Friday, 12 December 2014

Actually I’ll extend on the Sophia thing a bit as well as the Gnostic creed. Pistis Sophia is actually a book but some self styled Gnostics (or those purporting to be) seem to think that it is… I suppose… ‘Personified’; in that the book has a life of its own. As to Sophia herself? This is where it becomes interesting and troubling, we might think of Sophia as some sort of god type entity but the interpretation of Sophia changes depending on who you ask.

In the Tree of Life there are three magical images that are female, there is also a hermaphrodite. In Binah the image for that sephira is a matron or a motherly type figure who is also referred to as Ama or Aima. In Netzach it is a beautiful naked woman, in Hod is the hermaphrodite. But in Malkuth it is a young woman who is crowned and on a throne. In three of the above four images Sophia could be inserted to ‘hijack’ whatever sephira and its attributes as part of any attempt to ruin the Tree of Life.

There are Gnostic adherents who purport to believe that Jesus ‘absorbed’ Sophia when he was born (no I don’t get it either). Some say that Mary Magdalene was either descended from Sophia or some type of descendant; you also have feminists claiming that all women have Sophia in their inner consciousness (are you seeing a pattern here?). Yet, none of the self realised public ‘gnostics’ can give any solid set information on Sophia. I find these sorts of crapclowns to be propagating a political Gnosticism rather than anything that resembles a genuine faith. Political Gnosticism is atheist by default; it doesn’t have a god in its own right. It takes a humanist approach in that as the ‘true god’ cannot communicate with us because Jehovah is blocking it out, then we the human race must fill in that place. In order to re-establish communication it is up to us to expel and overthrow the God of Abraham whether we call him Jehovah, Allah or Holy Father.

Some Gnostics claim Jesus is a messenger sent by their ‘god’ to help us against what they call the demiurge; and yet some of them claim Jesus is a false prophet as he is the son of the God of Abraham. Yes… something for everyone, myself I would tend to say that Jesus was sent to us to help us counteract the corruption that the disholy trinity did in ancient Israel and continues to do to the present day. It is a corruption that infects all religions, the leaders are decidedly satanic and the stooges who do their bidding are decidedly atheist. Gnosticism is worth looking at, and it will certainly challenge you. But you should only look at the teachings of the Essenes not the fraudsters of today. The political Gnostics will just rewrite teachings on God, god and gods or else make them up to suit their ends not yours.

Monday, 8 December 2014

2. If the above happens, then the Tree of Life in Assiah would be missing a sephira. In that case the Tree of Life in Assiah would not be able to stand unless a new earth was created for it, or else another earth was relegated to its place (there are seven earths).

But a fake god and a fake messiah won’t be strong enough on their own to bring about a new earth. And thus this is why the disholy trinity are content to let atheists serve them by default, all the disholy trinity need do is introduce realms of battle and the atheists will do the rest unthinkingly because they have absolute zeal in hating God.

A new Tikkun Olam: Tikkun Olam means to restore the world, or more specifically this world and indeed all creation in this world (Assiah). The need for this came after the ‘breaking of the vessels’. Although this is a term that is referred to in Kabbalistic/Judaist works, the same principle can apply across all religions to do good and moral works. However with the large rate of atheism in Judaism especially in white countries and an inability or unwillingness by Judaist communities to expel them. Whatever bona fide Tikkun Olam works the faithful may do are poisoned by the atheists within the synagogue because of their moral relativism. The only thing that atheist askhenazi jews work for is to implement a caste system to preserve and improve their bloodline, and thus they can be found at the forefront of left wing anti-white causes.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

How prophecy can be interpreted and distorted - part 1

But while I’m on a subject such as Israel and show how prophecy can be interpreted and distorted to achieve a stage in the disholy trinity war against God, allow me to list and explain other ‘god events’ that you might be on the receiving end of. Starting with…

