Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Urantia Book - a guide for elitism

My investigations into the Urantia Book (UB) actually reveals what seems to be the planned mindset for the future, when I first encountered the UB I thought it to be just another new thought fad. However this is not the case, what I found was a 'spiritual' system that caters to a society that is beyond gnostic or even neo-gnostic and infact aims itself to the 'post-gnostic'. I had previously stated that the UB is no less valid than the 38+ versions of the Bible and indeed this is true, because in this UB we actually have the plans for a future society which is more along the lines of setting up a new and retro 'ancient egypt'. Have I read the UB in its entirety? No and do not especially intend to. Although the book is supposedly of a spiritual basis it has pretty much gone into a psychological indoctrination manual, the book is subjective in its writing but each paragraph has a 'hook' to keep you on to read the next paragraph.
The UB is 2097 pages long, so during the time you are reading it (which can be a year or longer) your personal circumstances can change. So what seemed nonsensical at the time of reading may suddenly seem logical later on as your circumstance changes; and what seemed logical at the time of reading may come across as nonsensical later on as your circumstance changes. The purpose of this is to keep you in a sense of confusion and lack of faith in your decisions and judgment, what you are meant to do is read the book in its entirety and once that is done begin it all over again. This is the same method used to indoctrinate fools into marxism, the same application that involves psychology along with a mythology that can change at anytime depending on your circumstance.

I will give you the information I got from UB forums from general adherants of those sites, there is no lies or propaganda I am putting forward - this is what these people genuinely believe. So I will state what they believe (*) and state the evil that can result from this belief (#).

*. They believe that children are born without souls, infact they believe that a child does not get a soul until the ages of 5-6.
#. This opens the door to 'post birth abortion' aka infanticide, it also gives a tacit approval for pedophilia.

*. They believe that marriage is exclusively for a man and a woman in order to reproduce and that fidelity must be kept in this union, however they believe that homosexual activity is permissible for recreational sexual activity. So apart from producing children those in a marriage can only be gay.
#. This is truly a controlled society and against the laws of nature if it ever comes to pass, such a setup can only be meant to control population. The author of the UB (William Samuel Sadler) was an eugenics proponent and indeed fanatic, as were those associated with the writing, publication and propagation of the UB.

to be continued.....................

Monday, 20 November 2017

Urantia Book & Kabbalah?

I just decided to make a post about whether or the "New Thought" movement is coming back, whether it never went away or else has been absorbed into what could be called "New Age/spirituality". Or even absorbed into mainstream religion without the adherants realising it. The era termed New Thought can be used to encompass a number of writings, people and movements; among them being the Urantia Book, I would say the era would cover the years from 1850-1950 in which the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2 occured. These events and others of similar nature made people to throw caution to the wind in regards to the orthodoxy and dogma of the mainstream established religions; these religions simply ignored spirituality or just refused to deal with it. Instead they became just political branches and social clubs and this is evident especially today; 100 years ago if you were to say you were into the occult or spirituality that was enough to get you lynched so the term 'metaphysics' came into common use.

I am not a Urantia Book 'adherant', I have not read the book apart from about 50 pages in various parts. I just found that the length of the book would require a large amount of reading, studying and time to fully comprehend, at the time I was involved in the occult and being a young adult. Maybe you would like to know a bit about me...

12-13 _ theistic satanist
13-19 _ tried Christianity didnt understand the logic of allowing people to beat you up, I threw it away
19-23 _ returned to theistic satanism because I knew of nothing else
23+    _ practical Kabbalah

I've studied various things from rosicrucianism to voodoo and have learned bits and pieces that todays mainstream faiths have deemed taboo. I cannot find the Urantia Book any less valid than the 38+ versions of the Bible, especially when you consider that the period between the Old and New Testaments has basically been obliterated (the Apocrypha and gnostic writings). Add in that modern Christianity has been infected with the 'prosperity' theology and churches resemble stages from a drama play. Also you have problems with the Koran where Arab muslims say 'if its not in Arabic then its not the Koran!'; considering that arabs are 15% of muslims its doubtful that the other 85% are fluent in reading and writing Arabic, the biggest muslim country is Indonesia. Now we see alleged 'hadiths' taking place of the Koran which have been added to and subtracted from and repackaged in a modern context. As for Judaism? This seems to be a tribal affliation as most adherants are atheist, deist or pantheist.
Seeing as the Abrahamic faiths are in such bad shape then how can any of their adherants claim the Urantia Book is a fraud?

