Saturday 4 June 2016

Prepare for Hell on this Earth in this World

Lately we have been seeing a multitude of 'outer space' inspired announcements and fads. Supposedly aliens will contact us and come to earth, new planets are being discovered everyday and the only reason none of this was revealed earlier is that people would stop believing in God. Seeing how atheism is increasing then this reason is no longer necessary, all will be revealed because 'god' will explain everything. This 'god' is a pantheist collective of everything: humans, animals, plants, angels (who really are just aliens) and demons (who really are just misunderstood aliens).

We have seen the utter corruption of Abrahamic faiths which should no longer be called Abrahamic. Judaism is not just a combined atheist and pantheist philosophy that can only be practiced by people of a certain bloodline. Christianity should now be refered to as 'xtianity' as Jesus Christ have either been eliminated or redefined within it and Islam continues to self destruct like the ebola virus but simultaneously spreading the virus to self destruct. In fact it may be only the fringe cults of those 3 branches that may practice anything resembling what can be called Abrahamic.

We have religions to which people adhere to fanatically in terms of politics, race, financial status, ideology, everything that is of a physical materialistic concern but spirituality and God dont get a mention. Anything relating to knowledge of the occult or metaphysical matters has been diminished, if not obliterated and erased. Only to be replaced by nonsense that can only come under the category of fiction, scams, frauds and worthless addictions. We can see and hear this in relation to 'psychic' shows on TV and radio where it seems that the same people constantly ring these shows many times hoping for an answer they want to hear which the 'psychics' will provide once they get enough money from that caller. A drug dealer will sell drugs to anyone but needs something apart from the physical high to keep the addict returning to them in order to buy more drugs and give the dealer more money. With 'psychics' it is the personal 'feel good' service that keeps these people coming back. To be fair there are people who have genuine psychic ability but these people are very to extremely rare, certainly in comparison to the quacks and fraudsters peddling their wares in the marketplace.

So as atheism, apostasy and fantasy based 'faiths' become more accepted and more mainstream we are seeing, or at least it certainly appears that spiritual belief is being erased from humanity both individually and collectively. There is no longer a value in a human life except for an economic or sexual interest (whether that be reproduction or just sexual services) much like an animal on the farm, we are now just livestock. There are 2 types of people on this earth, that being the butchers and the cattle. A completely servitude world where people are divided among themselves in terms of nations, race, religion, community and even family. We are now just a planet of dirt where number 1 comes first, as long as you gain materially there is no right or wrong, no moral or immoral because now everything is amoral.

But we cannot just see things on some sort of philosophical, ideological, political angle. We have to look at the 'science' behind such things or the proper term would be 'mechanics', but as atheism has systematically eliminated God from humanity and indeed any concept of 'human consciousness'. And on top of that has constantly redefined words and terms to match up to popularity and political correctness rather than rock solid absolutes, we have the situation where we have a reconstruction of the Tower of Babel where everyone can speak to each other but the meaning of the words said may be diametrically opposed according to the one who says the words and the one to whom the words were said.

All this leads to a world of confusion, the situation where nothing is true and all is permitted. A new Tower of Babel where men do ascend to meet God but rather where 'god' ascends to meet and indeed rule men via reconstructed religions with new religious prophets and apostles none of which are divine. Unless we examine all other factors relating to the situation on this earth in this world at this time then we will never see the functioning of the mechanics in this situation nor understand it because we will never have all information of the factors involved.

In such a dysfunctional dystopia it is a prime time for one with any sort of functional occult knowledge to use and engage in it to their advantage, seeing as most humans and the people to whom they would rely on to use such knowledge have no belief or ability whatsoever to do so, then the demonic realm is at the moment in a prime position to finally take this earth in this world entirely. Who is going to oppose them? And who can?