A new ‘true’ god: Gnostics have been pushing the line that Jehovah aka the God of Abraham is not the creator of us or anything else for that matter. Instead the Gnostics like to portray him as a demigod, a rogue who has enslaved us all within the material world. This ‘true god’ cannot access us because Jehovah has placed a barrier between this ‘god’ and us. The name and nature of this ‘god’ can vary, the two names that I have are Pistis Sophia and Enjare. The former is a feminine entity and the latter is… well I just don’t know… From the very, very little I’ve read it comes across as similar to Jehovah, a ‘lite’ version if you will. If anything it comes off as a rip off of The Virgin Mary and Jehovah, with the vagueness involved either of these names can convey any message to anyone but so far we have seen they mean nothing to no one.

I suppose they can be continually redefined to cater to people who are silly enough to get sucked into worshipping such entities or at least their names. I also imagine a hip, cool, flash, gnarly social media campaign with some celebrities involved would roundup a herd mentality fad of the moment which would infect a good deal of the younger members of the general population. It wouldn’t really matter how far it initially spread or how long it was a mainstream fad because it would leave its’ virus dormant in the population just waiting for something to set it off once again. Even if the belief in a new ‘god’ with a user friendly theology of its’ own did not gain a lot of hardcore adherents, the corruption of other faiths would occur because of a willingness by the mainstream faiths to negotiate their beliefs in order to recruit the followers of this new ‘god’ regardless of whether or not those who profess to worship this ‘god’ actually believe in it or not. But of course a new ‘god’ would need a prophet on earth to propagate it; so it would need a…

New messiah: Messiahs are a dime a dozen these days, every religion seems to have someone who claims to be a prophet returned. Mosiach returned, Jesus returned, Imam Mahdi returned, Buddha returned etc. Something for everyone, regardless of whether these self proclaimed prophets and saviours are either crazy, crooked or are just mistaken they operate along the lines of the new ‘god’. And again they will get followers, depending on whether or not they look good on TV because the TV pulpit is global. If the ‘prophet of the day’ gets celebrity endorsement and is accepted as one, then there is no need to perform miracles in public as special effects and stooges in TV congregations can give the appearance of supernatural healings and the like. It is really worthwhile to hear what these false prophets say; usually it is along the lines of how ‘humanity must come together as one’ or ‘we together can do the work god can do,…he wants us to’. The messages of these messiahs whether they are in person or channelled seem to be humanist in nature, usually without any strong dogma and are quite flexible and can go across nations, races, societies and religions – something for everyone. And just like the new god, the teachings will corrupt all others and make them worthless. New messiahs usually come with new prophecies or new interpretations of old ones, such as…

A new Earth: And that you will get if the majority of people on this earth in this world allow themselves to be herded in by the disholy trinity and their inner herd mercenaries. Some people like to say that in Revelations in the New Testament Bible that God will create a new earth or at least scrub everything off the old one after the anti-Christ and his followers have been dealt with once and for all. Whether this prophecy is true or not? I don’t know; but I can see the following scenarios occurring (hypothetically).
1. The disholy trinity takes possession of this earth in this world, they now rebirth the earth. It is no longer Malkuth and now is 100% Lilith, this ‘restored earth’ has been made through the trinity ‘god’. People will live forever because they are faithful to ‘god’; the disholy trinity is the ‘creator’.

Even though the hip, progressive atheists may think that they are running things

Even though the hip, progressive atheists may think that they are running things or certainly think that they are in a much higher position than apathetic nickel and dimers in the outer herd, these fools cannot accept or examine any metaphysical aspect as to the ways things are falling into place today because they think these things are happening either due to themselves or due to chance. I know that things that are happening within societies across the world are being done due to design and not chance. And as much as the hipster, progressive atheists like to think that these things are happening due to their planning; it isn’t. As wicked as they are, they are still quite stupid people. They may like to think they are elite or inner herd and that they belong there. They do belong there; they are the maids and butlers of self proclaimed gods and may be fired at any time… if not worse.

