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Race traitors and demonic possession

Race traitors and demonic possession

Although it might be easier to view 'race traitors' in terms as marxist, stupid, lazy, crazy, suicidal, etc. We must look at this group in individual judgment and not just use stereotypes in order to get an easy answer. Essentially we are dealing with people who are biologically of European origins and those who are of 'Aryan' ancestory or are classified as such because of their physical appearance.
So lets just make a quick comparison between whites and non-whites in their behaviour in certain circumstances.

Religion - increasingly atheist, accepting of those who quite clearly go against the rules of religion/faith such as gays, transgenders, atheists. In addition there has always been the issues of cults which include UFO adherants, pixie and elf worshippers, satanists, and add in apostasy of various sorts. Pay little regard to satan/demons.

Religion - increasingly fanatical and absolute, hatred and violence against apostates, gays, transgenders and atheists. Believe that satan and demons are a real threat.

So offhand you have a 'gene pool' for demons to target, think of it as a mob like you see in demonstrations. Whatever the intent of the demonstration it will take a leaning from the individuals within it, remember a mob is not a team and its direction will be decided from the majority hence we get the term 'mob rule'. But mobs generally are consisted of opportunists and criminals in general as well as those who have nothing better to do and are easily swayed. Is this not true in white society? If you are not running the mob or else in its higher eschelons then you will end up a servant because while you might still have hope for a better future, you have surrendered your individuality.

What we are seeing now in white society is 'atomisation' this is like taking a solid glass block and hitting it with a sledgehammer. If the block is hit once it may be possible to piece the majority of it back together, but if you keep pounding the glass with the sledgehammer it will not even be pieces but glass dust. If a strong gust of wind blows on it you will not even gather enough dust to remelt to make the same size glass block.... at best you might get a small cube. The sort you see on fireplace mantles or on some new age shrine, different from the usual household items - small, unique and one could say elite.

Karl Marx once said in order to save a culture you must first destroy it, but then again Karl Marx was a satanist not only did he write about satan in his poetry and other personal writings but these writings were used by his adherants in relation to all manner of aspects of society. We see this today in relation to family and psychiatry, it is of no importance that he did not personally write documents pertaining to these subjects his adherants are his proxy from the grave.

So we are looking at a particular segment of people who belong to a racial grouping based on skin colour, but this is based on a purely physical character and not on a spiritual or psychological profile. So lets examine these white race traitors and look at the beliefs they participate in.

White race traitors are:
Atheist and yet solipsist - They are almost uniformly self declared atheists, but within that umbrella we have anti-theists (haters of religion), maltheists (they recognise God exists but see him as evil) and misotheists (they just hate God outright while not subscribing to any alternative or even contemplate one). But with being atheist they cannot and will not recognise any entity higher than themselves, therefore as far as they are concerned they are perfect and can never be in error. And those who do oppose their self proclaimed 'godhood' are 'satanic', they cannot comprehend anyone with a differing point of view on life and existance because they cannot possibly be wrong. As far as they are concerned it is a 'satanic' ploy which emanates from doubt within themselves (because remember, there is no higher power than themselves). In fact when looking at it, these people have subconsciously put themselves into a Jesus type position, yes there may be others with a similar position but they are the first among equals.

These people view themselves as being in a matrix type sysytem, there may be multiples of themselves but they alone are 'the one'. In regards to Jesus Christ these people see him as a failure or else mistaken in application or else have redefined him, not due to previous knowledge of all his aspects but simply because of their thoughts and say so. Those who proclaim that Jesus Christ exists will say that when he returns he will be gay, transgender and progressive because they say so and remember that these people believe that they are 'god' and therefore perfect. As to those who hold the same beliefs as them? They are alternative subconscious 'thoughts', they are actually not 'real' people and thus their lives really mean nothing. So whether it be a 'racist white demon' or a 'liberal progressive angel', their lives are just as equal and yet just as worthless in this 'matrix'. All these players are just 'subconscious thoughts' and their existance is ultimately not of any inherant value because they decide what is truth (another ripoff from Jesus).
As Hasan of Alamut said 'Nothing is true, all is permitted'

