Sunday, 30 November 2014

On Baal/Bael

First things first, let’s deal with the members of the disholy trinity. I am not a biblical scholar of any sort, nor do I specifically read the Bible. In fact I do rarely if ever, the only time I use it is for the psalms which I use in Shem ha Mephorash rituals. Nevertheless I will try to explain to you about the likes of Baal, Moloch and Mammon, about where they first come into our history and where they fit in today. I could give you endless Bible quotes about them but I just turn off at endless Bible quotes, so I won’t impose them upon you as a be all and end all concerning this but I will use some as examples. Regardless of what branch of the Abrahamic faith you belong to you should be asking your clergy or those who pertain to be of that faith for an explanation about these three. Maybe both of you might be better informed about them as a result of the research and notation that you will both do. If you are not of an Abrahamic faith then you might relate to what I say in a different context with different names. And if you are an atheist then you might find that you are no really an atheist by default because you do serve entities which by your own adoration you have made into gods.

The information that I am going to tell you is not entirely my own and is readily available on the internet, all I am going to give you is opinion and commentary. I think you will tell the difference between established fact and my opinion, if you cannot then as I said – check it out for yourself.
Let’s start with Baal.

Baal is both a name and a title; it can be taken to mean “lord” or “master”. It can be applied to both human and non-human entities, the head of a household can be considered a ‘baal’, cities and professions can have their own ‘baals’ and so on. But at the end of the day there can be only one supreme baal and that would depend on how many people worship him and their influence in the society of his acolytes. There was a Baal of Carthage and a Baal of Tyre in ancient times and this seemed to be a Canaanite custom.

There were also priesthoods devoted to Baal indicating that Baal was something more than just a title which could be assumed by humans. There were the Baals of Carthage and Tyre but there were also the likes of Baal-hamon (who had children sacrificed to him by being burned alive) and a name that will get your attention: Baal Zebub. Baalism infected ancient Israel with people using the name of one entity to describe God even though they are completely different beings. Here is an example from the wikipedia page on Baal – “After Gideon's death, according to Judges 8:33, the Israelites started to worship the Baalim (the Baals) especially Baal Berith ("Lord of the Covenant.")”.

If the Israelites were worshipping Jehovah in the beginning why would they begin to worship another entity which seems to be a plural ‘god’ if anything? The names of the baals came after the baals made or were given their positions, titles and claims. By confusing and misusing names and titles as well as redefining their applications it is easy to see how the ancient Israelites were led into corruption and apostasy even though they believed they were being faithful to God the entire time. But is this not the case today with the various sect and religions with their self made celebrity clergy?

Even back then there were many baals who were deemed to be masters and lords of many things, again is this not true today with celebrities now deemed experts on many subjects? Not only many subjects but varying ones at that. They will offer opinions on everything from the serious to the mundane and because they have been on TV their opinions are now deemed facts even though before their celebrity status their opinions regardless of how factual or infactual or just plain biased were deemed as just nonsense rants. And in fact they will change their opinions depending on the audience or person they are speaking to or wish to entertain, convert or both. If one was to say that their opinion on one subject contradicts a previously stated opinion on that subject the reply would be that either it was just an opinion at the time and the latest one is fact. Or that both opinions are true and you just don’t understand. But the most likely response is to either not answer you or drag in their groupies to attack you like a bunch of feral dogs, and this they will do because celebrity is now more important than facts or truth.

You have the likes of Richard Dawkins who is more renown for his celebrity rather than any science achievements, he writes books which atheists regard in a biblical manner in that they are infallible gospel and never to be questioned or challenged. He is regarded as a master of atheism but even by his own standards he is not 100% atheist. Then you have the likes of Katy Perry who is an outspoken supporter of gay marriage, but as she is not gay herself how is it she speaks on behalf of gays? And yet her fans will support and propagate her position whether or not they actually agree with it themselves. Why do fans of these two go against their natural thought processes in regards to decisions that might adversely affect their communities, their societies and possibly their families? I will call it a type of mob mentality, but to say mob mentality implies that there is no leadership in all of this. Maybe the best way to describe it is ‘in a dirty lake the scum always floats to the top’, but even then someone has to be stirring up the lake with a giant stick to drag the filth off the bottom and in addition someone has to constantly polluting it to encourage the bacteria.

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