But I will delve into teachings from the Kabbalah which may or may not confirm your beliefs in the UB, if you want to correct me thats fine. I am not adverse to other opinions.

I think I am recalling from the UB this bit of text (or something similar) - " there are other worlds/planets [unsure] some are better than [earth?] some are worse".
The 'Godwins Cabalistic Encyclopedia' lists 'earths' in relation to the sephiroth on the Tree of Life, I will use the Midrash Konen listing.

Aretz (Earth)
Adamah (Earth)
Charabhah (Parched Land)
Tziah (Dryness)
Yabbashah (Dry Land)
Arqa (Earth)
Tebhel (World)
Cheled (World)

Our Earth in comprised of Tebhel (Immanent) and Cheled (Transcendant), Arqa contains the seven hells and the others are inhabited by men who do not have Adam as their ancestor. I recommend the Godwins Cabalistic Encyclopedia for further reading and is my key reference book, if you want to get into Kabbalah.
So in Kabbalah there are 4 worlds (planes of existance) these are Atziluth (Emanation), Briah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation) and Assiah (World of Action aka the physical). The Tree of Life exists in all 4 worlds but in Assiah it is joined to the Tree of Death at this earth (commonly called the Tree of Life and Death of the knowledge of good and evil). In the highest sephira of the Tree of Death which is called Thaumiel there is not one ruler but two, first there is Satan (ha-Shaitan). Satan is a title and in common lore is held by Lucifer, the other occupant of Thaumiel is Moloch and they are for want of a better term 'joint rulers'. But it may interest you that the name Caligastia was occasionally mentioned in theistic satanism when I was practicing. Caligastia wasnt just a run of the mill demon, it was a name which no one wanted to mention. Much like Moloch who people never mentioned and who was/is regarded as psychotic and unpredictable, whether Caligastia and Moloch are one and the same I dont know. Lets just say I have suspicions.

Anyway I will just end it up here for now, I didnt especially want to go on a lecture on practical Kabbalah. Just food for thought really.

My God is Jehovah if you want to know.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

New YouTube Series - Practical Kabbalah and health

I am doing a series on the practical kabbalah and how it can be applied to health, this will concern physical and mental health as well as "designer diseases" such as various 'disorders' and hypochondria.

^^^This is also from my 'dark series' on necromancy but it is also applicable here because it deals with the zodiac. In practical kabbalah the methodology of ritual is mostly the same regardless of its aims.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 6

So lets look at ceremony.

1. If you want to do rituals then you have to have a sacred space. It may not always be possible to have a room for such a purpose, so a select area can be used. Either way it will have to be prepared and this is done by washing the walls, lining either the room or the room of the space with salt (sprinkling not heavy), and burning frankincense. You must make an effort to keep it clean.

2. Altar; an altar can be anything except plastic. Plastic should be avoided in ritual at all times, if you cannot find a table or bit of furniture to use as an altar then use the floor. Remember that you will be rewarded on your effort and substance and not style. Make do with what you have to work with.

3. There is no grand magic book of spells in kabbalah, ultimately you will be writing the spells and that is why you have to look at the fundamentals of practical kabbalah. You are putting together a chain of events so as to make them valid logically. That is why you should learn about the God aspects, worlds, Archangels, planets etc. These factors should be complementing each other.

Essentially you are in the position of a lawyer presenting a case before a judge; the aim of the spell along with the factors is what you are presenting. If you make a lousy case then you will not win. But remember you can always ask for mercy in the court.

4. If its not in English and you do not understand what it means then do not say it!

5. If it does not seem right, feel right or gives you doubt then don’t do it. Go through it logically, find any mistakes and correct them.

7. Prevent blowback. Behave appropriately. Trickle down effects.

8. Rituals are not written up in a few minutes, you can easily spend a day writing one.

9. Do not have crucifixes and religious icons in the room, make sure mirrors are covered.

10. Just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean its true. There are plenty of supposed ‘occult’ ebooks, pdfs and other files freely given out or sold for extortionate prices. The authors of these books could be genuine or they could be trolls, sociopaths, scammers, nutjobs.

12. Never blend non-Kabbalah occult practices with practical Kabbalah, this includes wicca, voodoo, juju and so on.

13. If for whatever reason you encounter a demon/dybbuk never show your emotions and be civil. Demons cannot read minds, so do not panic. This is a possible occurance for a ritual in Assiah.