There is the issue of non-whites in regard to white race traitors, why is it that anything a non-white does in good regardless of what it is and all white people who unless they are a self declared progressive is evil? The various international socialist organisations will declare 'the white race must go!', but the question to ask is why? Offhand I could give some answers such as the implementation of a global caste system or a resurrection of the ancient Egyptian 'gods' (who really were members of elite families and the 'godhood' was an inherited title, so it wasnt a single person behind each 'god' and this the use of animal heads in artistic depictions so as to disguise the person who was using that title).

So in what Ive typed so far we can see atheists who really are not atheist, we can see a belief from the Nation of Islam in that all white people are evil (and yet the NOI is atheist and holds that 'allah' is in fact the collective consciousness of blacks on this earth). We can see elements of the Couldenhove-Kalergi plan for a global caste system with the jews (who are not descendants of Moses or ancient Israel/Judea) being setup as a 'spiritual' caste (even though they are atheist or else pantheist). We can interpret a range of beliefs from transcendentalism, hinduism and even science fiction.....but this is becoming fact.
As Hasan of Alamut said 'Nothing is true, all is permitted'

If nothing is true and all is permitted then can we say everything is to be viewed as completely man made? If that is the case then wouldn't everything be able to be empirically measured? Everything from cause to effect to motivation? If not, then what is the impetus behind what we see in societies today? And not just random societies but specifically the societies of nations that can be deemed 'white'? Mathematics and odds cannot be used to dismiss such things as 'random occurrences' because these occurrences are replicating themselves as in a pattern. This would definitely indicate a longterm agenda, the sort of thing you would see in a war with definite objectives to be achieved in the longterm.

But a longterm agenda requires longterm planning, even beyond the lifetime of those who initiated the agenda. Of course strategies and actions will vary because of the individuals involved who assume commanding positions because of necessity. Still what we are seeing at this moment is a consistant campaign in which the individual nature  of those in the campaign doesn't seem to change of any note. It does seem that those who are running this 'exterminate whitey' have the same consistant soul, just different bodies. Not completely random bodies because the most fanatical adherants of 'exterminate whitey' are in fact white. Sure we must make allowances for jews posing or claiming to be white on a political identity basis, even then if you kick these people out from claiming to be white you will still have a considerable number of people who seemingly wish to be 'extinct'.

So let's examine these 'people' who propagate this supposedly suicide quest, the first thing to note is that despite how much they claim to be fighting 'racism' their actions would indicate that they are racist themselves. If you were to tell one of these people they were racist, they will resort to all manner of things to somehow put the onus on you to prove that you are not the racist. Everything from screaming innane insults to violence to having you killed to having you imprisoned to having your family threatened. These people for the most part will argue based on emotion without any logic whatsoever, this reveals that these people have no practical concept of rational thought and from this they will 'make' decisions which are quite bluntly hypocritical.

Overview of these people;
* Advocate interracial breeding and sexual activity for white females but will not engage in it themselves.
* Advocate homosexual activity for white males or else transgenderism but will not allow or tolerate it within their bloodline..
* Advocate interracial association within societies but live in exclusive all white residential areas.
* Advocate atheism or else beliefs in new age 'religions' but use and pervert Christian organisations in order to propagate practices that go against the Bible.
* Advocate a 'spreading the wealth' ideology which is based on 'expropriating' material possessions of low and middle class whites to give to non-whites and yet refuse to share their upper class wealth with non-whites or indeed anyone.

Indeed all of this demonstrates hypocrisy but others are supposed to accept their 'moral' relativism as a singular truth despite the hypocrisy and indeed complete contradictions in their 'truth'. The 'truth' is relative to their personal circumstances and is not absolute that can be applied and held among the majority of people regardless of their circumstance. So is their behaviour a result of philosophy, genetic makeup or else some sort of religious creed?

