Monday 2 October 2023

Another clip series - Modern Satanism Today

This is a clip series about how Satanism (whether theistic, atheist, or even unknowing) is infiltrating all aspects of  society. I will show how Satanism is infiltrating through various "fronts" with multiple agents.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Sentience - a clip series

 I am doing a series concerning "sentience" and how everything and anything from the Earth, the Cosmos, and Artificial Intelligence is now being deemed sentient.

Sentience - part 1

Sentience - part 2

Sentience - part 3

Sentience - part 4

Thursday 29 July 2021

COVID Update

This is the most popular rickroll...
It's how you sell it that makes the difference

There is a rickroll type section on my YouTube page


Thursday 22 July 2021 stuff

 I never really thought much about the slide/powerpoint (PPT) way of pushing a message. But as I do have Microsoft Office I decide to go about in making my first powerpoint presentation (PPT) so using a template I went about doing it, the next time I just make it from scratch. Pretty easy actually.

I made an account at and uploaded them, it is essentially the same as using youtube in that you have a channel. You can choose to have you presentation downloaded as slides or an ebook, it would certainly be worth your while to make an account (if you have a Google email account you can use that as you do as in youtube).

You might think that it wouldn't be worthwhile to do anything related to this, but remember that slideserve has 30 million unique views per month. Essentially a million a day.

Check for yourself...

Here are my slide sets