14. Do not believe a word I have told you, check it for yourselves. Its your life and your decision to act on available choices.

With magic the more you do in order to change your circumstances, the more successful you will be. Ritual without action really just becomes prayer, yes it can and usually does work but you just want to add that extra bit of zing.
A practical kabbalah ritual can be supplemented with talismans; these are magic squares which are based on planetary magic with kabbalah aspects.

The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin the Mage is the best example of this, according to the book one is supposed enter a period in relative isolation and involve yourself in rituals and prayers. I never did this; I examined the talismans in the book and looked at the number of squares within the singular square.

Much like a crossword puzzle, but the single square will contain 5 squares by 5 squares, some 4 by 4, some 6 by 6, 7 by 7 and so on. If we look at the sephiroth and their numbered sequence we can see what planets can be used to ‘charge’ them. A 5 by 5 square would come under Geburah as well as Mars. If the planetary day or hour (preferably) in which we are to do a ritual, (whether it is practical kabbalah or Shem ha-Mephorash) comes under Mars then it would be a valid component of the ritual. But remember that the magic square or kamea has to be prepared in the relevant planetary hours.

These things can be done but you may find yourself juggling the magic square, planetary hours and the zodiac. If you are in doubt then don’t do it.

In this regards of the middle pillar the sephiroth of Tiphareth and Yesod are applicable, their magic squares are respectively 6x6 and 9x9. Malkuth would be 10x10 but I know of no magic square with 10 letter words that has been made regarding it. But there is a planetary kamea for Earth at this site;


Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 5

I hope that I have given you a reasonable introduction to, and a description of the architecture involved with the middle pillar of the Tree of Life. With the God aspects and Archangels of the sephiroth; but to expand on that; you have the sephiroth with their virtues and vices along with their planetary influences. However you may wish to aim at a specific part of the body, so what if we could use the sephiroth but without those particular God aspects and Archangels or those particular virtues and vices; and put in its place an angel who could perform acts that are more specific to what we want or need.

We can do that with the Shem ha-Mephorash or the name of extension, these are best described as angels and there are 72 of them. Making ritual with them is also different, with the Tree of Life if we are to perform a ritual we would do so facing east regardless of the sephira involved. With the Shem ha-Mephorash we face due east and make that 0 degrees. Each angel has 5 degrees allotted to them, so 72 angels times 5 degrees = 360 degrees a complete circle. So if you have a complete and correctly ordered list and a compass with 360 degrees measured out on it, the sort of compass that you would use in hiking and reading maps then you would find the correct direction to face to perform a ritual. So you start off at 0 degrees due east and go clockwise to measure out.

As the sephira have a virtue and a vice; when you bring in an angel from the Shem ha-Mephorash into that sephira in order to perform a ritual the virtue and vice of that sephira are replaced by the virtue and vice of that angel. Another thing to consider if one wishes to use the Shem ha-Mephorash system is that the angels have zodiac signs. Starting with Aries and the 1st angel at 0 degrees we go into blocks of 6; 12 zodiac signs times 6 angels equals 72; and just to bamboozle you a bit more of the blocks of 6 the 1st 3 are daytime angels and the other 3 are night ones.

If you are doing a ritual with these angels you have to consider the angel you wish to make petiton to, if they are a daytime angel you will have to aim to perform your ritual during the daytime hours which are from sunrise to sunset. And if it is a night time angel you will seek to do a ritual from sunset to sunrise. On top of that they have zodiac signs which will either be exalted, detrimental or middle of the road with certain planetary hours. So you might find yourself doing something of a juggling act with your timing if you wish to have a specific angel for a ritual.

We would have to calculate planetary hours and it is done like this; take the time period from sunrise to sunset, convert it into minutes and divide by 12. These are your daytime planetary hours, then calculate and convert the time period between sunset and the next sunrise, divide it by 12 and these are your night time planetary hours. To check if you are correct remember that the 1st planetary hour is the same as the planet of that day, if you are calculating planetary hours for a Sunday then the 1st planetary hour from sunrise will be of the Sun. If you have calculated correctly it should lead to the 1st planetary hour from sunrise on Monday being of the Moon.