You could say that it is none of these things and yet is a result of all of these things. And those that wish to be in control will need to use these things and yet be above them. But more importantly those who hold this idea whether as a whole combined or else in part will have a need to reproduce or else 'infect' others much in the way of HIV/AIDS. Now let's narrow it down... we have people who want the white races exterminated or else selectively culled and yet are white themselves. In this case would it not make sense and be easier for them to kill their relatives and then themselves? It may be easier but it goes against what they live for, they believe in preserving their bloodlines but yet perceive other whites as enemies or competition. However to kill the other whites indiscriminately means there is a lesser select gene pool for them to reproduce their bloodline from, but if they are encouraged into homosexuality then there is no immediate need to kill them.

In order for this to occur there has to be some sort of mind control, this is necessary because the end result means people going their nature. In body, in logic and in soul; the end result means people being deconstructed and remade not in Gods image but of that which opposes God and indeed seeks to replace him. I believe that this is the thought of those who whether by design, default or accident worship Marx.

Let's look at the situation at the moment.... we have atheism increasing in white countries and societies, we have non-whites increasingly fighting on behalf of 'god' and even willing to die for it. And now let us contrast this against the issue of the jews who despite being mostly atheist, are deemed to be 'gods chosen'. These same 'gods chosen' hold that Jesus Christ is in hell in a boiling pool of shit, this is written in their Talmud. Despite how blasphemous this is, the self proclaimed Christian adherants and defenders of the white west hold the jews as infallible. This is a mantra for self hatred and suicide certainly for the body they were born into, but what if they were not born into the body they hold or indeed possess?

If this is the case and indeed if these race traitors are indeed demons, then they would not be able to relate to 'their' body in the same way as someone born into one. A demon would have seen people who are natural born throughout the ages and could only try to imitate them from what they have observed. I've generally been of the view that sociopaths have no souls and I still hold this to be correct. But as I type this out I ponder could not demon possessed bodies give the impression of a sociopath? These would also make sense because the bodies are not 'native' to them, I suppose it would be the same as someone dressing up in traditional arab clothing and posing as an arab despite the fact that they cannot speak arabic or even look like one because they are from a racial group which is not vaguely related to arabic culture.

At best the only way to somehow 'pass' either as an arab or within an arab society would be to have a low profile and only associate with those in a similar position and/or have a very select group of 'friends'. The other alternative to this would be to gain attention with an 'in your face' attitude with implied threats and indeed violence to force compliance in others to be accepted as an arab. If one wanted to truly be accepted as an arab the proper method would be to learn the arabic language and adopt arabic customs and wait to be gradually accepted by the society, even so this might require a conversion to Islam depending where one is located.
People with fake personas will always make mistakes in trying to peddle their 'new identity', regardless of how good their clothes are or how well they speak a new language the thing that will always reveal them are their mannerisms.

The same would also apply to a djinni who possesses a human body, despite holding a body it would not be the same as growing up within a body from childhood. This is because the body is not native to them, but when you look at the people within any society these days you have people mutilating their bodies whether by tattooing (especially females who seem to be oblivious to the fact that 'tramp stamps' were originally designed to show which pimp she worked for), metal face implants or the worst aspect of this which is getting transgender surgery. In fact people within any society will participate or else be affected by this self hatred of their bodies, this is in the same manner as self hating whites. The simplest solution would be for these people to kill themselves but yet they refuse to do so. Self mutilators, AIDS carriers, white hating whites, etc. are not willing to live out their mistakes and their lives as most people would aim to do; but seek to lead others into the same mistakes and lives they constantly use to justify their claim to victimhood.

As society becomes more dysfunctional and those within it become dysfunctional by default or else adopt dysfunctionality as the new 'normal'; Would it not be relatively easy for a djinni possessed body to function within it?

After all, moral relativism is the accepted code of today with a 'whats true for you is true for you and whats true to me is true to me' attitude. And as it is relative it is not an absolute so it can change at any given time for any given person, and it is obvious too because in schools children are no longer being taught to think with logic but instead are taught to think in slogans. When logic is thrown out of the window then everyone by default is crazy, a combination of self chosen non-existant mental illnesses and moral relativism simply results in chaos. In the world of the willingly stupid the halfwit is king. Again as Hasan of Alamut said 'Nothing is true, all is permitted'.

