Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Me vs the "chans"

I made a series on my YouTube page concerning pedophilia and about it becoming more acceptable and mainstream. A clip of mine titled 'Pedofilth 8' was put on a thread on Masterchan and from that I have been declared an enemy who is to be destroyed (especially after I did a 'reply to masterchan pedo porn peddlers'). For those of you unfamiliar with Masterchan it is an anonymous forum board where anyone can start a sub forum and post whatever they want.

And this includes links to child pornography sites and indeed links to filehosting sites with the extention to the link to download child pornography movies and clips. Just by going through the various links I believe that I have encountered download dumps which total up to 300 Gigabytes. That is a drop in the ocean, I have seen postings by pedos who claimed to have downloaded a Terrabyte of child pornography over a period of time. We are dealing with a serious problem not only to the volume of available child pornography on the internet which is coming from the darknet to the clearnet, but also due to the demand for 'fresh faces' for new movies.

But back to the chans, Masterchan will not ban or delete anything or anyone using 'free speech' as the excuse. This in turn has pedophiles flocking to the likes of masterchan, 10chan, 8chan, endchan and 69chan (these are the ones I know of) to exchange links and establish social networking through the likes of Kik. I encourage you to check these sites out for yourself.

Anyway.... what about me? Well these spoilt rich kids and child porn peddlers have gone all 'gnarly and coooool' and written some threads about me.
See for yourself...

We have a 'hate Leon Fortayne' sub forum

As well as...

It all started here...

The sort of stuff I want to obliterate

Check these chans out for yourself, go through the various sub forums especially /candy /cunny /r73 /222 /tinylotuscult /7up /hebe
In fact just check them all..


It seems like 8chan is cleaning up house and other chans are more vigilant about child pornography spammers

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