go backwards in identifying and eliminating factors then we will not identify that satanic factor nor be able to deal with other factors which will remain unidentified. There should never be a case of "operation was successful but the patient is dead".

I want to empathise at this point that we are dealing with the possession of a physical body by a djinni and not the activities of dybbuks who haunt people and places; Dybbuks do not possess or 'bonejack' bodies (as a rule but as they are still djinn they might attempt this, this will most likely occur on an atheist who will then approach the person the dybbuk "clings" to in order to convey a message or have 'interaction' with that person). Possession of a body may be an on going matter or a temporary/momentarily one, during my time as a theistic Satanist I had a few occasions where strangers would approach me and give me money for no reason. I very much doubt they understood or remembered those moments, that is because they did not control any aspect of their physical being. Most likely they were atheists and were not entitled to any protection especially if they openly renounced God and did not care to acknowledge anything to do with Satan.

Does atheism invite possession? I think it is better to say that it advertises that a body is available to be possessed, but does not guarantee it. So now let us look at possible causes, the results of which may be mistakenly identified as "possession".

* Brain tumours - These may interfere with segments of the brain which control speech, memory and judgment.
* Pathogens - Virii and microbes may travel in the bloodstream and enter into the brain killing brain matter or developing cysts or else develop conditions which interfere with the brain; Syphilis is an example.
* Circulation problems - If there is an interference of blood flow it may deny oxygen to the brain.
* Neurological disorders - Disturbance in relation to the nerves may manifest in various 'fits'; epilepsy would be an example.
* Allergies - Some people can become hypersensitive to common chemicals which have no effect on 99.9% of other people, reactions to these chemicals can be devastating or fatal. Substances such as lead or the likes of a 'toxic house syndrome' might be mistaken as possession or mental illness by those unaffected by those chemicals and substances.
* Drugs - Both legal and illegal and including those of varying classification. With legal drugs we are dealing with the likes of pharmaceutical prescription drugs and these may include the likes of sedatives and tranquilisers. In addition there is the issue of multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors concerning multiple illnesses. These days it is of no surprise to find someone taking pills for 'anxiety' while at the same time taking pills for a heart condition. On top of that we have the situation where pharmaceutical companies may alter ingredients and recipes for their prescription drugs without the knowledge or understanding of the doctors and patients of these alterations.
In regards to illegal drugs the users of them may be prone to psychosis and paranoia. LSD, methamphetamines (ice) and even marijuana have long term affects resulting from long term use. Street drugs may be altered or 'cut' with a variety of substances without any regard for the users of those drugs, they may be cut with things like baking soda, cleaning products or other pharmaceuticals.
As to substances that are of an uncertain status such as imitation street drugs, these substances are purely artificial and comprise of varying chemical compounds which have been altered so as not to be of the exact same chemical compound as illegal drugs. These 'drugs' imitate the effects of LSD, marijuana, amphetamines among others. We also have to consider and take in that people may be combining various drugs (whether legal or illegal) and that includes alcohol.

* Psychiatric diagnosed illnesses - These are the classic mental illnesses such as manic depression (now generally referred to as bi-polar), schizophrenia and paranoia. Although these are separate conditions you will find that some of those who have these conditions will have the classic symptoms of more than one condition simultaneously (an example being paranoid schizophrenia).
* Various psychological conditions - Myself I think that a lot of these conditions are the result of a victimhood mindset as well as crooked mental health professionals seeking to increase their list of 'clients'. The usual treatment for these ‘conditions’ is usually tranquilisers and sedatives like Prozac and Xanax.
* Sexual abuse - Children and indeed adults who are subjected to repeated sexual abuse may be traumatised to the extent that they may have 'out of body' experiences or else develop separate personalities.
* Near death experience - Something of this nature may lead someone to examine and question their life, and indeed reject the current status quo and indeed their lifestyle or even their persona.
* Isolation - Whether it is because of a shipwreck, solitary confinement in prison, having to reside in a remote location or else lacking the social skills to interact with other people. Then it would not be unreasonable to expect that ones imagination would come into constant use or indeed overuse.
* Gaslighting - People may choose to engage in psychological warfare against someone in order to cause doubt, anxiety and to even question their own sanity. One could include hypnosis in this category.
* Attention seeking - Yes this happens and as we have seen and will continue to see that people will engage in all manner of activities in order to get attention.
* Compulsive liars - Those whom for some unknown reason feel the need to act out as though they are possessed, they may be attention seekers but then again they may not.

* Fraudulent beliefs - We have seen cults based not on any spiritual belief but rather were created in order to defraud its members. Once the fraud was uncovered the members of such cults had no other alternative belief and usually ended up atheist, or else involved in other cults (which may be Satanist or occult based).
* Politically based spiritualism - We can see this in the likes of left wing churches which are essentially Marxist, or else we can see it in the likes of the American black "Nation of Islam" or the "World Church Of The Creator" which is for whites only. These creeds are physically based and not spiritual, left wing churches have a huge percentage of homosexual members. The "Nation of Islam" and the "World Church of The Creator" cater to those of a certain skin colour. They are both atheist and apostate as they do not believe in a spiritual creator and in that void they have redefined God to suit their physically based agenda. And in fact view their 'god' as a collective consciousness based either on skin colour, ethnicity or bloodline etc.; In addition they have redefined their 'Satan' to being those who collectively are not of their skin colour, ethnicity, bloodline, ideological beliefs or gender identity etc.
* Mistaken beliefs - This can occur when one takes wholeheartedly accepts beliefs at face value, in addition there is the issue of trolls who corrupt and pervert various teachings that can be found on the internet. Their reasons for doing so may be varied.
* Occult activity -  A person might be deemed possessed if it is known that they engage in occult activity and they like to boast about it, even though the 'occult activity' might be of a trivial or fantasy role playing game nature. Such judgments are usually made by those with no occult knowledge or those who rely on rumours and misconceptions. However we must take into consideration that people may engage in unknown occult activity which they keep secret.
* Sexual abuse - Children who have been subjected to sexual abuse by the likes of priests, other clergy and those within a religion can end up as atheists or else adopting anti-Abrahamic beliefs.