But is there really enough djinn to possess such a large amount of people? The short answer to this is yes but it also depends on the amount of djinn who wish to possess a human body, also one has to consider if the individual djinni are ordered to do so by their superior. Another thing to consider is how much 'low hanging fruit' there is to be taken and for what purpose. As atheism and apostasy increases among white people but not so much among non-whites, it would be reasonable to assume that this demographic is being targeted. As for the reason and the purpose? We will have to investigate and examine the types of 'possession' and through what mechanism this is being accomplished.

However if we are going to get a real indication of the threats and ongoing actions used against whites and indeed everyone else, we must fully examine what we are up against. Unfortunately people either have an exaggerated view of the enemy or else see the main enemy as being smaller and unscalable, that is they do not or do not want to see the links between the various sections of the enemy because it over complicates things. Small scale actions against small scale targets is quite acceptable, but unless people recognise there is a larger scale to all this then strategies at best will hurt or inconveniance the enemy. This is because they will not link to others who may be fighting other sections of the enemy, therefore the enemy will never be defeated on the scale required. Also a focus on a small scale or segment of an enemy will divert attention from the tactics which can and will be used against them, this is because they have no concept or understanding that they are fighting what is essentially a monolith.

I'll give this example; You might be in a physical street fight with someone and you have decided that if you kick them in the right knee repeatedly that they will fall over. Yes this is a valid judgment but if you are solely going to rely on this and concentrate all your effort to achieving this you will be ignoring your opponents other leg, two arms and indeed forehead which will inflict more injury on you than you kicking their knee. On top of that, the opponent may be holding a knife in one hand and a steel pipe in the other to which you were oblivious because you were concentrating on kicking their knee. And even further is that your opponent may have others who will join in and attack you, or they may have no association with your opponent but just hate you anyway. If you truly want to be able to defend yourself then you must truly know who you will be up against and who you may be up against.

Let's line 'em up;
* Theistic Satanists - If you are tracking the possessed down and scoring some victories, then do not be surprised if you will find yourself being tracked down by them.

* Atheists - These people hate everything and anything, the term 'atheist' covers misotheists, anti-theists and maltheists. If they are not hating God or even the concept of God then they are hating Jesus Christ or else they are rageing against the church or else hating Christians or else just hating good people in general.

* Solipsists - More or less the same as atheists in that they believe there is no higher power than themselves, add this with a good lump of psychosis plus a dash of narcissism and this describes the solipsist.

* Sabbateans and pseudo gnostics - These are jews who simply hate Jesus Christ but yet those who lead the sabbatean group seek not only to imitate him but to replace him. These people are an underground movement within Judaism but they still exist most notably in Serbia and Montenegro. The Sabbatean cult stretches back beyond the likes of Sabbatai Tzevi and Jacob Frank and most likely had its foundation in the gnostic practices of Simon Magus. I believe there is a low level of esoteric practice from what I understand.

* Apostates - The likes of Xtian (Christian) Zionists are a prime example of apostasy, apostate can cover anyone of any faith who will disqualify any tenet of that faith or else rewrite and redefine it for personal gain whether it be financial, political, etc.

* Nutjobs - Crazy is what crazy does, these people can be random or require a trigger to compel them into acts which have no logic.

* Djinn and the possessed - Really you are dealing with djinn who hold a human 'meat puppets', regardless of the body they possess they are just djinn.

* Spiteful rivals - If you decide to engage in the likes of exorcism or else related things of an occult manner and if you are good and gain a reputation then you will probably put some noses out of joint. If people like 'celebrity psychics' start losing money they will try to find out why, and if it's because they are being superseded by someone with more skill they will try and do something about it.

