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Questionnaire for atheists

Just some questions for God haters and other uppity rich kid marxists to have another mental breakdown over........

Questionnaire for atheists

This is just a series of questions I accumulated over the years from various sources. I have added my own over the years and indeed invite you to add your own. I do not claim any ownership of any of these questions. So use them at will and spread them, as long as they serve our cause, then that is all that matters.

#1 - If no God exists, how did the universe originate?
What was the nature of the environment that the so called “big bang” emanated from?

#2 - If the 'big bang' is the cause of the universe and if the 'big bang' was purely a random event, then how did it cause the various physical laws that governs the universe? Laws such as those that relate to the likes of gravity and chemistry for example.

#3 - If no God exists, why is the earth suitable for the existence of life? Why isn't there life on other planets? How is this the case? Although there can be allowances for variation due to temperatures, oxygen content of atmospheres, and distance from the Sun. How can there be variations considering the 'big bang' was supposedly a one time 'random' event?

#4 - If no God exists, how did life forms originate? Did life forms come from inanimate objects?

#5 - If life did come from physical inanimate objects, then what was the nature of these objects? And under what circumstances did these objects produce life forms?

#6 - Under what circumstances did the variation of life forms occur? Did these variations occur during the 'big bang' as a single random event? Or did they appear as a result of numerous 'random' events?

#7 - If it was the result of numerous 'random' events, then would this not be indicative of a replicating pattern? If so then these events cannot said to be random as they would require a designer and co-ordinator.

#8 - If no God exists, what caused the repeated disappearance of more primitive forms of life and the appearance of new more advanced forms of life?
[For example, at the beginning of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.]

#9 - Evolution fundamentalists will often claim that chimps turned into humans by the means of the 'missing link'. Why is it that despite all the scientific means available today that no evidence of the 'missing link' has been discovered, documented, or publicly revealed.

#10 - Are humans of more intrinsic value than animals? Why or why not?

#11 – What is the likelihood of life arising by 'chance'? How common (or rare) are functional sequences (ie. proteins) among all the possible combinations of amino acids?
Considering that peptide bonds are needed to form a protein and even then you need a 'left hand' optical isomer. The chances of finding a functional protein by chance are 1 in 10 to the power of 164

Question is… do you still believe it is mathematically viable that life came by chance and do you have the ability to demonstrate it?

#12 - The problem of abiogenesis (the origin of the first life form) is one of the thorniest and most intractable issues in chemistry. Our increasing knowledge of microbiology and earth history has only added to the complexity of what needs to be explained. The simplest life is equivalent to modern bacteria, which is loaded with complex activity, information, and molecular 'machines.' The fossil record does not give evidence that there was a 'prebiotic soup,' or that there were any biological precursors to the first organisms, or that the atmosphere was the ideal mix to yield the necessary molecules, or that there was the expected long period of time between when the Earth could support life and when it actually appeared.
Evolutionists regularly segregate the abiogenesis problem from the issue of evolution because...
(1) It is a challenge they'd rather not be saddled with, or
(2) It is the most logical point for possible divine intervention.
However, for the atheist there is no escaping this issue; they are obliged to seek out some purely natural explanation.
a). What hope for an explanation do you have? Are you satisfied to have problems like this that are unanswered, or even unanswerable?
b). In telling the tale of life on earth science writers often unconsciously use the word 'miracle' for the appearance of the first organisms. Is this doubt on their behalf as to what they would like to prove as to the creation of existence?
c). What kind of evidence is needed before we are to actually accept that something like this really is a miracle?

#13 - If evolution is true, how and why is everything so determined that we can study it?

#14 - Is it possible to study something that is always changing, like evolution?

#15 - If we have no soul, why do we feel conscious of ourselves?

#16 - If we have no free will, why do we feel that we are making free choices?

#17 - If no God exists, why are we obligated to be nice other people? Why do we feel the need to? Is it that we are mere animals who just seek material gain from others?

#18 – If we live in a purely material world then how do we account for the many supernatural experiences that people have, such as encounters with God, ghosts, spirits, etc (obviously, exactly what all of these encounters actually are all interpreted by different people in different ways but the fact remains that people encounter things that do not fit a purely naturalistic world view). Are we really to conclude that all of these people are delusional, deceptive, or mad? Or could it be that people are having real encounters with real supernatural beings not explainable through purely scientific mediums?

#19 - Where does all of the incredibly complex information come from that is stored within DNA? Information doesn't just appear by itself. Someone has to put it there.

#20 - Atheists are mostly found to be employed in the academic/government fields. What is it about the atheist personality that attracts them to these fields? And why have these fields been overrun by political correctness?

#21 - Where does all the matter in the universe come from?

#22 - What is the source of math and logic? The existence of this remarkably fine-tuned universe aside how is it that we have these 'languages of reality' to so elegantly describe and interact with it?