Judaism is atheist, Christianity (it should really be called xtianity) which seems for the most part is actually Chiliasm (jew worship) and in Islam any vaguely occult practices related to it are just bits and pieces of the other 2. We can see this in the way that kabbalah has been reinvented into a new age feel good philiosophy with no magic/practical application whatsoever and is deemed to be the sole property of the atheist jews to whom we should pray to in order to thank them. We can see this in the area where the catholic church cannot find enough exorcists within its ranks because of an apostate pope who dedicates himself (and the church) to Chiliasm. And in Islam we see people blowing themselves up because that is the only way they can percieve themselves meeting God. The Satanic realm has been waging war against the order of God since Lucifers' rebellion and amongst its campaigns and fronts the eradication of the Abrahamic faiths and even the memory of Abraham seems to be a front on which they are winning (if they havent already).

Atheism has always sought to abolish the Abrahamic faiths for reasons they cannot explain, they will also claim that atheism is not a physical ideology, philosophy, creed, etc. Then on what basis do they claim allegiance to it? They claim everything is physically based and that spiritual factors do not exist because they are not physical therefore they cannot be empirically measured. Thats the theory they hold true depsite the fact that a theory cannot be empirically measured, they may attempt to apply the theory in a physical manner but it wont be the exact result as they imagined. But as imagination cannot be empirically measured then it does not exist either, well thats the theory anyway...

An often said one liner by atheists is "If I go to hell it doesnt matter because I'll have plenty of friends there", well now its not a matter if you go there but whether it comes to you. Judgment Day has not occured yet, and if the demonic realm has its way it never will. If they thoroughly win the earth in this world then it will not be neccessary because it will be taken into the Tree of Death and separated from Assiah (certainly from the way we know it,.. at this time).

We will have to make a comparison of things using knowledge from the occult, you may have read or listened to things I've said on this site, other websites and my YouTube channel. But I will repeat myself again because these are things you need to know and have a right to know. God does exist and so do things like magic and the occult, dont let chiliastic xtians, atheist jews and other God haters convince you otherwise. And I will tell you that you shouldnt take anything I say at face value but instead check it for yourselves.

There are 4 planes of existance that we as humans can comprehend, these are;
Atziluth - the plane of emanation
Briah - the plane of creation
Yetzirah - the plane of formation
Assiah - the plane of action, what we call the 'physical world'

We are in Assiah which is a balanced mixture of the material and the spiritual, the earth we are on is composed of 2 parts and they are
1. Tebhel which is the immanent and indeed inanimate
2. Cheled which is the transcendant or what is called spiritual

On the Tree of Life it is called Malkuth and on the Tree of Death it is called Lilith, the Tree of Death only exists in Assiah. The Tree of Life and Tree of Death are joined in Assiah at this planet - Earth, both trees claim it in order to be complete. Much like Israel and Palestine claim the same territory, if either loses any claim to the territory then the state which loses that claim will not exist or else have to 'create' a new Israel or new Palestine. But in order for the people of that land to be integrated into the prevailing state then Jews must become Arabs or Arabs must become Jews. Until such a situation comes into being and finality there will be conflict and this is the situation we have e now on this earth in this world. A type of peace can be held if there is a balance in all things but as we can see everyday there are those who are fanatically determined to disrupt all balance. Their motivations may be many but their end goal is one, whether they realise it or not they are working to make Moloch the new Satan.

But if there is a new plane or world to come into existance because of the Tree of Death becoming whole without contest then there would need to be 'Ain' veils in order for this plane to have a sort of wholeness. The concept for the demonic realms' Ain veils already exists but they are only concepts for the time being because the Tree of Death is yet to be formally complete in its own right unless it takes this earth in this world (Tebhel & Cheled in Assiah). There would be no need for Judgment Day, after all where would the demons be sent to? They are all in Assiah, much like any divorce there is an exchange of property. God takes what he wants via the Rapture and the leftovers are left with Moloch, but there are 2 more issues to be decided. They being Lucifer and Lilith, with Lucifer he has to go or be demoted because there can only be one 'god' of this yet to be named plane/world. It is possible that Lucifer may do the prodigal son thing (but it may also be possible that God may reject him), if Lucifer is accepted back it will cause a disruption of 'balance' in the sephira of Thaumiel (where Lucifer and Moloch are joint rulers) and as Moloch is psychotic this will flow down the entire tree.

