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A chapter from my upcoming ebook

I will present a chapter from my work in progress. Comments are welcome...

Chapter 2
Have you heard of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM)? Or maybe the Church of Euthanasia (COE)? No they are not joke movements or April Fools gags. They in fact do exist and their basis came from the environmentalist movements of the 1970s, which in turn branched off from the hippie movements of the 1960s. Marxism, elitism and sexual perversion are the core ingredients of these types of movements, but people seem to think they are each separate movements which are unrelated to each other. Then again most people have never heard of them and will just palm it off as an internet invention, but VHEM and COE came into being as separate organisations in 1991 and 1992 respectively. So they cannot be written off as an internet invention exclusively but they have used the internet as a way to deliver propaganda. And that's only what I know of, we do not know if there are any other death cults or individual members propagating their deeds under the guise of 'spiritual mental health workers' or doing it by trolling. But history has shown there have been death cults as in the example of self proclaimed 'reverend' Jim Jones with the mass murder and suicide at 'Jonestown' in Guyana (South America) in 1977.

History has shown there have been similar situations where gullible people has been swept up into cult type situations which were supposedly of a spiritual basis but were nothing more than psychology power cults which were indeed based on atheism, apostasy and criminality. The Order of the Solar Temple and Heavens Gate are just two further examples of psychological mind control cults which ended in death for its members and yet were supposedly of a spiritual basis. But what constitutes spirituality these days? Indeed what constitutes a human being for that matter? We have various self proclaimed 'media personalities' and 'experts' handing out their various musings as established fact, which is accepted and repeated by those who live their existence by the media.

The level of complacent stupidity is astounding. I remember in school being taught 'evolution' and that by some sort of miracle somehow chimps turned into human beings. Supposedly all human life can from Africa and this is accepted as an educational and scientific fact. No evidence whatsoever and based on a few bones found in random locations on the African continent, which have been carbon dated so therefore it must be true. Despite the fact that carbon dating can only reasonably date bones and other once living matter up to approximately 3000 years, techniques in radioactive dating are said to estimate up to 6000 years. Even if that is accepted the same sorts of politically motivated and appointed scientists will vehemently exclaim that the universe is four and a half billion years old (4,500,000,000) and that the science is settled!!!

They have no evidence whatsoever and can only offer countless theories in which terms and formula are constantly redefined.

However the "out of Africa" theory is also propagated by the NoI or "Nation of Islam" which is a black supremacist cult in the United States of America. The NoI believes that all white people were created by an evil black scientist named "Yakub" (yes the Biblical and Koranic Jacob) and that all black people collectively are 'Allah' or 'god'. This is definitely not Islam; it is apostasy because it is fair to say it is atheist. But try to get on TV to say that, it would never happen. You would see both black supremacists and evolutionary scientists combining to first stop you from being acknowledged by any media or "no platforming". Then you would be facing an endless series of lawsuits designed to bankrupt you (known as lawfare). Ultimately these types of people want to see you in prison or homeless on the street, and they want to see you utterly destitute and dead.

This is what motivates these people, and state educational facilities have become factories which manufacture these sorts of people. And everyday there is always the screaming and finger point at anyone who disagrees with these sorts of people along with the claim of "YOU'RE RACIST!" Now on top of that you are accused of being homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, islamophobic etc. and whatever buzzwords are fashionable or politically correct.

However you have to understand that this is not a recent phenomena, there was a long lead up into what we are seeing and unfortunately experiencing today. Have you heard of the Urantia Book? Or Oahspe? What about the occult orders of the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO)? Maybe Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and Thelema? You've certainly heard of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. Have you heard of terms such as the "Maitreya" or the "Cosmic Christ"? Do you know about Theosophy or ever heard of Alice Bailey?

As the musings of Charles Darwin and his evolution thesis quackery have become embedded into human consciousness today through state education, the concepts and beliefs from the people and books I just mentioned have done so in a very, very subtle way. So if you didn't come from apes then you came from aliens, and if you don't believe either you must have 'mental illness'. Indeed if we look at the period between World War 1 and World War 2 we see where the likes of psychiatry and psychology set up their foundation for today. From this we now see how these fractions complement and supplement each other in order to make a greater whole. Let us briefly examine the various 'new age' factors from back then and see where they go in this jigsaw puzzle.

