Wednesday 7 August 2019

Infiltration of the Catholic Church

This is the text from my YouTube clip "Catholic Infiltration"

I will tell you the complete story now. It was on a Saturday afternoon in 1989 (early October as I remember) when I went to Villawood, the post office (at the time it was located at Woodville Road) was a known meet up place for Satanists. As I arrived at the post office on Woodville Road, I encountered two Satanists I knew (Vijay and Jerrum) who were being spoken to by an older man. I just assumed that he was asking them for directions, or was trying to get change for the phone boxes or just knew them in general. Vijay and Jerrum were aged about 18 or 19 and the older man would have been about 60, the older man had the command of the conversation. Vijay nodded his head in my direction and the talking stopped. Jerrum looked over at me and then turned to the man and said "he is one of us". I was then motioned to move in closer and the conversation resumed with the man asking us if we looked at infiltrating the Catholic church orders or other churches through getting into their ministries, but the Catholic church was the prime target because if the Catholic church falls then so will Christianity. Although he spoke to us as a group he seemed to be speaking to each one of us individually, it was almost hypnotic. (He was asking us and yet at the same time telling us)

Jerrum, Vijay and I were not of the wannabe tough guys you generally find in groups of 'devil worshipers'. No, we were of the 'occult set' and had become somewhat separate from the others. I suppose you could say it was a type of elitism, not something we had aspired to but something we fell into by default because of our dedication and studying of the occult. It was the man who told us we should infiltrate the church and told us if we do then we were to pervert theology, rituals and prayers. 

How was this to be done? Answer - by having language reinterpreted like having words, sentences and phrases redefined. I will give you this example, if 'person A' went up to 'person B' and said "I came out today" what would be the first thing to go through 'person Bs' mind? Or anyones' mind for that matter? Even if the sentence was not completed the first thought would be this person was declaring themselves to be a homosexual. The constant redefining and corruption of words, sentences, and phrases in a church service context with the likes of prayers during Mass would render them void.

This would happen because each parishioner would be in a situation of not knowing what they were specifically saying. If they were saying one word and having a guess or just making up what it was supposed to mean it would seem 'uncertain and not definite'. To have strings of these words in the sentences of hymns and prayers would cause doubt. Doubt in what they were saying, doubt in what they were singing, doubt in what they were thinking while they were doing both, which leads to doubt why they are there. If the purpose of going to church is to praise and honour God then doubt within church services will lead to doubt over what they are praising and honouring and thus doubt in God. Doubt is a powerful weapon which leaves no fingerprints as to where it came from and who was behind it.

That was the first and most important priority if we were to infiltrate the church, but there was another 'lesser' priority. That was to alienate future generations of Christians; the target was the children and minors. We were to 'interfere' with them, within about 2 seconds I went from confusion to knowing what he meant by interfere. He didn't say to establish relationships with them which would further lead to sexual activity, neither did he say to rape them but we were to abuse them. It wouldn't be purely for our sexual enjoyment, it would be to make them resentful and drive them away from the church. They would blame God, Jesus, all the priests and nuns, the parishioners, church employees, and the church as a whole for allowing the abuse to happen.

In all honesty the idea of molesting children did not at all appeal to me, but this is a war, an insurgency. At the age of 20 I had a sexual desire for older women, not younger ones. I asked what age are we looking at here? I was thinking that these girls might be wards of the state under church care or orphans or something similar. My face felt like it had been painted with plaster and had dried, it felt like stone. 

The man said "15", I assumed he we gauging us for a reaction but I couldn't tell because he wore a large pair of dark glasses that were near black. He then went to "14", I stood there thinking maybe... I had heard of 14 year olds being sexually active but it did not appeal to me. Then "13", I thought 'maybe' if the girl is quite physically developed. Then "10", I thought 'maybe if I was 15 I would'. As he was saying the ages in a quick sequence I gave a sideways glance to see Jerrum and Vijay. Their faces looked like stone like those faces on Easter Island and I suppose mine did too, it certainly felt like it. The next age stunned me, "5". It didn't stun me as to leave me in shock or want to run off, it was more of a case of 'Really? Is this necessary? Are we required to do that?