As for Lilith? If she seeks mercy and reconciles with God and is accepted back this will cause a void on the Tree of Death because she resides and is the demon of Gomaliel (the counterpart of Yesod on the Tree of Life). That void would have to be filled for the Tree of Death and indeed the plane it operates on to function, it is certainly possible that a demon can be placed there from within the ranks. However then the issue of Nahema comes up, she is the demonic ruler of Lilith (this earth in this world - not the demoness of Gomaliel). She may be expecting a promotion to Gomaliel and may be slighted if someone else takes that place, but if she was promoted then who would take her place here? The Tree of Death is not an exact replication of the Tree of Life but rather an imitation with a very precarious balance. As Moloch is male and Nahema is female there is a balance even though Lucifer (male) and Lilith (female) are gone, but then who would be the ruler of this earth (lilith)? Possibly it may come from the ranks of demons but common sense would lead one to believe it would be chosen from among the humans here. But as to the sex/genitalia? Well we are seeing the push to transgenderism and transhumanism taking place right now, the administrator of Lilith may be male, female, hermaphrodite, or even without gender. With the surgical procedures and indeed estrogen/testosterone/hormone manipulation come into it, natural/unnatural concepts and thoughts are irrelevant because no such thoughts or concepts mean anything to a psychopath such as Moloch.

So if this worst case scenario were to come about would that particular realm of existance still be Assiah? Off hand I would say it would be like the Tree of Death is to the Tree of Life or like the Goetia is to the Shem ha-Mephorash, that being an imitation but not an exact copy. There might be astrological and planetary rules relating to the days and hours of demons but these would not be necessary in relation to this pseudo-Assiah world. But considering that Moloch would ultimately be the enforcer of these rules, the application of these rules would simply be unpredictable at any given time. This plane of Moloch might not even have a universe so there would be no way to measure time for planetary or astrological hours, there might not even be a day/night occurance or even a practical concept of time.

Indeed it would be hell on earth, much like the descriptions of religious books. With the concepts of the Ain veils for the Tree of Death (those being Qemetiel, Belial and Athiel) then there would be a constant reincarnation of human souls into bodies of various components. We could see cloning, IVF creations, transhuman species etc. Into which souls could be repeatedly injected, you would be immortal because you would never find a permanent death. And this may be possible with people willingly accepting RFID chips which have demonic sigils as part of their circuitry. This is essentially a voluntary cattle branding, you will not know who bought you but you will know that you belong to a ranch from which you cannot escape.

As for the time being? Is this Malkuth or Lilith? In all honesty I cant say yes or no to either, if you were to ask me for a definite answer I would have to say we are in the settling period of Lilith. In that I mean that we are the frog in the pot of water and the stove has just been turned on, the way things are 'progressing' the water will boil soon enough. Is there a way to stop this? Certainly! But as the very politically correct, anti spirituality atheism is being pushed and accepted by the cattle of this earth then how can they seek help when they choose to ignore the only one who could save them? Its like having your house on fire but not calling the fire brigade because you choose to not believe they exist or recognise they exist. On top of that you for some unknown reason choose to ask the arsonist to extinguish the fire for you without recognising that he is the one who lit the fire. And if he does put out the fire you will be thankful to him....

Would you say that both the arsonist and the victim are psychotic? Times that by 10 billion and that will give you an idea of what it will be like to be imprisoned on the Tree of Death,... and its eternal.

So lets just assume that Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah is now under the sephirah of Lilith, what can we expect and what will we see? Well what we see now is transgenderism becoming mainstream along with transhumanism, abortion, religious based genocide, enforced atheism, pedophilia and psychotic behaviour becoming more pronounced and more common. We could end up with a situation where anything that isnt illegal will become compulsory. Things such as sexual deviations like pedophilia and racial rapes (with white women being the main targets) will be decriminalised and not illegal per se. In fact political correctness will prevent these things from being illegal and no subject to punishment.

We see sudden outbursts of 'madness' in everyday life, I myself have seen people burst into screaming and ranting at empty space. I looked to see if these people are wearing bluetooth devices in their ear as part of some mobile phone setup, but there was none. And it wasnt the case of the crazy old lady or the bum living in the park drinking cooking sherry, these people werent down and out nutjobs. They were well dressed and well presented and normal appearing in all other aspects, but they went berzerk when they encountered someone or something that no-one else can see or percieve. Or else something was taking over (or trying to take over) their body, this is what we know as bonejacking or possession. But as atheism increases then the amount of crackpots increases too, because as these people have abandoned God then God has abandoned them.

