Monday 11 November 2019

Necromancy: Scenarios and pseudo ritual (part 2)

All 3 of these aspects will overlap at times, so I'll first start with the aspect that's easy to explain and the hardest to capture that being the spirit aspect.
Looking at the computer example we can either equate spirit to electricity or perhaps something like data in transit. By that I'll use this example, you have a person as a computer (hardware and data) and for the spirit aspect we would have the electricity input. But what is the actual purpose of necromancy? It could either be to revive a deceased person in whole or it would be to attain information from them.

If we have a computer hooked up to a mainframe server (whether for internet or intranet) and if one was in the process of using email and had sent an email and immediately after clicking 'send' the power to the computer had shut down. What would have happened to the data in the email?
Once the email had been sent that email and data would be in transit and would be accepted by the mainframe server. A reverse IP scan on the header of the email would show the IP of the sender, a MAC lookup would identify the computer that initiated the send. But once the power had been cut both of these identifiers would be invalid as any attempt to contact the computer simply cannot happen.

Now in due time the setup could be once again valid only if the power was restored.

However we have not identified the mainframe server. If you say that the mainframe server is an aspect of God then unless one is on extremely good personal terms with God then whatever information was in the email would be inaccessible or irretrievable. The necromancy aspect here would be to somehow intercept or view the email data in transit. Keeping with the computer example along with inter/intranet we would have to look at a hacking scenario.
Something like packet sniffing or a 'man in the middle' hack but how would something like this be achieved?
Let me put these forward.....I will put forward a situation and that which goes for or against it.
1. A situation is when one knows that someone is going to die and tries to set up an 'intercepting' ritual to take place at death.

The problem with this is that there can be variations of this scenario and with differing variations of those. Another problem is there is no known (that I know of) ritual to perform a purely spirit necromancy, anyway lets go to the possible scenarios.......the base of these scenarios is a 'uncle frank' has a stash of dirty money and he hasn't told you where it is and you want to get it before anyone else does.

1a.) Uncle Frank is dying from cancer, the diagnosis/prognosis says he has a month to live. You see that you have some time to arrange a ritual or have a necromancer on stand by to tap into Uncle Franks spirit.

1b.) Uncle Frank absolutely hates you so you decide to kill him, you can plan for a specific date in order to prepare and execute your necromantic plans.

1c.) Uncle Frank has a twin brother and you offer him a 50/50 cut if he helps you in your plans.

1d.) Uncle Frank is on life support, you see him as low hanging fruit.

============================================== I'll try to answer 1a.)

If Uncle Frank knows he is dying then he would have made plans on what to do with that money and who gets it. May be .....or maybe not, so what you want to do is get info as to where this money is from his spirit.

Problems here would be that you do not exactly know when Uncle Frank will die, also what his final thoughts would be. Any memory the spirit would have would be like RAM, once the power is out its over. In addition he could be hooked up to a morphine drip and if you did somehow tap into his spirit at death you might just end up with gibberish.

So if (big if) I was to attempt to get the info from Uncle Frank it would go along these lines....
1. Unless you are going to stay with Frank 24/7 you will need to bring in others to help you.

2. You and your 'team' would continually need to have Frank thinking about the money and location.

3. Your team would have to include a 'clear', nothing to do with Scientology but rather a person who could self hypnotize themselves to exclude all thought. To more or less put their spirit into suspended animation to act as an antenna of sorts to receive Franks spirit as it leaves his body and in turn capture any data it may have last carried.

4.  A very personal effect of Frank to be held by the clear so as to temporarily direct his departed spirit to the clear.

Myself I don't find this to have any realistic chance of success. Even if there was some success the clear could simply say that Franks spirit had no info on the cash and pocket it himself. If Frank was in a hospital then the ability to setup an environment for this activity would be hampered by medical staff and to circumvent that you would have to cut them in too. And at the end of all this you very likely end up with nothing.

Risk x Effort / Profit = Feasibility
I just cant see this as viable.