Jerrum then asked wouldn't fucking these kids cause obvious damage and leave marks? The man replied in a light handed manner; "No, no, no, you don't have to fuck them. You do things like make them suck your cock, you stick your fingers into them, you slap them in the face with your dick". He then went on to say that both boys and girls were to be targeted and then added "I like 7 year olds". Then there was a short pause and then he said in a jovial manner he was going home to do some housework, prepare ingredients for dinner and watch TV. He then walked off out of sight. Jerrum, Vijay and I still had stone faces; we didn't speak and walked off in separate directions. My stone face lasted till I got home; I can't accurately describe the feeling. It was like I was in the army as a corporal and had been spoken to by a general about a secret mission. But I was in an army and I was one of Satans' faithful soldiers and I had been told operational secrets by an elder.

The next day I returned to Villawood outside the post office at the same time, Vijay and Jerrum showed up as well within minutes of me arriving there. There was no "umm umm about yesterday ..umm what the..?" We knew what our obligations were because we are faithful servants of the Satan and his kingdom, we knew our aims and we knew we were to do everything to achieve them. This is a war and all tactics are fair, we have to win regardless of what we have to do because if we lose, we lose eternally. I imagine jihadi suicide bombers have the same mindset and I suppose Christian fanatics would be similar in that they know that on Judgment Day they will have to justify their life to God and explain what they did and didn't do and why. We were theistic Satanists not atheist goths in a role playing game.

There is a satanic etiquette in that you don't ask personal questions unless you have been invited to. 

The man who spoke to us yesterday never introduced himself to me at all, it was Jerrums' introducing me to him by saying "he is one of us" that was the 'all clear' to resume the conversation. No names were exchanged, while you might find this weird you have to look at it from a security point of view. 

If I were to be disgusted by what I had heard yesterday and decided to be 'a good moral upright citizen' and go to the police, well what could I tell them? No name, no address, no phone number and I couldn't give a proper description because he wore large dark glasses and a hat. You might say you could dob in Jerrum and Vijay. No, because I strongly doubt that Jerrum and Vijay were their actual names. In fact all those of the creed use nicknames that they either chose for themselves or were given to them by others. Real names are never used in case of someone finding Jesus and confessing all.

It was Jerrum who knew this man (extent unknown), and this man had been involved in Satanism for decades. I asked was he a priest, I was told he was involved in the church. No church was mentioned and neither was the position he held in the church and I didn't ask. I didn't ask any further questions regarding the man; if Jerrum knew him then all was alright as far as I'm concerned. There was a conversation regarding the pedophilia, Jerrum gave an overview of it in more detail. The pedophilia is part of a campaign to destroy the Catholic Church, it is part of a campaign that began in 1920 in Ireland. Ireland was in a near lawless state with the Irish Free State fighting the IRA and with skirmishes with the British by both. The Catholic Church was left alone by all sides and Satanists went into Ireland as priests or trainee priests because a priest from Ireland was usually welcomed by any country. The Irish Free State was a springboard to America and Northern Ireland was a springboard to England and throughout the British Empire; there does seem to be a level of organisation and co-ordination involved. It seemed to me that Jerrum was getting intimate knowledge of this from the man, but then again I don't know who else he had contact with and I didn't ask. 

But it went further, I was then told if you got into the priesthood you were not really expected to be in for more than 10 years as that was sufficient time to do damage and make an unblemished exit. A way to do this was to listen in on parishioner rumours about suspected perverts and encourage the perverts to work within the church community. But another way to find and use perverts was by the confessional, you would have pedophiles confessing their perversions and crimes. You would have them in a compromised position, and then you offer them a way to seek forgiveness by fighting their urges. You would have them working with children and the result would be obvious. The word gets around among the perverts and you have constant waves of molesters making their way to the church. Have we not had this revealed to us in recent times? You may have a rope and a pitchfork and want to rally up a mob to deal with satanic infiltrators in the Catholic Church and indeed all churches and all religions. But the sad fact is (well I suspect) that most, if not all of them have bailed out already. The perverts causing damage within the church community are most probably not Satanists, they are just perverts.

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