More and more the aspect of spirituality and knowledge of the occult becomes rarer and becomes the luxury of the few over the many. In fact this is now a near prime time for practitioners of black magic to push for dominance of all things spiritual on this earth because there is basically nothing to oppose it. If you dont believe in God then you cannot oppose black magic or even recognise what it is, at best the population of the earth would have to resort to mass indiscriminate murders of people suspected of doing black magic but then again havent we already had a similar situation of this happening a few hundred years ago? Again regardless of the side people choose psychoticness will win and in doing so pay hommage to Moloch. And in fact it was most probable that those who called for the lynchings and burnings were in fact the same people practicing black magic.

People who are true to the God of Abraham are hard to cast effective spells on, as for those who practice non Abrahamic religions it may be difficult but is certainly possible as it depends on the spirit entity/demon they worship. But as for atheists it is a cakewalk because they have no defence and indeed no allies whether they be angelic or demonic. And we can see this now where some progressive hipster says or does something that has no logic or is simply indefencible and cannot explain why they do these things. From this we see what may be cases of demonic possession be deemed mental illnesses which are then deemed idiosycracies and mannerisms and then are accepted as mainstream and 'normal'. And yet we see things like belief in God be deemed to be mental illness even though that those who believe in God can explain why they believe in a rational, logical manner. But now it has become mainstream to deem those who believe in God to be irrational nutjobs. We are seeing a reversal of order, and this will lead to its collapse. There is natural, supernatural and unnatural - we are dealing with the compulsory acceptance of the unnatural. Nature is being continually redefined to the point where the original no longer means anything or has been completely forgotten, this is a case of voluntary amnesia.

A situation where people willingly surrender themselves 100%, that is surrender their body, soul, logic, rationale and thinking processes to a groupthink situation. No longer do people have anything resembling free thought or immagination but instead have a subserviance to a purely, earth based atheism that can only function in a secular context. The 'entertainment' industry is not only an issuer of orders for telling people how to think and behave but also serves as a 'psychic' virtual reality deciding how the future will be, deciding how history will be recorded and deciding how you will accept it on both an individual and group level. It need not have any logic or rationale because you have already surrendered that process to someone or something for reasons that you cannot even comprehend and nor care to.

Essentially by your own doing you have transformed into a zombie and no further explaination is wanted or required, thus you have become a bystander in your own life. If this was a movie about you then at best you would only have a cameo role, if you choose to do nothing and go with the flow then this will be your future until it is decided that you have no purpose in your current role and simply have to die, get reborn and recast.

Traitors are not appreciated by anyone, even by those who gain benefit from their treason and services. If the people of this earth in this world are too lazy or just cant be bothered examining and rectifying problems that we have (or at least attempt to) then their silence can only be interpreted as consent to the status quo. Really what does a soul mean to a human? What is the inherant innate value of an individual life worth? On an individual level it only means something to those who have association with that individual life, but on a global groupthink level it means nothing. We see this everyday in any media reporting of civilians being murdered or killed in a war or terrorist action. You had the Paris massacre which gained major headlines (certainly in the West) throughout the world, but this was due to the location where this happened and not those killed. Terror attacks in Beirut and the Sinai which occurred shortly beforehand only got a mention between celebrity news and sport because on a global level such things are about as relevant as stepping on a cockroach. As hyped up as the Paris attack was it was forgotten within less than a week because some celebrity launched a new perfume or cookbook or something equally worthless. These are now our value systems and the value measurement comes from what material possessions one has, being inherantly good, kind or merciful means nothing, logic means nothing, rationale means nothing, nothing is true so all is permitted - welcome to dystopia.