The fact is that there are people who will stick to the Lucifer/Moloch program because it gives them benefits such as money and power and flow on effects (paedophilia being one). You will find that the pro Satan human traitors consist of haters of God, sociopaths, psychopaths, those of various sexual perversions, opportunists, moral relativists, solipsists and other garbage.

So we have two wings of indoctrination; the first being the excusing and encouragement of various destructive and suicidal activities by people who can be best described as anti-social. The second being acceptance and indifference by everyone else which implies a ‘moral relativism’. This is basically a case of “it doesn’t worry me so why should I care?” Indeed we only have to take a look at the members of government and social influencers/celebrities (though “social justice warriors” might be a more inclusive term for the varieties involved) with various mental ‘disturbances’ or ‘syndromes’ who quite frankly are stark raving mad. These are the sort of people that if their time was not occupied with “activities” would be screaming at telegraph poles and arguing with seagulls. Any society at any given time may contain these sorts of people.

But it is the continual excusing, encouragement and justification of their behaviour that turns the “may” into a definite “will”. And this will increase; because it has to, much like HIV/AIDS or Ebola the end result is the death of the human host who in their lifetime may have infected countless others. However we are dealing with indoctrination which targets the mental and spiritual facilities of the human being and anything that flows on from it is just a bonus as far as the propagandists are concerned. In relation to ‘spiritual propaganda’ we are dealing with what can be best described as “wetiko”. I think the simplest and best way to describe wetiko is as a psychological germ that causes a psychological illness and is spread by psychological means.

This is pretty much a form of PSYOPS or psychological warfare, much like that seen from World War 1 onwards (and before that in a very minor level). There have been various conflicts with various armies looking to turn and recruit civilians within those war zones to remaining loyal to the state, or serving the invading/occupying army or at least be indifferent to it. You can call it groupthink, hivemind, animal magnetism, folie a plusieurs and probably a few other terms as well. We are not dealing with a war purely over land in which people just ‘happen to be there’. No, we now have a war in which the people are the commodity who ‘just happen to live on land’ (but as we see more and more people jammed into cities and stacked upon each other in the likes of units and apartment blocks we would have to say they are occupying ‘air space’ like insects and birds. And if they are deemed annoying or ‘aesthetically displeasing’, they will be eliminated as such.) It is along the lines of attacking and raiding nations in order to get material gain and slaves.
Enslavement can also take the forms of mental, physical and spiritual, but the propagation of enslavement is instilled by indoctrination which is aimed at both slave and slave holder.

Looking at the physical, mental, spiritual and indoctrination factors it can be seen that an originating cause in one factor will then manifest in another if not all factors. Every one of these factors must be investigated and an honest examination as to whether any of these causes have or still are in effect must be dealt with. If it is something like sexual abuse, the "sweep it under the carpet" routine can not apply. The portrayal of an abused child as a drug user, mentally ill, or even possessed must be extinguished and the perpetrators of such abuse must be punished.

Fraudulent and corrupt people, politically correct psychologists and 'counsellors', 'life coaches', role playing attention seekers, sociopaths, narcissists, cults and various opportunists must be exposed and dealt with or else the issue of "possession" will continue to grow.

While the list I wrote above may be extensive, the issues I mentioned must be addressed and dealt with as soon as possible. But this may not be possible due to the status of the person concerned who is suspected of being possessed. Doubt and confusion over the status of the person concerned will lead to the wasting of time in regards treatment whether the issue is of possession or not. In that case we have to prioritise the investigation of the issues from most likely to least likely. I myself would be looking at getting any physical causes checked out through medical examination then investigating mental issues and seeing if there is a genetic factor in regards to inheriting a mental illness from parents, grandparents, etc.

But the most important thing one has to do before even considering anything of this nature is to have themselves checked out and an honest appraisal of any condition that they themselves may be prone to. Self projection must be avoided absolutely! I cannot emphasise this enough. We must see this objectively and without any emotion, there is absolutely no room for personal bias or superstitions. Unless one is prepared to be cool, calm, collected, impersonal and methodical then one should not engage in anything of this nature. However time may be of an essence here and it may require an amount of cajoling and trickery in order to get the person suspected of being possessed in a situation where they can be medically examined.

If after any examination as well as a systematic elimination of possible causes it is found that the person has a medical condition then it should be treated as a medical condition - not as something that needs to be exorcised. There are churches that do healing services as part of their practice and they should be used to complement any medical treatments that the person concerned is undertaking until THEY decide to cease with a particular treatment whichever one that may be. If the person is not possessed then it is their body - not yours! And you have no right to tell them how they live or die.

Anyway let's assume that you have had the suspect person examined in a multitude of ways but no medical evidence has turned up, but they still display behaviour that is disturbing. It is not a matter of rubbing your hands together and thinking "Yay...I'm going to be fighting demons!"
That is in fact the last thing you would want

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