Aetherius Society
Formed in 1955
Components: UFO/Alien beliefs, various fragments of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Theosophy. Incorporates varying beliefs in karma, yoga, altruism, reincarnation, environmentalism, channeling and evolution.

Unarius Academy of Science
Formed in 1954
Components: UFO/Alien beliefs, channeling, reincarnation and evolution.

Nation of Islam
Formed in 1930
Components: UFO/Alien beliefs, Black supremacy, various fragments and reinterpretations of Christianity and Islam. Since 2010 the Nation of Islam has incorporated the subject of Dianetics from Scientology.

Formed in 1952
Components: UFO/Alien beliefs, is essentially atheist because its definition of God is the "eighth dynamic" which is not defined. Is based around mental health but has a disdain for psychiatry and psychology, something to note - L. Ron Hubbard was associated with John "Jack" Parsons who was in the O.T.O and a practitioner of Thelema.

Urantia Book
Published in 1955
Components: UFO/Alien beliefs, this is a book that was composed of supposedly 20 years of records of an involuntary channeller. To explain further you need to look the life of William Samuel Sadler who was an 'usher' in a mental hospital/sanatorium at the age of 15. He then went on to be a psychiatrist and the Urantia Book is the result of notes taken while a patient (known as the 'sleeping subject') channelled this information while sleeping or otherwise unconscious. The Urantia Book is just over 2000 pages long and delves into multiple galaxies which compose the "greater galaxy" in which are multiple inhabited planets. The writing down/recording of these channelled messages came about from meeting between members of what can be called "rich white upper class" members of society and mental patients. Indeed William Samuel Sadler married Lena Kellogg (yes the Corn Flakes family) who also became a psychiatrist. An interesting thing to note is that they see the Lord Jesus Christ returning not under that name but as a “Michael of Nebulon”. Compare that to the Jehovahs Witnesses who believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was really the Archangel Michael.

Published in 1882 then republished (and reedited) in 1891. The book is supposedly of "automatic writing" (or more accurately typing), and can be said to be a stepping point from which various forms of channeling came from (or at least an example of).
It took in various pagan theologies, has a form of evolution in which veganism plays a dominant part. I also note some talismans from Oahspe which are similar (if not the same) to those used in Black magic and demonic spirit working. 

So far with these organisations we have seen the alien/UFO tenet of their beliefs as being a central part. We see that the subject of evolution is a factor as well, but with the alien/UFO part we see that it is not so much to do with little green men and flying saucers; instead it is to do with 'spiritual' evolution. There is also splitting and grafting bits and pieces from various religions as well as the reinterpreting of central beliefs and dogma. But the most striking in all this is the use of channeling which has an equal value in these groups (and their splinter groups, imitators, deviations, etc).
Back to the present, we see the likes of evolution being propagated as spiritual and physical 'progress' and this does include atheism (defined as proof of no single identifiable creator entity) in relation to God. And the physical evolution progress includes people (especially white women) who produce mixed race children; it also includes children who are reaching puberty at earlier ages (try food additives) and men who identify as "transgender". Yet those who advocate this 'progress' have no non-white members in their family, feed their children exclusively organic food and would expel anyone from the family if it was suspected they were gay.

These are the sort of people who believe in preserving their bloodline as an exclusive and elite entity much like royal bloodlines. Really when you look at this situation this is how the Egyptian gods of ancient times functioned. They were depicted with animal heads to disguise the fact that when the holder of a god status died they would be replaced by one of their children. If this seems to you to be a plot from a bad science fiction show or a vision of some dystopia world, well it is and you are the background and cameo actors. God created mankind in his image but now we are being remolded in someone elses'.