#23 - What type of government does atheistic philosophy translate into?
a.) How does it understand the relationship between man and government?
b.) What type of government structures flow from an atheistic world view?
c.) Does it merely rely on someone else's system of thought, like the assumptions of naturalistic science? Or more accurately 'man interoperated science'?

#24 - Believers are often accused of being simple-minded, superstitious, or irrational.

Why is it so irrational for us to believe that the universe had a beginning because it actually was created? The laws of physics are so fine-tuned because it had a designer; people are preoccupied with good and evil because they are real things. We long for purpose and meaning because they exist to be had, life from non-life really is miraculous.
Consciousness and freewill seem real because they are; people are incurably religious because there is actually something real in religion.
If there really is no meaning or purpose to life, no objective good or evil, and the existence of 'truth' itself is open to debate, by what standard will you condemn the beliefs of believers?

#25 - How does an atheist assign meaning to human activity? Is all meaning subjective, or do some activities have self-evident and objective worth and meaning. If so, what are these activities, and how to you arrive at their value?

#26 - How does an atheist determine what is moral or immoral, right or wrong. Is there any objective standard or principles?

#27 - If you claim that Jesus Christ is a myth then what alternative explanation do you offer to the New Testament documentation and the tradition of the church, and what support do you have for your theory? Is it because of the miracles that you doubt the Scriptures?

#28 - Why is it that despite all the lauded scientific 'achievements' that there is an interest in the occult and magic which has remained? In fact atheists have had a constant and persistent interest in both the zodiac and paranormal activity. Why is this?

#29 - Many people believe that the moon and other planets have an effect on the psyche. Although this may be called astrology the fact is that the moon has effects on the likes of ocean tides. Do you call this a superstition under the name of astrology or a scientific fact?

#30 - The past several decades has added profoundly to our knowledge of chemistry, physics, and cosmology. It has become increasingly clear that we live in a universe finely tuned for the support of complex life. This fact is so universally acknowledged that even secular scientists have coined the term 'Anthropic Principle' to describe it.
How is it that we live in such an exquisitely fine-tuned universe?

Even assuming that the universe could have popped out of nothingness, why should it have been such an orderly and hospitable one? Is there a scientific, testable answer for this question that does not simply appeal to imagination?

#31 - Atheism by definition holds that there is no God and nothing beyond this world of matter, space, time, and energy.
Consistent with this viewpoint come a large number of necessary truths and the problems relating to them. Atheism is not made rational merely by the rejection of the evidence for God; it has its own wares to sell and difficulties to overcome.
a.) What is the evidence against the existence of God?
b.) If everyone on earth became an atheist how would the world be better off?
c.) Does not atheism have to rely on a system of coercion to enforce non belief?
d.) Nations that have a system of government under a monarchy do so because of a strong religious connection. The USA is referred to as 'One nation under God'. Is it an atheist aim to abolish royal families and the sovereignty of nations like the Maoists have achieved in Nepal and replace all sovereign nations with a world government?
e.) Why are atheists always at the forefront of Marxist tainted 'causes' such as global warming, unrestricted immigration, gay marriage, transgender children and other latte type neo-liberal causes?
f.) Why have atheists, pagans and Satanists been infiltrating 'white supremacist' organisations and attempting to turn racial issues into solely religious issues? Example being the anti-3rd world immigration issue is now an anti-Muslim issue. The same could be said for leftist 'anti-Zionist' causes that attack Jews solely on the basis of their religious beliefs and nothing else (even though Zionism is an atheist creed).

#32 - Why is it that atheists only target their approach to the young (20 and under) instead of those of their own age? Is it because people who are 40+ are not worth 'educating'? Or is it that gullible teenagers have bodies worth 'indoctrinating'?

#33 - If you believe that there is no God, how do you explain the concept of synchronicity. Do you dispute it because of the law of large numbers says otherwise? Maybe you just have faith in this axiom and it is really not an accurate description of reality.

#34 - If you believe that human beings and indeed all living life cannot possess a soul because spiritual essence is against all those who believe in a purely physical life form. How would you explain emotions such as love for example? Is love a purely chemical reaction?

And if so, could not the ingestion of chemicals make one fall in love or make one fall out of love? Although one can point to the drug Ecstacy/Xtasy/Extasy/etc. This drug only gives a sense of disordered lust, and even then only on a temporary basis.

#35 - In recent times there has been a push from the largely atheistic "scientific community" to accept that mankind are the descendants of aliens. If you believe this to be true, does this make either the 'theory of evolution' or 'origin of the species' to be invalid? Do you believe all life forms on Earth to have been brought here by aliens? And how did these aliens travel here?

Further more, do you believe it is possible that those you describe as “aliens” could actually be God and the Angels?

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