Monday 24 July 2017

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 6

So lets look at ceremony.

1. If you want to do rituals then you have to have a sacred space. It may not always be possible to have a room for such a purpose, so a select area can be used. Either way it will have to be prepared and this is done by washing the walls, lining either the room or the room of the space with salt (sprinkling not heavy), and burning frankincense. You must make an effort to keep it clean.

2. Altar; an altar can be anything except plastic. Plastic should be avoided in ritual at all times, if you cannot find a table or bit of furniture to use as an altar then use the floor. Remember that you will be rewarded on your effort and substance and not style. Make do with what you have to work with.

3. There is no grand magic book of spells in kabbalah, ultimately you will be writing the spells and that is why you have to look at the fundamentals of practical kabbalah. You are putting together a chain of events so as to make them valid logically. That is why you should learn about the God aspects, worlds, Archangels, planets etc. These factors should be complementing each other.

Essentially you are in the position of a lawyer presenting a case before a judge; the aim of the spell along with the factors is what you are presenting. If you make a lousy case then you will not win. But remember you can always ask for mercy in the court.

4. If its not in English and you do not understand what it means then do not say it!

5. If it does not seem right, feel right or gives you doubt then don’t do it. Go through it logically, find any mistakes and correct them.

7. Prevent blowback. Behave appropriately. Trickle down effects.

8. Rituals are not written up in a few minutes, you can easily spend a day writing one.

9. Do not have crucifixes and religious icons in the room, make sure mirrors are covered.

10. Just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean its true. There are plenty of supposed ‘occult’ ebooks, pdfs and other files freely given out or sold for extortionate prices. The authors of these books could be genuine or they could be trolls, sociopaths, scammers, nutjobs.

12. Never blend non-Kabbalah occult practices with practical Kabbalah, this includes wicca, voodoo, juju and so on.

13. If for whatever reason you encounter a demon/dybbuk never show your emotions and be civil. Demons cannot read minds, so do not panic. This is a possible occurance for a ritual in Assiah.

14. Do not believe a word I have told you, check it for yourselves. Its your life and your decision to act on available choices.

With magic the more you do in order to change your circumstances, the more successful you will be. Ritual without action really just becomes prayer, yes it can and usually does work but you just want to add that extra bit of zing.
A practical kabbalah ritual can be supplemented with talismans; these are magic squares which are based on planetary magic with kabbalah aspects.

The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin the Mage is the best example of this, according to the book one is supposed enter a period in relative isolation and involve yourself in rituals and prayers. I never did this; I examined the talismans in the book and looked at the number of squares within the singular square.

Much like a crossword puzzle, but the single square will contain 5 squares by 5 squares, some 4 by 4, some 6 by 6, 7 by 7 and so on. If we look at the sephiroth and their numbered sequence we can see what planets can be used to ‘charge’ them. A 5 by 5 square would come under Geburah as well as Mars. If the planetary day or hour (preferably) in which we are to do a ritual, (whether it is practical kabbalah or Shem ha-Mephorash) comes under Mars then it would be a valid component of the ritual. But remember that the magic square or kamea has to be prepared in the relevant planetary hours.

These things can be done but you may find yourself juggling the magic square, planetary hours and the zodiac. If you are in doubt then don’t do it.

In this regards of the middle pillar the sephiroth of Tiphareth and Yesod are applicable, their magic squares are respectively 6x6 and 9x9. Malkuth would be 10x10 but I know of no magic square with 10 letter words that has been made regarding it. But there is a planetary kamea for Earth at this site; 

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