I cannot say that every person who got involved in these sorts of religions/organisation/beliefs is utterly evil, they may have joined because they had unanswered questions and thought they could find an answer in these types of groups. Maybe they wanted to believe in UFOs, aliens and occult practices. Or maybe the church took them for granted so they were fed any old slop, after all I became a theistic Satanist because I wanted to believe in magic and I didn't care where it came from. I left Satanism and returned to it because I couldn't get a decent explanation about God and was sick of being taken for granted and served slop. 

This is how I know and recognise the motivations of people joining these types of groups, but I also recognise how they are attacking mainstream religions and especially Christianity. A reversal of order is taking place; the concrete has been laid but hasn't yet dried. But it will unless we can disrupt its elements and stop them supplementing each other.
This is a war being waged on all spiritual, mental and physical levels, and it's obvious to say sex is a good motivator. Let me introduce you to these two perverted monsters, Wilhelm Reich and Alfred Kinsey.

Wilhelm Reich: Even as a child he had fantasies of having sex with servants and his mother (his mother committed suicide after Reich told his father she was having an affair). Reich then partnered up with Sigmund Freud and Isidor Sadger in "psychoanalysing" of female mental patients, he married one named Annie Pink (he was married twice and had numerous affairs which usually ended with abortion) and they both became doctors and psychoanalysts (much like William Samuel Sadler and Lena Kellog).
He was a member of the communist party and he linked psychoanalysis, Marxism, child sex and sexual revolution so blatantly that even communist groups avoided publishing his essays. One of his works was "The Mass Psychology of Fascism" in addition to his promoting child sex, abortion and molesting his patients or else having affairs and just plain sex with them. Reich moved to the United States of America where he established the Orgonomic Infant Research Center (OIRC) in 1950, although Reich didn't sexually assault children his "therapists" did. The story of Wilhelm Reich is worthy of being that of a bad guy in a James Bond 007 movie, but you should research it yourself. He died in prison in 1957.

Alfred Kinsey: A bisexual man in an open marriage who had an interest in children, made numerous sexual studies in which the majority were prisoners or ex-prisoners, or else were prostitutes and altered records to claim that homosexuals were just "single". He was the author of the Kinsey reports and developed the Kinsey scale in which the number zero (0) means that you are exclusively heterosexual while the number six (6) means you are exclusively homosexual. This was a forerunner for the numerous "genders" we have today and Kinseys' "research" was used in the "sexual revolution" in the 1960s. Kinsey was also an atheist and this vile bastard died in 1956.
When you look at all the forms of "sexual liberation" today it is fair to say that the work of Reich and Kinsey played a part in their formation, most notably in the 'sexual revolution' of the 1960s. Indeed the flow on effects to this day can be seen in the likes of pornography, abortion, third wave feminism and general sexual narcissism. But another (and probably the worst) flow on effect is the countless number of children who grow up never knowing who their father is, and most likely never will. Yet unbelievably among academics, feminists, and intellectuals these two are considered revolutionaries and have a cult like status. Much like the leaders of the Marxist era in Eastern Europe and the third world during the time of the Soviet Union such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Castro, and of course Che Guevara and Trotsky who are still worshiped today at the altar of atheism (note: Che Guevara supposedly practiced Condomble, a type of voodoo but I have no evidence on that).

Remember there were two revolutions in Russia, the first one overthrew the Czar and established a provisional government. The second one was the Bolshevik revolution which would be better called the Jewish revolution which overthrew the provisional government and was meant to take all of Europe. The chaos caused by the like of Leon Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg (all Jewish) and others like Reich (again Jewish) was about establishing a nominal religious caste supremacy on an ethnic basis. It continues on today, aided and abetted by governments around the world. Don't worry I will expose the Jewish Sabbatean movement in further chapters.

You probably are thinking right now "well... where do the demon or djinn or whatever you want call them come into it?!?”

Well let's look at the metaphysical workings of the times. You had the "New Thought" era in the late 1800s and the UFO and Alien cults which set themselves up in the 1950s. Remember the people of that time had never seen the likes of warfare from WWI or WWII before, so everything was turned on its head. During that time people did not find solace in established religions and turned to the likes of clairvoyants, mediums, and the spiritist/spiritualism realm in order to find out what happened to missing relatives in war zones and so on.