This would somewhat be similar to 1a.) but I will note this.....
1. A team would still be needed and most likely someone 'inside' with Frank.
2. If one could definitely guarantee the ability to kill Frank at will then one could tie the kill to astrological/planetary timings to make the necromancy at its most beneficial action.
3. You would need an insider to either keep Frank engaged in conversation and thought as to the cash stash. And most likely have the insider kill Frank, there is another course that being to torture Frank into coughing up the location but in that case why practice necromancy? The necromancy course would only be viable in the event that the astro/planetary timing is ending and Frank hasnt talked but most likely has thought about the location.

This action is probably more viable than 1a.) but not all that much.

I'll give an example where it might be reasonably viable......(when Obama was President)

Obama (POTUS) has been mouthing off about attacking Syria, Syrian and Iranian intel agents go to the U.S. and form a joint operation to watch him. They bring various people of various occult leanings with the operation along with assassins, during the observation of potus they see a meeting occurring with military brass and israeli agents attending the white house and deduct this to be a yes or no meeting as to whether to attack Syria.
Damascus gives the green light to bump off POTUS.
In this situation potus has been constantly thinking about whether or not to attack Syria, most probably has made up his mind and has a rough idea as to when and how he will do it. The necro team is on stand by, the assassins have planned every possible operation (including suicide bombing and hitting secondary targets if POTUS cant be hit)
In such a scenario there would be chaos but if they are looking just for a yes/no answer then it probably is viable.
But the thing is that such an attack on POTUS would guarantee an attack on Syria.

I think it reasonable to say that most nations intel services do have occult departments, so this course of action would be very poor indeed and they would come up with better options.



If Frank has a twin brother there are some factors to consider......
1. The actual date and time each one was born, we are not considering the mechanical hours here but rather the planetary ones and even zodiacal hours. Mechanical hours start at 12:00 am to 12:00 pm for morning or 'daylight' hours and 12:00 pm to 12:00 am for 'night' hours but this in no way is actually correct. Daylight hours start from when the sun rises and end at sunset and night hours are from sunset to sunrise and these 'hours' may vary in actual measurement depending on sunrise and sunset.

I'll use this to try and convey the importance.......
Say ........ Frank was born on the 23rd of November at 4:57 am (lets make it a Tuesday) and his brother was born at 5:11 am. So officially both were born on Tuesday 23rd of November, but if sunrise was at 5:00 am then Frank would have been born on a Monday and would be a Scorpio and his brother would have been born on a Tuesday and would be a Sagittarius.

Even though they would have the same 'spiritual dose' for animation you could find that their personalities may be quite different.

Example.... You have the English language and from that you have American English, Australian English and so on. Even though the speakers of various national types of English can understand each other there are things such as spelling and idioms which might not be understood or may confuse the other. If you were to write a note saying you were going to get a bank cheque then that to me would mean you were going to a bank to get a cheque. If you were to write you were going to get a bank check then that to me would say that you were looking at the background or financial status of a bank or several.

On to the next example.....
Franks mum was a real slut into gangbangs, she conceived Frank and his brother at an orgy and when she gave birth Frank was white and his brother was a nigger. A rarity yes but this does happen I remember some dutch couple in an IVF case where twins were born with different fathers because lazy staff used a pipette that was used by a nigger.
If both twins were born within the same planetary day and hour then it in theory shouldn't make a difference. (I don't know if anyone could relate to a nigger twin ....but.......)

Now as to the stash, a twin would be more able to have some psychic sense if Frank was to try and communicate a final message to his brother concerning this. Even allowing for zodiacal differences he would be able to somewhat comprehend any message, that's if he actually believes in occult type things. If not he may simply choose to ignore it, anyway if both twins were really close he would probably have been told the location of the stash and wouldn't bother with you.



In a situation like this where a person is keep physically alive by machines, has displayed no consciousness and is brain dead you will find that the spirit has already left along with the soul. An option here would be to re-animate the body with a non physical entity such as a demon, angel or some type of celestial entity spirit.

I'll use this computer example.......
Lets say you have a computer with a windows OS, if you can boot off the CD player you can use a Linux live disc. The Linux disc will override the booting of the windows OS and be the OS of the computer while the power is on because it will soak up the RAM, while it may not be operating at the same capacity and speed as the win OS on the hard drive the fact is that the Linux disc will be able to access the hard drive and allow you to view or capture the data within it.

