Monday 11 November 2019

Necromancy: Scenarios and pseudo ritual (part 1)

I just wanna say 1st that I have never performed necromancy by a specific ritual and don't especially desire to do so. Well first I want to actually discover what is actually meant by 'necromancy' as it seems to have differing definitions to different people. So what I intend to do here is look at if it could actually be done depending on definition.
So lets look at the definition and to what does it apply...
Necromancy is supposed to be the revival of a dead person in order to question them on matters that occurred before their death.
But it doesn't exactly say what it actually is you are trying to revive or resurrect.

Is it the physical body or the spirit or the soul of the deceased? I will define in this instance the spirit as the animating life force of the body and the soul as the conscious life force. In this meaning the soul is the personality of the deceased which can either be pre inherited before birth or characteristics that have been adopted by the person as a result of earthly experiences, necessities and choice. I think that a person can be described reasonably as a sum of physical body + spirit + soul in this instance.
True necromancy would have to be the revival of all 3 factors but this cannot be feasibly possible as far as occult knowledge goes. Not to say it is impossible, but extremely unlikely.

Lets look at the 3 factors.....

Physical - It is possible to revive someone after they are clinically dead as can be seen in hospitals. But the person has to be in the hospital at the time of death, it has to have the best medical facilities (depending on the cause of death) and appropriate medical staff. Myself I think that this could be called 'medical necromancy' but it is not the same type of necromancy as referred to in occult lore.

It is not up to the necromancer to decide who, when or what will be revived or answered in this case. Also there is the consideration as to the cause of death, if a person was burnt to a crisp as a result of a traffic accident then it is not possible to revive that person on a purely physical basis.
If one is unable to speak due to losing their physical ability to do so (fried vocal chords etc.) as well as extreme brain damage then it would be pointless to try to revive them as they can not physically perform (speak) or access data (brain).
Even if the person was still physically intact and revived but did not have their spirit and soul revived all you would really have is a golem or zombie type entity.

It really wouldn't have its own personality per se as its brain functions would be limited to basic logic for survival mode thinking. It would have no personality per se but may just imitate the necromancer or else do nothing of its own volition. Even if it could access its memory and could give an answer to a pre death question it could not apply that answer in the modern context (this depends on how long the person has been dead, its physical senses would not recieve any input from the time of death).

If one revives a dead person just to answer a question and then send them back into the ground or back into the mortuary then there possibly could be some type of success. But if the purpose is to keep the person because of love (wife, husband, child etc.) then we have to deal with the laws of thermodynamics. Without a spirit and soul the revived person can be rotting away and not even be conscious of it.

Offhand I will say that physical necromancy (apart from medical intervention) is not viable.


Spirit - This can just simply described as the animating force, without it the body and soul cannot function with each other.

I'll use this example.... A computer has physical components, the data entered into it is not actually a physical component of the computer but is stored in it. However for one to access the other there has to be electricity flowing into and within the computer. Without electricity the computer cannot function in order to access the data and if the data cannot make itself accessible to other computers then its value is non existent. A computer that cannot access electricity has no value.

So if we look at it this way....
The computer is the physical being
The data is the soul
The electricity is the spirit
For this to operate as a single unit, all 3 need each other.

The spirit is impersonal just like electricity, it may vary in volts and amps but that depends on what it last flowed through such as wires and resistors. And just like electricity, spirit can only be generated. There may be 'varieties' of electricity (AC, DC, static etc.) and these varieties only come about as we can section and recognise them. But electricity is continuous because energy is continuous, it cannot 'not be used' if it is not being visibly used (or that we can discern using our physical senses) then it is kinetic or potential energy which will end up as electricity in one form or another.

Like electricity, spirit holds no memory though if we look at the computer example any memory it may hold might be along the lines of RAM (random access memory) which would be necessary in order for the physical hardware to access the data. I suppose one can say that spirit is like the operating system on a computer and this is also true but without electricity neither the hardware, software or data would be able to function together or access each other. Also physical components such as hard drives do have some coding in them and data can also provide an OS but without electricity both have no value.


Soul - This is the aspect that makes us 'human', well at least to a large degree.

This is the core of our personalities, it is what makes us unique as individuals in our own right. It gives us the final say on our judgments.

Example....we may be faced with a life or death situation such as placing someone you love in a lifeboat even though it means you will not get on and most likely drown. Your physical being will tell you that you will die and argue that you the body should take the place on the lifeboat. It is it going into self preservation mode. A built in physical redundancy if you like, much in the same manner of reproduction. You can fuck hundreds of people but only make love to a few, the body has no emotions of its own. The body never lies about its preservation, you might feel depressed about being a bloated pig but that is your soul speaking, when the body speaks on such matters that's when you feel physical pain.

Lets look at sociopaths, the ones without souls. They don't have emotions as they have no soul and their body and spirit doesn't make up for it, for them it is about physical pleasure and self preservation. This is much in the manner of a robot, it can only act within its physical constraints and has been programmed to recognise danger to its system and functionality such as software that measures temperature which can shut it down or put it into 'sleep' if it overheats etc. Robots have no conscience and cannot judge between right and wrong, sociopaths are the same but they imitate others in order to blend in with the population.
The soul is the seat of our personality, it is the final judge on our decisions but must take input from the body and spirit whether it wishes to or not.

So now hopefully Ive given a rudimentary explanation of the 3 factors within a human being, now lets see how one could access them.

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