Todays' people do not care or just seem to think life was simple and easy back then, it wasn't. There were two world wars and the very real possibility of further wars, revolutions and insurgencies, basic and somewhat expensive medical treatments, poor anaesthetics and painkillers compared to today, the great depression, etc. Along with religions which expected compliance and never expected to be challenged, so they took everyone for granted. People lived and survived through that period. And the knowledge of what they experienced and learned has been made available and passed on to further generations, and its influence in modern life has existed in various forms. 

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, the Rosicrucian AMORC organisation, Thelema, Wicca, have you heard of these? Wicca wasn't invented yesterday nor is it anything to do with the Druids, it is merely the experiences of Gerald Gardner made into a system by Aleister Crowley. What about Thelema? Try a combination of ancient Egyptian magic and yoga again by Aleister Crowley. Ever noticed the cross used by the Church of Scientology? The one which looks like a crucifix with a St.Andrews' type cross at the centre join, it's the same cross used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Did you know L. Ron Hubbard was supposedly in AMORC? (No big deal so was I) What about Karl Marx? He was just an atheist... right!? No he wasn't, I learned in my Satanist days that Karl Marx was indeed one of us.

I know you were expecting me to give you instant solutions to the issues of possession and exorcism, but unless you fully understand the problem and its history then you will never be fully confident that you have eradicated that problem on a permanent basis. So we are not just dealing with a few people possessed by a few demons, we are dealing with mass possession by various parties working to a common aim whether or not they realise or know it.

The human vehicles for setting up the conditions and transporting possession are atheism, various designer mental conditions/syndromes/illnesses, various politically correct forms of indoctrination, psychology and psychiatry, etc. These are only minor assaults compared to spiritual possession, really they are just a 'softening up' of a target before the main offensive. But the minor assaults accumulating are in themselves a momentary major offensive, but with no established end goal. Or the goal is unknown to those who launch and fight them; it doesn't matter because they are disposable. This is a satanic offensive and atheists are just cannon fodder. There is no contract between atheists and the Satanic realm, the enemy of my enemy is not a friend but just another enemy in this case.

Here are a few things for you; the Urantia book teaches that children do not possess souls until the ages of five or six. Post-birth abortion advocates currently advocate “that children are not self conscious until the ages of five or six” as the excuse of justifying child murder. Professor Peter Singer is one of them and I do not doubt that this comes from the Urantia Book. I also point the finger at William Samuel Sadler in regards to the “sleeping subject”. A mental hospital full of neglected and abandoned people would have provided a perfect opportunity for someone in his position to perform human experiments. Especially in relation to occult matters, the patients could have been subject to ceremonies and rituals in order to get them possessed. And from there information would have been gained from the djinni or djinn doing the possession. William Samuel Sadler was nothing more than the Josef Mengele of the spiritual world.

The Nation of Islam believes all white people are devils on both an individual and collective basis.

The “Reverend” and founder of the Church of Euthanasia (Chris Korda) is a transsexual.

The Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross (AMORC) or Rosicrucianism as it is commonly known has no relationship with Christianity. In fact Rosicrucianism, Enochian Magic and Thelema all claim ancestry from ancient Egyptian magic and practices. Freemasonry calls its 'god' Jahbulon, which is a syncretisation of three different entities. They are Jah (the God aspect of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, from the sephira of Chokmah. Bul, to supposedly to mean Baal. However it is the name Bael which I think is more correct; Baal simply means "lord" while Bael is the name of a djinni (or demon if you like). On is meant to name Osiris, so we have Jah-Bul-On or Jahbulon. The name is made in the same way other 'gods' were syncretised in ancient Egypt, most probably the result of marriages between the families of title holders. And another part to the jigsaw is that Moses was an Egyptian prince and would have been taught the magical practices of back then.

Today we have the likes of psychiatry, psychology, and social justice being touted as secular instruments of 'logic' and 'reason' and 'progress'. However from what you have just read do you hold that to be true?


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