As for 'secular progress'? Well...? Where is it? As much as atheists like to say that science is the answer to everything we see little evidence of that (and is it not 'scientific evidence' that atheists claim doesnt exist in regards to the existance of God?). For all the supposed atheist scientific advancements in medicine do we not see illness and disease progressing? For all the supposed atheist scientific progress in psychology are we not bombarded with news from the medicinal and indeed legal fraternity that mental illness is increasing among the general population and in variety? Diseases such as HIV/AIDS and ebola cannot be cured but only 'managed', the same applies to mental illness in that it cannot be cured but only managed. And all the management involves is doping up people to such an extent that they cannot be in a continuous situation where they can inflict themselves on the general public.

People with AIDS or mental illness have quite a limited social circle, a case of 'out of sight, out of mind' because to have such people visible to the public is of no material gain to governments or the like. In fact these people are deemed to be commercially unviable and kept hidden away because their presence may do things like lower property values and the like.

However that isnt the case now, we have diseased queers looking to infect as many people as possible and on top of that we have 'bug chasers' looking to get infected. We have the mentally ill being used as role models (whether they realise it or not or whether they like it or not) by the willingly soulless who are directed there in the name of 'secular progress'. And if you ask these 'progressive ones' what is the cause of such things, they will tell you it comes to a purely physical answer despite the fact there is nothing in your DNA that makes you gay, crazy or even a pedophile. We see people change without any purely physical explaination but to the zombies it is acceptable to say 'science has yet to discover it' because they have limited the information accessible to themselves because they have eliminated the aspect of the spiritual from the equation.

The same 'enlightened' ones will simply say that this is evolution despite the fact that is has never been physically proven or observed, it is the amount of chromosomes that decide what species of physical creature you are. And we now see the same people claim all sorts of emotional and social behaviour as proof of evolution,... again... no evidence of physical change through either the amount of chromosomes or DNA.

The issue of spirituality and indeed logic, rationale and imagination cannot be replaced by purely physical means but we do see attempts by the likes of body building, beauty treatments such as botox and other superficial activities. We see an even bigger devotion to the likes of computer technology with the internet as its prime example. Yes it can be used to communicate to people who are in other nations and geographical locations, but in doing that we become alienated from our neighbours and indeed our families. People are more likely to consult the internet than speak to their next door neighbours over anything from the serious to the mundane. We read and hear stories of people being dead for years in their homes and after being discovered you find that the neighbours have no idea that this happened or have any idea who the person was.

Is this acceptable? Is this 'normal'? How can all manner of perverts and freaks be championed as natural? It cannot unless the word natural has been redefined. How can these minorities dominate the majority when it defies the law of mathematics? On a purely physical and logical basis it cannot, something else is at play here and sees this world as a game. If it is a game then who is playing who? This is a game of winner takes all, if you dont care who owns you then do nothing. If you want to be a victim then who will really have something to bellyache about in Molochs' Tree of Death, the alternative is much, much better. In regards to Assiah there is none better to submit to than Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth in Assiah, out of all the things I know, have seen, and the ones that I have met. I tell you Christ Jesus is the only option.

Look at the world, observe what you see, what you hear. Look back in your memory and then honestly say that things are better. Each generation of children in school come out dumber, unable to read or spell or even have basic skills. Look at previous generations who had less data and just basic facilities and yet are more intelligent than todays school age generation. And yet todays school age generation despite all the data and technology that is available to them have to rely on spellcheckers on computers and cant do basic arithmatic due to politically correct teachers indoctrinating children with fuzzy math. Sheep and cattle show more intelligence on a farm than children are in schools, and all of this devolution is deemed 'progress'.

What is happening now is not just a slump in form, this is the finishing of a campaign of a war thats been fought since the beginning to time. The earth will fall because not only is it full of traitors and a compliant population but now the frontlines have collapsed. It is no longer a matter of trying to rebuild a frontline, it is now a case of resistance within an occupied territory. We have to fight and as nothing is true and all is permitted then there are no rules or standards of decency. If we win this war then no one will say anything, people will not remember or choose to forget whatever 'attrocities' that you may do. Is this not the case already? And if all is permitted then what does it matter?

So in order to win a guerilla war of resistance one has to come up with tactics that one has the ability to execute.