The order of planets in regards to planetary hours goes like this;
Sun> Venus> Mercury> Moon> Saturn> Jupiter> Mars.
So we have 7 planets but 24 hours, if we take this chain of planets and divide the 24 hours with it we will be able to divide it 3 times with 2 left over.
3 times 7 equals 21 so if you think there must be 3 left over its actually 2 because the 21st hour includes when it begins and when it ends. To put it into a 24 hour perspective from 21:00 till 22:00 hours is the final hour of the chain, so that leaves us 22:00 to 23:00 and 23:00 till 24:00 and then the next day begins. So look at the chain of planets, pick one planet; eg. Venus which is Friday, count 2 ahead and you will come to Saturn which is Saturday, count 2 ahead and you will come to the Sun. Keep counting 2 ahead and you will cover the entire week in the proper order.

So with the Shem ha-Mephorash you have the angels with a zodiac sign which you should check to see if they are exalted or in detriment with the day or hour you intend to use. And each angel of the Shem ha-Mephorash has a specific psalm to them which you will have to use.

While some may say that the angels of the Shem ha-Mephorash are not actually angels but rather are God forms because they can be used in a sephira; and can be thought of as personalities of God whose 'residence' is the degrees they are listed with. I find this outlook overcomplicates things, I myself prefer to think of them as angels, similar to angels in all respects but just different. Are they God forms? To that I say that they are closer to God than what we are and can be.

How to use this knowledge
Purely physical or vigil or ceremony?
We have a choice on how to apply what we have learned so far; you might lean to just using the planetary products such as foods, herbs, crystals and so on without any esoteric practice. Or you might be content with just to use the planetary products along with praying much like the catholics do with saints, the only drawbacks are that you wont be especially specific because you will be working outside of the sephira. So you will be dealing with God/Jehovah as a whole, so you might be asking God to send Raphael to heal someone but this is a quite simplistic approach. You might be praying during certain hours, using incense and candles and for all intents and purposes be conducting an informal watered down ceremony.

You might feel content with these options, due to a lack of experience or knowledge. Its your life - its your choice, but sometimes you will have to roll the dice or bet everything on the turn of a card. If you are facing a situation where either you or someone you love has a terminal illness or something similar; well really what have you got to lose?

Friday, 21 July 2017

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 4

Zodiac signs:

Ruling planet; Mars
Exalted; Sun
Detriment; Venus
Fall; Saturn

Ruling planet; Venus
Exalted; Moon
Detriment; Mars
Fall; Pluto

Ruling planet; Mercury
Exalted; Ascending node
Fall; Descending node
Detriment; Jupiter

Ruling planet; Moon
Exalted; Jupiter
Detriment; Saturn
Fall; Mars

Ruling planet; Sun
Detriment; Saturn

Ruling planet; Mercury
Exalted; Mercury
Detriment; Jupiter
Fall; Venus

Ruling planet; Venus
Exalted; Saturn
Detriment; Mars
Fall; Sun

Ruling planet; Mars
Exalted; Pluto
Detriment; Venus
Fall; Moon

Ruling planet; Jupiter
Exalted; Descending node
Fall; Ascending node
Detriment; Mercury

Ruling planet; Saturn
Exalted; Mars
Detriment; Moon
Fall; Jupiter

Ruling planet; Saturn
Detriment; Sun

Ruling planet; Jupiter
Exalted; Venus
Detriment; Mercury
Fall; Mercury

NB: When a Scorpio and Mars hour coincide on the mechanical hour timeline it becomes a Plutonic hour. This occurs if a Mars hour occurs during 7am Sunday and 7pm Wednesday. The duration of the Plutonic hour only lasts as long from the mechanical time until the end of the Mars planetary hour.
If an Aquarius mechanical hour (10:00 - 11:00) coincides with a Saturn hour it becomes a Uranus hour, and the same applies to a Piscean hour (11:00 - 12:00) with a Jupiter one and this will come under Neptune.

Practical Kabbalah and health in the middle pillar - part 3

The Planets and Health;

Physiological functions;
Formation and maintenance of skin, bone structure, teeth and cartilage. Governance of the spleen, the skeleton generally and the knees in particular. The glands generally and ductless glands in particular.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Skin afflictions such as leprosy, scurvy, eczema. Restrictive afflictions such as impeded circulation, rheumatism, ankylosed joints, atrophies, spinal maladies. Maladies of congelation and solidification such as arteriosclerosis, phlebitis. Chronic health problems generally, including organic and nerve deafness.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Apathy, depression or overmastering fears, possibly sapping the natural powers of recuperation, causing afflictions of the skin, or inhibiting normal glandular action. Excessive care of material resources, which may prevent the taking of early or adequate curative measures.