From that somewhat brief descriptors of your potential enemies you will see that one category will overlap into others. An old saying I was told ages ago is "Bastards help bastards" and this is what you may be up against. You will find that these enemies either hate God, or the concept of God, or the belief in God. Apply extreme prejudice in planning to deal with these enemies.

We can easily piece together the potential alliances in the enemies group, while they may see each other as seperate entities with seperate causes the fact is that they all serve the same end cause and that is to eliminate any knowledge or memory of the God of Abraham. While we can see what brings them together we should look at what can tear them apart, really their whole 'alliance' is based on contradictions.
Example: Atheists will always assist Theistic Satanists and yet Theistic Satanists will always hate atheists, Xtian Zionists will always support Israel and jews. And yet the talmud is quite blasphemous against Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, on top of that zionism is an atheist creed for jews only. We can see potential for all manner of conflicts but we should note that the overwhelming majority of people in these creeds are either white by ancestry or else white in appearance and yet will never view themselves as white. These people will see themselves as the 'chosen' or 'collective humanity', they do not have the concept of autonomy.

All of the recruiting pool for race traitors come from areas which are based on religion or else go against religion, but ultimately it is God who is their main concern or the audience they wish to affect. So in this regard they have a 'you are with us or against us' attitude, and among themselves they all want to be the first among equals. In order to make a claim on such a position they will engage in pathological altruism. It is not a matter of accepting equality for all people, it is a matter of enforcing equality on all people but it applies to everyone except them. Not only do these people not see themselves as white but they do not even see themselves as human beings. As far as they are concerned they are above human; when they look into a mirror then as far as they are concerned they see a 'god'. This is pure solipsism, it is also a psychosis. You may have heard the saying that liberalism is a mental illness, well that saying is true and these people are the proof.

You may be asking where does possession come into this? Is this not simply a case of the mentally ill linking up via groupthink? No I do not believe so in the majority or indeed the overwhelming majority of these people, we might be able to account for some of these people via mental illness but there is still the issue of groupthink. The issues of possession and obsession are factors in all of this, and will be until they can eliminated with evidence. We see the self replicating of supposedly random patterns, however it is the same consistant random pattern. So it would be psychotic to treat every instance of replication as a purely random event unrelated to other instances of the same pattern. It just is not possible for these patterns to be random, even allowing for slight variations what we see is a self replicating pattern which by default is the result of a designer or a team of designers. Regardless if it is a single designer or a team of them, this is the result of a single design that has not been altered.

Let me use this as an example;
Let us say a large poison gas bomb has exploded in a city, those who recieve the gas on them directly will most likely die or at the very least suffer from damage to their bodies which make them more susceptible to illnesses of various sorts which will shorten their lives. Even worse they carry contamination within their sperm/ovaries and in the case of pregnancy the resulting child may be born with damaging effects associated with the poison gas. But still on top of that we have the issue of the poison gas leaving residue of the buildings, trees, grass, and facilities in the area where the gas passed through. So the death/injury toll from the initial blast and contact with the poison gas will not be a one off attack, the pattern of death and injury will reproduce as a result of poison gas residue contamination. It will be a self replicating pattern and not just a series of random events, the designer will be the one who planned the bomb and drew up the blueprints.
And this is what we are seeing today with race traitors.