We must assess our situation now at the present time, and we must be honest about it. We must apply the virtue and vice of Malkuth, the virtue is discrimination we is now a forbidden thing to apply. There are too many deadweights such as people who have a mindset of 'progress', people who want to scream and shout 'kumbayah!', people who live in a world of theory, daydreams and make believe. Even worse though is that they are like HIV and seek to infect others with their sense of worthlessness. If this earth (Tebhel & Cheled) in this world (Assiah) is now Lilith then we have to accept that Malkuth in Assiah is lost, we are actually on Lilith in Tohu. Tohu describes void, disorder and chaos, a world where nothing is true and all is permitted. Those who try to rectify the wrongs in this world are performing Tikkun Olam and the scum who have led the world to where it is now are/have been performing Tohu Olam, on the Tree of Death the virtues and vices on the Tree of Life are reversed. As discrimination is the virtue on the sephirah of Malkuth on the Tree of Life and inertia is the vice we see on Lilith on the Tree of Death the virtue is inertia and the vice is discrimination and do we not see that Tebhel & Cheled is now in Lilith on the Tree of Death through the actions of its people? And even worse it that the transcendant aspect or spiritual aspect (Cheled) is being diminished every day.

If Cheled were to ever get to the point of no return then we would have a purely physical based society, the exact same thing that Karl Marx and his Satanic fellow travellers aimed for. Spiritual knowledge would be basically non existant, the only occult based knowledge and practice would be Satanic and now at this time it is a prime oportunity to be a true black magic practitioner. All physical wants and needs would be catered to by a subserviant population whose sole motto is 'I eat, therefore I am!'. The various dumbasses who got into the atheistic 'satanism' with their goth fairytale beliefs and practices will find themselves having to perform the most brutal, humiliating acts to have any semblance of 'power' but they will be successful because the rest of the earths population will have none. They will be zombies for the picking, their lives will mean nothing because they have no innate value whatsoever.

And as it seems that this earth in this world is largely Tebhel then they will not have any value except as zombies. How can Cheled be used to reinstate the balance? People worship money and even this cannot be a term describing a theology of sorts because the 'idol' that people worship doesnt for the overwheling majority part actually exist as banknotes and coins. It is a counterfeit hype 'spiritualism' and an atheist one at that, and yet atheists are the first ones to claim that God is just hype. If the atheist claim that anything that isnt purely physical does not exist, then the 'idol' of money cannot exist either. An act of typing on a keyboard may be physical but you cannot spend the act of typing on a keyboard, you may get 'paid' for typing on a keyboard but the 'money' you will be paid will come from someone else typing on a keyboard. Atheists like to say 'You cannot worship something that doesnt exist' and yet at the same time participate in the same behaviour they condemn others for. There is a religion of atheism and its key denomination is hypocrisy and with the moral relativism which is a key tenet for their worship they will always be guilty of hypocrisy. Even Islam describes hypocrites as being worthy of the worst and lowest hell. And the way things are now they will certainly find it.

The phrase 'money never sleeps' doesnt just refer to the global movement of 'money' and other financial dealings, there is an occult factor too. The term 'mammon' is not just a name for money or items such as gold which have a 'moneys worth' value, it also refers to a demon but not in a singular context as many people believe. It refers to a 'team' of demons who play a part in facilitating the worship of money as such a team would cover all planetary and astrological days/hours under a singular name, much like Wal-Mart is just not a single person but is a multitude of people from the CEO, regional, store and department managers as well as its employees on the floor and registers. Many people doing many functions under one name.

Atheists, apostates and hypocrites are the shopfront employees of Mammon and this earth in this world is its main centrepiece.

The suicidal level of self imposed stupidity of this earth is astounding, it increases and is celebrated by those afflicted and those who are afflicted seek to be further afflicted. Much like any drug addict for whom one hit is enough but 10 isnt quite enough, much like junkies they hangout with each other because they relate to each other because of their addiction and everyone else is an outsider and will always be. But they seek to draw in more people to be like them regardless of how much they hate themselves for being what they are, so we basically have a herd mentality of self loathing which is the only pleasure they have in a world they have no relation to or the reality of which is fluid. 'Nothing is true, all is permitted', they themselves probably dont know or dont care about that phrase but they can get the gist of it because of what they see of the 'clean' people doing which is something they might relate to. The clean people are focused on money from the time they wake up till the time they sleep, the addiction is the same as any drug and the only difference is the way it is consumed and the effects involved. The main difference is that narcotics are a physical addiction while greed is a mental/spiritually based one, some people may have more money than they could ever hope to count or spend but it will never ever be enough.