I’ll continue on with the signs we’ll see as the stupid try and take this earth in this world. I’m not claiming to be a prophet with a doomsday scenario, really it doesn’t matter what I believe or say but it does matter what the disholy trinity and their stooges do or say because they will try to achieve their goals. I want to bring up the Adam Kadmon concept that is used in kabbalah because now this is being corrupted and perverted to be used in the ‘united humanity collective’ concept plan in atheism.

The Adam Kadmon concept is really just a demonstration to show how the Tree of Life could relate to God as a human being. It is a demonstration if anything, just another way to demonstrate the Tree of Life to us.

In this picture we can comprehend God as a single being with many aspects that we can access via the sephira. The sephira have different names, there are different aspects we can relate to, and the names of God are different within the different sephira but he is the one single God.

The maltheists are attempting to put into practice something similar; instead of sephira they will have castes. And like a body the importance and ranking of the castes will start of from the head and proceed to go downwards. Thus the academics, intelligentsia and ideologues will be the brain of the united humanity body. They will decide if and when you eat and what you believe; the further down the body then the less importance you are. You will be viewed as nothing more than skin cells; we lose them everyday either naturally or else by something like cuts, accidents etc. Unless these cells come from the head and face then they don’t really matter because we know for the most part they will be replaced with new ones.

So essentially we will see a racial caste of sorts, as we see now there is quite a reduction of reproducing rates in whites and yet we also have an increase by non whites. We also see as the ‘race is a social group’ advocates increase their propagation, we also see the ‘Jews are whites like us’ mantra being continuously repeated by the likes of white Marxists, libertarian progressives and their brain dead fad of the moment stooges. And yet the ‘Askhenazi Jews’ who like to portray themselves as white in front of the TV screens and ‘simpleton’ whites regard the non-Askhenazi Jews as garbage because they are not ‘white’ and because they actually believe in God. There is a caste system in Israel (and indeed in other countries) and it is going to go global with the help (purposely or otherwise) of the likes of ‘christian zionists’, atheists, apostates and other stooges.

Are all Askhenazi Jews atheist? No, but how does one measure jewishness? As long as you have a jewish mother then it doesn’t matter how God hating you are, you are still accepted as a jew and protected by laws regarding ‘antisemitism’ (a political term to describe ‘jew hatred’ which should be applied to stopping hatred against Judaists not atheists) and racism (does anyone know what actual race atheist ‘Askhenazi Jews’ are? Or doesn’t that matter because race is a ‘social political construct’). It seems that atheist ‘jews’ have their own caste system amongst themselves and are looking to export it upon whites. Other ‘ethnicities’ are doing this too, but they can only ‘progress’ with the help of ‘white’ atheists (regardless if they are ‘jews’ or not). Am I coming across as an antisemite? Well, if someone wants to practice Judaism and follow the traditions of Moses; then I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe I am an anti-Semite? No, I have no problems with Assyrians or anyone else from that gene pool.

Do you want to call me an anti-Zionist? And say it is Gods’ will that Israel exists and that we have to finance it and if you don’t believe in it then Jesus will send you to hell. Ah… but you see, Zionism is an atheistic creed. Nothing to do with the mosiach (messiah), nothing to do with Jesus or any of the prophets. It is an atheistic creed that has overtaken a holy land and the white world tithes itself to support it. And all for no benefit as those countries who submit themselves to Israel don’t get any closer to God, but rather turn away from him as the atheism rates in their countries actually increases.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Nation of Islam – a black supremacist cult in the United States, they believe white people were created by an evil scientist called Yakub by selective breeding. They also believe in spaceships and that there is a mothership filled with black scientists who will come back to earth and kill all white people.

Nation of gods and earths – also known as the 5%ers, they believe that black men are gods and black women are earths.

Creativity Movement – formerly known as the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC). They want to kill off all other people on earth except whites.