Physiological functions;
Maintenance of cellular development. Integration and preservation of the soft tissues of the body, the intestines in particular with the liver and the digestive processes; the region of the hips and thighs; the arteries; the feet.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Afflictions of the heart and liver, high blood pressure, varicose veins, apoplexy, stroke. Excess weight. Fatty degeneration. Diabetes. Pleurisy. Disorders of the teeth.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Heedless self-indulgence, particularly in matters of food, drink, and indolence, so as to impair the bodys powers of resistance; however those powers where there is an overabundance of Jupiterian influence will also tend to be unusually robust.

Physiological functions;
Development and well-being of limbs and external organs (the nose, the ears as regards their health and safety; the external sexual organs); the excretory systems; the gall bladder; the red corpuscles of the blood; the motor nerves; the region of the face. Regulation of metallic trace elements in the system, and of energy levels.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Inflammation of accidental injuries. Hemorrhage. Smallpox and eruptive maladies generally. Infectious and contagious sicknesses generally; those in particular which produce acute fever. Neuralgia. Hyperactivity. Hypertension.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Anger, obstinacy, excitability, frustration, can be sufficient to cause malfunction in the nervous and glandular systems, thus opening the way to injury or infection.

Physiological functions;
Governance of the heart, the eyes as regards to their health and safety (traditionally the right eye in males and the left eye in females); the upper region of the back, the circulation of the blood and the distribution of all vital fluids. Generation and maintenance of life energy; the growth of children and young people.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Just as the visible and measurable radiations of the Sun can, by their intensity harm in the living organism the very faculties and qualities which they have nutured, so do the Suns' occult powers act similarly. Disorders of the hearts' action, whether of the nature of simple palpitations or angina. Spinal afflictions, particularly those affecting the upper back. Bilious ailments and those affecting the spleen. Ills affecting the eyes, other than optical maladjustments. Fevers producing delirium.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Superabundance of vital energies can disorganise the structures and rhythms of their physical vehicle: or powerful inner vision may turn the psyche away from earthly seeing.

Physiological functions;
Governance of the internal sexual organs generally, the kidneys, the veins generally; the mouth, throat and sinuses, the neck generally, the lower region of the back. The lymphatic system. The skin as regards its functions in breathing, absorption and exudation. The nerves and muscles generally as regards tone and relaxation. Health and well-being of scalp and hair.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Tonsilitis, goiter, ailments of the throat generally. Maladies affecting the kidneys or lymphatic system. Fibrositis of neck and shoulder. Lumbago. Cramps generally. Venereal ailments generally.

Pathological effects (psychic);
The reality of health may be neglected while its appearance is cultivated. Strong emotions may disrupt the regimen, in particular through a 'compensating' indulgence.

Physiological functions;
Governance of cerebrospinal nervous system and to some extent the sympathetic systems; the organs of respiration and speech, the ears as regards hearing: nervous and muscular co-ordination. Hands and arms generally; the tactile sense; gesture as communication. The thyroid gland with its various functions. The region of the waist. The functioning of the brain-mind faculties, as memory, association, deduction, etc.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Maladies associated with the nerves, as neurasthenia, amnesia, asthma, speech disorders. Bronchitis. Laryngitis. Abnormal conditions of the thyroid. Shingles. Any accident or condition affecting hands, arms or waist. Nervous tic.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Somnambulism, taking in the sleep. Periods of intense study may cause or increase problems relating to digestion or respiration.

Physiological functions;
Secretion and utilisations of fluids: tears, saliva, digestive fluids, sexual secretions and impregnation, the processes of birth. Governance of all life rythms. The substance of the brain. The sympathetic nervous systems. The uterus. The stomach and the alimentary canal. The lungs. All mucous surfaces.

Pathological effects (bodily);
Maladies relating to accumulation of body fluids; abscesses, tumours, etc. Womens' disorders. Afflictions of the stomach. Chest colds and coughs. Pneumonia. Allegies. Epilepsy. Recurring ailments generally.

Pathological effects (psychic);
Irrational fears, obsessions (in the psychological meaning of the word), prejudices of any kind, if dwelt upon, may prevent a full exercise of lifes healthful and healing potentials. Conditions such as anorexia nervosa can give the imagination dominance not only over the rational mind but also over the body related instincts. Depression and pessimism, if allowed to prevail, can lower the bodys' resistance to infection.