Everyday more and more people adopt the willing hypocritical self loathing stupidity but it is never enough so they increase the dose of this addiction, but the question is 'If they are so stupid then who is the brains behind it?'

If you look at it... How does anything function? Groupthink doesnt produce anything, all it produces is endless commitees and the end result of that is a sense of victimhood. Junkies blame everyone but themselves for their addiction even though they know it was their choice to inject or at least to try and end their addiction. Greedy people will blame childhood poverty for their greed even though they may be rich now and are no longer children. The addiction to stupidity comes about from a void in their spiritual lives and this void will never allow them to be complete beings and thus they seek to fill that void with physical things because they have been taught that unless something is physical then it cannot exist. The increased madness we see everywhere is because the souls of people are out of balance, we see the amount of 'mental illnesses' and group idiosyncracies increase every day, and yet the 'advances in scientific progress' in regards to medicine cannot produce a cure for any of this. All we see is more addicts for pharmaceuticals and psychiatry.
But from observing this we might see a way to cut down the Tree of Death.

So if you are going to accept things like traitors, cucks, God haters (in all aspects in all worlds), chiliasts, nigger worshippers, hypocrites and other degenerates are just the result of 'humanity' and this is a normal condition then there is no need or point for you to continue reading.

But! If you believe that the reason why things are as they are due to demons and the machinations from the Tree of Death then lets look at what we can do. The psychotic state of humanity is due to demons using a variety of techniques which have been applied by human stooges, things such as subliminal programming, political correctness, celebrity hype and so on. These are just the result of non physical concepts which have been applied by physical means and yet remain concepts which have physical results, a type of hypnotism if you like. If mere words are just mere words then where does the power come from that makes these mere words a type of gospel to which people devote their lives? The most fanatical and devout do so not for any non physical reward, no... they expect physical riches. We are dealing with people who have no concept of shame, dignity, hypocrisy, they dont even care to look at things like moral relativism or cognative dissonance because as far as they are concerned there is no higher being than themselves and this is practical solipsism. Ultimately they are mercenaries in the same manner as a street thug you can get to beat someone up for a few bucks, they and the ones who pay them are worth nothing.

The Tree of Death has a precarious balance, if the tree were to become unworkable then any black magicians would not have a functioning magic system to work with. Instead they would have to resort to sorcery and at best the highest they could aim to use is voodoo type sorcery.
But voodoo poses 2 problems;
1.) The sorcery is not as strong as kabbalah
2.) Moloch doesnt come into the picture. There is a version of Lucifer called Kalfou. The only loa I can think of that is comparable to Moloch is Loa Kriminal. But Loa Kriminal is not equal to Kalfou, so if the Tree of Death were to be somehow integrated into voodoo it would not be in balance. Possibly it could function but it would be of more danger to the practioner if anything, and with the payment of blood sacrifices other demons would try their luck and try to get specific 'payments' if their services were ever required.

Loa Kriminal is male, the female quivalent is Marinette Bwa Cheche. Whereas Kriminal is psychotic Marinette is just plain evil. You may have read previous postings of mine where I have written that everyone should pray for Lilith and Marinette to reconcile themselves to God. At the time that God (Jehovah) told me to do this I didnt understand the point and I didnt particulary want to take an interest in this. Now I do understand to a large extent, if Lilith reconciles to God then Gomaliel becomes void of any ruler. The chain on the Tree of Death is broken as the sephira Gomaliel is the one before the sephira Lilith (which is this earth in this world or Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah) on the Tree of Death. For any 'high' order black magic (which would explain how an utter minority somehow control everything regardless of how stupid it seems) Lilith would have to be replaced on Gomaliel and Marinette would be a prime candidate. Voodoo would be the most viable backup because 'black kabbalah' would no longer be viable or else bastardised to try and make it functionable. But we see all sorts of bastardised black magic which involves wicca, thelema, folk tales and even shit of the Harry Potter type and all this has a 99.9% failure rate and turns its 'faithful' into mental patients.