So we may be dealing with direct possession by a djinni but for the most part their 'possession' is an induced psychosis as a result of environmental factors which lead to groupthink. We may also know this as wetiko, animal magnetism, hivemind, pathological altruism, or a variety of other names and terms. There might be slight barely noticeable variations but the core in each instance is the same. This is the same thing as leaving the windows open and the door unlocked on your house, this will attract 'visitors' of varying sorts. You may get visitors concerned for your welfare, you may get visitors come around to advise you that leaving your windows open and your door unlocked will attract thieves and even rapists and killers not only to the house but also to the neighbourhood. For a person to ignore such advice without any logical consideration shows someone who believes that such risks apply to others but not them, because these are human problems and these people see themselves as being 'above human'.
But if some crime is committed against them or their property then it can only be done by someone of the same race because they would have to be of a similar intelligence. They will not and cannot view non-whites as being of a similar intelligence, they view non-whites in the same way as domesticated pets. A cat or dog might try to steal food off a plate on a table, they know you may not approve (I say this because some people have unconventional relationships with their pets) but if they can do this whether due to hunger or simply because they can, they know that any retribution against them will be lenient and temporary. Pet owners will allow for such things because the pet is not of the same nature or intelligence as the owner, the same thing applies to race traitors because they see non-whites in the same manner as pets. And they will never see them as equals or even as human beings, as far as race traitors are concerned they are 'god' and those whites who do not recognise them as 'god' are just criminals and non-whites are just dumb animals. Despite the fact that race traitors also adhere to marxist based ideologies which seek equality of all races in the political realm, yes they want to see white 'criminals' and non-white 'animals' on an even level in the likes of politics and society. But politics and society are human man made structures, it does not apply to them because they are a 'god' and not a human.

These race traitors easily cover everything written so far about them so far; we see solipsism, pathological altruism, hivemind (because they are all of the same thought and same lifestyle) and animal magnetism (because they are driven by base desires) and wetiko (a psychological illness spread by psychological means).Still the question is whether these people are possessed by djinn? I can only offer my opinion in regards to this, I would say it is not necessary or worth their while to do so. The machine has been designed and the blueprints have been applied, we should see it in the same manner of a wind up toy. Once the toy has been wound up it will function on its 'own accord', the same applies to a clock.

As much as race traitors view themselves as movers and shakers of this world, the simple truthful fact is that they are just tools and pawns. There is nothing unique or special about them and as the numbers of such soulless creatures increase then their self worth and self respect is utterly bankrupt. They can be as fanatical as they want in order to be a 'hero' and famous and indeed immortal. But it all means nothing as when they die they are instantly replaced and instantly forgotten. These disposible tools are utterly worthless as is anything made with them, I ask the question once again "If these people think the white race must be extinct then why don't they kill themselves?" The answer I will give is that half of these whites are in fact not white but jews, and they will never regard themselves as white. As for the other half, they are solipsists they believe they are a god and they also believe that they are not meant to die. For if they die then everything else dies and no longer exists, this is psychosis as it can be nothing else. Even djinn are not as narcissist as race traitors, I say there is nothing nowhere near as narcissistic as a race traitor because it just is not possible.

So what can be done about them? Can they be exorcised? This is not an easy question to answer as they are not actually in the majority of cases actually possessed by a djinni but rather they are possessed by corrupted thoughts and corrupted logic. If these race traitors live into elderly years they may reflect on their youth and the things they did and simply dismiss it as being 'misguided'. Some might realise and accept the mistake and treason they have committed and somehow try to rectify the damage they have done, however looking at todays' situation we cannot view it as 'some' but as 'very, very, few'. Some race traitors may be completely different people now compared to their youth but that does not mean they are sorry for what they did. Remember these people are narcissists, sociopaths and solipsists first and foremost, being a race traitor was just a means to get the status they feel they are entitled to. Extreme prejudice has to be applied to them because the mathematical odds of finding a true repenter from one of them is so remote enough to not be a feasible factor in any consideration for a plan of 'correction'.

In fact when you look at it there really cannot be any rules regarding the conduct of retaliation, race traitors are either deniers of God (and by default deniers of Satan and djinn) or else have corrupted any religious faith into to its direct opposite. These people really have no protection, sure you might have God protecting them because they will be used in a future plan. You could also add in that a djinni might act as a bodyguard unbeknown to the race traitor while claiming their body and soul and already having plans to 'cash' them in the future. I am not telling you to practice magic against these people because you have to make that decision yourself. However these people are determined to cause damage and ruin to others and that includes yourself, so with or without magic you will have to permanently stop these traitors. You can read into that what you will, but as these people see you as having no value whatsoever you should reply so in kind. If you are unsure as to the effectiveness of any ritual that you may conduct then you should ensure that you have protected yourself and those close to you, after that use the traitors as tune up targets. Start small and work your way up. 

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