Scientology – plenty of information available on them. Their ‘god’ is the eighth dynamic (whatever that means).

Church of Satan – believes that Satan resides in our subconscious…yeah…

Askhenazi Judaism – I feel that I must mention this due to the high rate of atheism among its ‘adherents’ in western countries, or at least its acceptance of it. There are even atheist rabbis now, for whatever reason the atheists can not or will not be expelled from the synagogue congregations.

The ‘righteous proud people’ in the so called religions I just mentioned are not theistic at all. They do not believe in a God that is independent of its creation, they infact believe that they collectively are ‘god’. Much like cells in a body, an independent cell on its own cannot do anything. But unite them together to take a form of a body they can do much more. And like a body, certain parts and organs have their functions which must take place or else the body will be prone to illness or shutdown. Any cells that are regarded as useless or malignant are simply regarded as a cancer; they are cut out and destroyed. As certain parts of the body have an order to their importance they will have what can be described as a default caste system.

So it is quite correct to describe these types of movements regardless of whether they are deemed left wing or right wing as atheist. As these groups engage in ‘theological’ warfare, it is infact people with theist beliefs are doing the killing and dying against each other. It is a win/win game for atheism, and that’s all it is to these people – a game. The ‘united humanity consciousness’ has to prioritise its ‘good thoughts’ in order, the likes of you and I are ‘bad thoughts’ in its brain and need to be disposed of. As far as these people are concerned the belief in God is a psychological illness and ‘medicine’ as well as ‘surgery’ has to be applied to stop these damaged cells from reproducing. It seems like the maltheists have an idea of what wetiko is about… Why doesn’t anyone else?

Atheism is just a side road for the disholy trinity to reach their objective, it may not be the most direct or shortest road but it will get them to where they want to go.
Although there may be atheist groups within nations that will reflect the general population of that nation on a racial or ethnic basis, we see especially in white western nations that atheist groups are generally left wing and anti white despite the majority of the members of these groups are white. Indeed it seems groups like these are full of self hating and suicidal people, the truth is that it is the exact opposite. What you are actually seeing with these groups is a self religion of sorts. Do you ever notice these sorts of groups peddle the ‘united collective humanity’ mantra?

“Humanity is one! There are no races! We are the world community!” Only the gullible believe this to be actually true; there are biological races, the inner herd view the outer herd as sub humans until their wealth-celebrity-lifestyle status improves dramatically and unless that happens for every member of the outer herd then there will be no ‘world community’. In fact there could never be as there would be no-one to provide services such as farming food etc. because anyone who did the actual physical work in farming would automatically be expelled from the ‘united herd’ realm and the inner/outer divide would return again. The only viable system for a ‘united global consciousness of humanity’ would be a caste system of sorts, but it would be of the humans and their slaves. The slaves would not be regarded as human but as some sort of toy or pet. A type of ape or chimp, but I think this will be explained in another way. Remember those who are pushing these agendas are atheists, certainly atheists in the political sense publicly and it is through politics they seek to make their herdthink compulsory on everyone in theology and application. They may actually believe that they themselves are the originators of a ‘new world’ to come or at least they will try to propagate that illusion. But such narcissistic hallucinations have been tried before and they have failed, Marxism being one of them. The ambitions of atheists will always fail and the reason for that is they refuse to recognise what is the originating pinnacle for their ‘united humanity revolution’.

Let’s go to the flipside of the coin for a moment, although atheists like to portray themselves as humanitarian progressives shouting slogans such as ‘unite the world!’, ‘stop racism!’ and ‘no more religious dogma!’ They either do not, cannot or will not tell you that those who play a role in stirring up their ‘actions’ are just as atheist. The ideologues of the atheist movement do not see communal violence as a form of separation but rather integration; it forces communities who would otherwise have no problems with another to engage head on with others in a battle of life and death. Regardless of how long and widespread such violence is, one side will always be dominative and the other subjugated. The sides may change positions before a final conclusion is settled to end the violence but for those two communities and others involved that section of the caste making is settled.