In voodoo there are hot spirits (malevolent) and cool spirits (benevolent) so if one were to find that the Tree of Death has fallen then this would be the most, if not only alternative. So if Lilith and Marinette jump ship and return to God then the Satanic world would turn to utter chaos and nothing would function because the order on the Tree of Death is no longer valid.

If the voodoo alternative is taken up by the black kabbalah magicians then they can longer operate on a 'smooth, clean' level. Voodoo will require blood sacrifice and that maybe 'off putting' to prim and proper types, they could get around it by paying others to do it. But that also presents problems like relying on and placing too much power on the bokor (black magic ceremony 'priest') who might turn on the 'benefactor' but also there could be a demand on the benefactor to perform a sacrifice by a loa which cannot be refused. And once that is done then they will be like a prison punk having to put out for every loa, but there is an order of things in regards to sacrifice and if one disrespects that order (whether intentional or otherwise) then there will be payback either way. Also if they want to go on the 'Moloch is Kriminal' path then they will have to pay their first respects to Papa Legba and in doing so relegate Moloch/Kriminal to being a 2nd rate 'god' (in reality a loa which is really a demon, and more like a 10th rate one at that). So Moloch is equal no.1 on the Tree of Death but pretty much a nobody as Kriminal in voodoo. If the practitioner worships Moloch/Kriminal as a god in voodoo then he/she has disrespected the entire order of the pantheon, and if he accepts Kriminal in voodoo in his current position then Moloch may take issue with him personally. Either way they are doomed not only by various loas/demons but also the laws of mathematics, throw in that there is the likely possibility that a person (such as an atheist) may be possessed by a loa who then uses that body to physically kill the practitioner. Loas/demons can possess a body but they must have permission to kill by using that body, they can only get permission from God or at least have him give an indifferance to it.

So how can you get Lilith and Marinette to reconcile themselves to God? Lets have an overview on this in relation to people, with people you have cases of that they are set in their ways and they cant or dont want to change. With others it is a case of I cant be bothered, I cant see anything better or if it is it is unattainable or else it is an acceptance of fatalism and this is just meant to be.

A lazy half-arsed venture will not produce any results or the results that one may imagine, so we have to look at this in the same manner as a legal court case or a case for probation. So we have 2 prisoners and we want to free them from prison and in doing so change the social power relationships with that prison. From there we can have the now free prisoners become ex-cons and attempt to have them seek atonement and redeem themselves in society and eventually assimilate into it. And our problems become their problems too, so it would be in all our best interests for them to use their knowledge for the greater good.

This is what we imagine would be the ideal result but unless we put the mechanics behind such a process it will fail as just another half-arsed venture, most likely with some sort of blowback which will affect the greater good.

So lets look at the factors involved:

* God
Here we have a situation of a single entity but yet we have 4 seperate entities of judgment and they are:
1. Holy Spirit of Atziluth (emanation)
2. Holy Father the Creator Jehovah (creation)
3. Christ (formation)
4. Jesus of Nazareth (assiah, physical, world of action, physical practice)

So it would be more practical to view this as a tribunal with an 'authority of the court' powers whose decision is final.

* The 4 worlds
We have Atziluth (emanation), Briah (creation), Yetzirah (formation) and Assiah (action/physical).
We should view these as 4 separate courts that function in the same building and govern seperate jurisdictions, what maybe acceptable to one court may not be acceptable to another. Though a majority executive order can be used as a final decision in regards to the authority of the court, an aspect within the court may feel slighted and this can have a trickle down effect. The final decision should be accepted within all 4 courts or all 4 worlds.

* The lawyers
This is where you and I come into it, we have to present legal/theoretical arguments to the courts. We have to explain why the prisoners should be released and the benefits of doing so.

* The prisoners
Though we can appeal to the judge to release the prisoners we also have to convince the prisoners to stay on the straight and narrow, we have to convince and have them willingly accept to do acts of atonement. There is no point in having them released in order to stay a criminal and turn on you like a rabid dog (its a pity that liberals dont understand this).

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