So as to Frank and his stash it may be possible if one could get some sort of entity to take possession of Franks body and access his physical functions and that includes his brain and physical memory. So basically Frank would have to be somewhat fresh on the slab, or better still fresh in the bed before he was declared officially dead. I do think it could be viable for an entity to take possession of Franks body especially if Frank was an atheist because as far as I can see he would not be entitled to any 'protection'.

I suppose some sort of deal could be made between a necromancer and an entity something like 'you tell me where the stash is and i'll let you keep the body'
We do hear of stories or urban legends where someone was in a coma and suddenly recovered with a different personality or amnesia (a reformatted hard drive?).

Another name for these 'new' people is 'walk ins' and they suddenly start espousing the most amazing things when their pre-coma lives were pretty dull. So maybe this could be called re-animating but it is the re-animating of the body but it is not the 'native' spirit', but is this actually possible?

True story.....
I knew a woman who had a sister that have a major brain hemorrhage and was hooked up to machines and basically dead. The family found a preacher, the sort of guy who was called on as a last resort and who was pretty much prepared to go anywhere, anytime to do the work of the Lord. While some preachers (actually I'll say most) run on 'the love of Jesus' stuff, he did the Father, Son and Holy Spirit thing but actually gave a good deal of time to the Holy Spirit. He had the members of the family attend to the womans' bed in hospital, hold hands so as to form a ring around her and led the prayer with reference to the Holy Spirit (I wasn't there so I don't know what exactly was said, I just going on what I was told). After 20 mins of this the woman in the bed suddenly sat up with her eyes open, she didn't speak but seemed to be in some sort of trance. She was only up for about half a minute and then slumped back into bed. So it does seem that this is possible but only on a temporary basis, the woman didn't speak but this could be due to brain damage from the hemorrhage.

With a comatose person hooked up to machines etc. this isn't a case of spirit necromancy but body necromancy, whether a re-animated body would decompose of its own nature I don't know but the laws of thermodynamics would apply if the 'new owner' didn't provide for it.


Now lets deal with body necromancy.......

What would be the purpose of such a thing?

If we stick with the Uncle Frank scenario, then the purpose would be to access his physical memory (brain). Again looking at the last example 1d.) it may be possible to enlist an angel/demon etc. to take possession of Franks body at death, in this you have your own purpose but what of the entity you enlist? Such an entity may or may not acquiesce to your desires, it may just take Franks body, take the money and run. It may use Franks body as a vehicle to propagate hatred against God and if it did so it would be on your head to rectify it, which could mean you would have to kill it and go to jail for killing an already dead man.

So if you wish to continue regardless of the consequences then we would have to find a suitable candidate for the position vacant.

In this we have to link common symbolic factors between Frank as a spirit and soul to his replacement. Remember the only difference between humans and angels/demons is a physical body, both have souls/personalities and the spirit function might differ as human 'spirit' dissipates after death in this world whereas that of entities seems to be self sustaining. Do humans have a spirit after death? This I cannot say for certain because the human spirit while on this earth in this world is for the purpose not only to assist in the animation of the body but primarily to assist in the functioning between the body and the soul. When someone dies there is no need for the spirit to linger within the body and the soul does not need to be animated in the physical realm because there is no body to inhabit or function with. If this wasn't the case then we would be immortal in this world, but the body would still be subject to the laws of thermodynamics meaning we would end up cripples or just rotting into nothing and even worse is that we would be aware of it. Truly it would be a hell on earth.

What do we see today? Corrupt people who pay money hand over fist to buy organs for transplant and operations to have them installed whether legally or illegally. The sort of people who see themselves not only as gods in Assiah but also gods of
Assiah. They remind me of the scene in 'Escape from L.A.' where the Hollywood surgeon sends out thugs to kidnap people in order to butcher them for spare parts so the clients have new organs and new faces.

Just a note....I think the Escape movies reflect the scenario that could very well happen if people go along with the liberal xtianity (I can not call them Christian) crap and other forms of political correctness and self hating suicide.

Some appropriate music....

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