And as we always see it is the left wing atheists who actually keep such violence spreading by interfering with any government attempts to end it by using the courts (whether they be local, state, national and international) to tie up any action via the constitution for example. They will also scream and shout to all press agencies and social media outlets; they will state the same message that government action to stop violence is violence. Their fellow travellers and stooges will parrot the words and actions of their equals, for the fellow travellers their equals are in the inner herd. As for the stooges it is the scum and filth of the outer herd.

As for the ‘right wing atheists’? They will be ‘leading’ the rival communities exhorting violence and planning strategies from locations hundreds if not thousands of miles away from the front lines. Now let us look at some examples of these ‘righteous proud people’.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

You may say atheism is just about not believing in God or Creator; but if that was only the case, the correct term to use would be ‘non-Deist’ like Buddhists and Jains are. But the type of atheism we are up against is more a case of being against God than simply believing he doesn’t exist. In that case it is more correct to call these sorts of people ‘anti-theist’ but the best word which sums them up is ‘maltheist’. You may be asking “If these people believe God exists why do they deny him?” The best answer I can give you is that they seek to kick him out and take his place. Any plan they have for this type of action could only take place on this earth in this world. In addition they would not be able to take this action as individuals but as a group enforcing their belief on the majority of people here. This would result in a caste system where this so called ‘human god collective’ would function as an inner herd and everyone else would be outer herd.

While these self proclaimed plural ‘god’ herd may think that if they eradicate belief in God among everyone that they will have everything on Earth for themselves and will be worshiped etc. They fail to factor in the likes of the disholy trinity or even acknowledge them for that matter; Moloch, Baal and Mammon will be quite content to let these types of fools pitch themselves against God of their own volition. When I was a theistic Satanist, I came across boastful atheists who would brag how they were in the war against God. Sure I did nothing to dissuade them but never at any stage did I feel any obligation or kinship to them, they were just disposable stooges.

For arguments sake, if these clowns were ever to force God to abandon this earth in this world their joy would be short lived. The reason being is that these clowns would have to use tactics which would put things that the disholy trinity and its’ followers need into place. While the Godless think they will be putting a new order into place, the disholy trinity will simply move in, overthrow them and subjugate them. The new order will be hell on this earth in this world and it will be eternal, and it is easy to see who will be getting tortured.

Let’s continue talking about the fools, a caste system has to have something to decide the castes. The position of everyone within a caste will depend on either a lack of or an excess of a particular commodity. The commodity is either money, celebrity or lifestyle however these can be fluid. A millionaire can lose their wealth within a day due to bad investments for example, yet a street bum might be given a lotto ticket and win a million dollars. In either example their celebrity and lifestyle is affected by their financial status; what is not fluid is the biological race of every person. It doesn’t matter what your financial status is, fact is you cannot change your colour and you will be subject to caste placement whether you like it or not.

For a caste system to be successful it requires an unquestioning devotion to it, both from the perspective of the members of the inner herd and the outer herd. It also needs a creed as a type of glue between the herds and while the disholy trinity is the glue between the inner and outer herds, this can only apply on a global basis because the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle demand crosses borders and races, however the need for sub-herds is due to the fact that there is no single global government, race or language which the disholy trinity needs in order to propagate itself via communication and violence.

We do see the results of globalism; we see the inner herd demand world government and global citizenship for all, we see a push for a global language (especially Esperanto) and we see the word ‘race’ being redefined from a biological term to a socio-political term. We also see calls for the living standard of the outer herd to be of a uniform standard worldwide. Most notable is the call for a global religion and this is being put into play by ‘interfaith’ groups who seek to negotiate various beliefs in order to end up with a religion that tries to be everything to everybody and means nothing to nobody. The end result will be a creed that nobody could truly have faith in or subscribe to and will be atheist by default.